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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 92

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“Your handwriting is really good.”


Mu Qingyi’s personality was very strange as he rarely praised others.


Shao Qinghe preferred things like calligraphy and tea ceremony. He took a look at the fan and said with a smile, “You are very particular about what you choose to write and your handwriting is also very good. It’s written in Thin Gold Body. It would be nice if we could have another tea ceremony. You should come more often to the tea ceremony classes.”


(T/N: Thin Gold Body is a type of calligraphy. You can read about Thin Gold Body Here.)


Mu Qingyi looked at Shao Qinghe. He always felt that this friend who loved to gossip had recently been keen on studying his sister. This was not a good thing.


It was never a good thing to be targeted by Shao Qinghe.


Mu Qingyao didn’t know when Xu Xinduo’s relationship with these two men became so good, but she couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.


Xu Xinduo didn’t give her face at her birthday party so shouldn’t she be scolded?


After that, Mu Qingyi packed up the gifts and sent them to the depository.


As soon as Mu Qingyi left, someone noticed Xu Xinduo’s watch and suddenly sighed, “Xu Xinduo’s watch is exactly the same as Lu Renjia’s!”


Xu Xinduo also noticed that Lu Renjia was wearing the same watch as her.


The person continued to say: “This watch isi a limited edition version. There are only nine of them in the world. How is it possible to bump into two at the same place?”


Not many people were aware of this watch before. They knew about it mainly because Lu Renjia showed off the watch when she arrived in the class today and emphasized the rarity of this watch.


It was really interesting to see such a rare watch both at day and night. 


There were several girls gathered here. They looked at their watches and then sneered secretly.


Everyone knew that Xu Xinduo was the newly adopted daughter of the Mu family. Even if the Mu family was really rich, they would not give Xu Xinduo a lot of money at once. How could Xu Xinduo afford a limited edition watch that had a sky-high price?


So the result was obvious, the piece Xu Xinduo was wearing was an imitation.


Lu Renjia also walked over at this time and took the opportunity to pull up Xu Xinduo’s wrist to look at her watch, and exclaimed: “Our watches look very similar. Can you tell me from which you bought it?”


At this time, there was a snickering sound coming from the crowd. It was obvious to see that Xu Xinduo really came from the country. Although she was dressed in glamorous clothes, she was actually wearing a counterfeit. It was really humiliating.


Mu Qingyao rushed over to ‘save’ Xu Xinduo and explained a little anxiously: “Don’t do this. It’s probably because Duoduo doesn’t know about brands. She most likely just bought this watch from the internet because she thought it looked very nice.”


It would not be bad if it wasn’t said with ridicule at the end.


Look at this adopted daughter. She didn’t even know about the brands.


Xu Xinduo really didn’t care about these people but she didn’t like their expressions, so she said: “There is a serial number engraved on the side of the dial by this watch’s manufacturer. You can just log into the official site of the company and search the serial number of my watch. So You can see whether this watch is real or not. At the same time, you can also check whether I am the owner of this watch or not.”

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