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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 91

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She wore high heels so it was inconvenient to walk. She finally managed to reach the venue while walking very slowly. After entering the banquet hall, she saw that a lot of people were already there.


The birthday party had just started 20 minutes ago and the host of the party was in the middle of a speech. Xu Xinduo did not walk in but waited for the host to finish speaking. She stood in a corner all the way in the back.


When the speech was over, someone noticed Xu Xinduo. By this time, Xu Xinduo had found a place to sit down quietly.


Lu Renjia came over and took the initiative to talk to Xu Xinduo: “Why are you wearing such a funny coat? Is it really uncomfortable to wear a dress for the first time?”


Xu Xinduo replied in a fairly friendly tone: “I am afraid of getting cold.”


She was really afraid of the cold. Even if the weather was a little bit cooler, she would need to dress more warmly. It was already the end of October and the weather had turned cold. She had been in the banquet hall for so long and had not warmed up yet.


Mu Qingyao came over at this time, seemingly trying to help Xu Xinduo: “You are here. I didn’t even notice you just now. Take off your coat. It’s not suitable. Just give it to the waiter.”


Xu Xinduo did not insist either and nodded in agreement. She put the gift on the chair and took off her coat.


The moment she stood up, Mu Qingyao subconsciously took a step back.


Xu Xinduo was already tall, but now she was also wearing high heels. Her height seemed to exceed 1.8 meters.


Xu Xinduo had an outstanding figure. Now that she was wearing a dress studded with diamonds like the stars of the night. Mu Qingyao felt as if she was just there to serve as background.


There were many people who didn’t know who Xu Xinduo was. But after  their host Mu Qingyao walked over and talked to her, they looked over towards her one after another and then asked in surprise who the girl was.


Mu Qingyao immediately changed the subject. She pointed to the box on the chair and said, “Is this a gift for me?”


There were two gift boxes so Mu Qingyao thought that one belonged to her.


Xu Xinduo didn’t give her any face and said with a smile, “No, it’s for your brother.”


The scene immediately became embarrassing.


Xu Xinduo hadn’t forgiven her for past matters so she didn’t give her any face at all.


Mu Qingyi came over at that moment and asked Xu Xinduo: “Why didn’t you wear the selected set?”


In Mu Qingyi’s opinion, Xu Xinduo’s dress… was a little… revealing…


What was this style?!


“I think it’s pretty.” Xu Xinduo replied and pointed to the box, “Birthday present for you.”


Mu Qingyao coquettishly said to Mu Qingyi: “Sister didn’t give me anything. Can I see what sister gave you?”


She was trying to find the way out of this embarrassing situation.


Mu Qingyi was unwilling. As a result, everyone else started to whisper. In the end, Mu Qingyi opened the box and took out the four treasures of the study, followed by the fan.


Mu Qingyi unfolded the fan and asked as he glanced at it, “Did you write it?”


“Hmm… yeah.”

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