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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 93

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Xu Xinduo noticed the small card in the box yesterday. It was originally meant for giving blessings, but Tong Yan had signed it.


She was a little curious about the meaning of this watch. After all, when a girl secretly falls in love with someone, even the smallest actions he takes would arouse her speculation and she would try to figure out the meaning behind it.


She took the small card out of the box and entered the watch’s information online to inquire. It would have been better if she didn’t check it because she was totally shocked by what she found out.


The value of this watch mainly came from the fact that it was limited edition. The official website said that its price was 7.88 million RMB, but there were only nine watches made. If someone even wanted the chance to reserve one , they would need to be a senior VIP member of this manufacturer.


Being expensive was one aspect, but being difficult to buy was the most important. If someone really wanted to buy this watch, maybe the manufacturer would give them a quota after they spent a lot of money on other products of the manufacturer.


So the value of this watch far exceeded 7.8 million.


When she kept searching for more information, she also learned about the particularity of this watch. She looked at the serial number on her watch. Without thinking much about it, she just typed in the serial number on the official website and saw her name as the owner of this watch.


The exclusive serial number that belonged to her and her name as the owner of watch. All these things couldn’t be transferred to someone else at all.


Tong Yan was like this. If something was meant for you, then it was completely your. If you don’t want it, he would just throw it away.


Someone really took out their mobile phone and logged into the brand’s official website. Xu Xinduo looked at the back of her watch and read out the serial number. After that person inquired, he whispered: “It belongs to her.”


After speaking, everyone looked at each other, and someone asked in a low voice: “How is it possible?”


His expression turned awkward.


Xu Xinduo put the watch back on her wrist, then looked at Lu Renjia and asked, “What is your serial number?”


Lu Renjia’s expression completely collapsed.


Her watch was fake.


She had always liked Tong Yan, so she would secretly inquire about Tong Yan. She knew that Tong Yan bought a watch like this so she wanted to one buy one too. However, she didn’t have that much money in her hand and couldn’t buy the limited edition watch, so she could only buy a good imitation online.


This imitation costed her 35,000 RMB.


She liked it a lot, she thought that she could be regarded as Tong Yan’s lover with it.


When she arrived at school that morning, she even showed it off specially, thinking that other people would think that her and Tong Yan were lovers.


However, Lu Renjia didn’t know that the limited edition watches had their own serial number.


Although she knew the general price of the brand as she had bought a watch of this brand before, she had never bought a limited edition.


Moreover, the limited edition products of this brand not only had complicated craftsmanship but also had another gimmick: that it was exclusively yours.


She almost instantly thought that the watch of Xu Xinduo might have been given to her by Tong Yan, but it was also registered under Xu Xinduo’s name.


She was now hit in the face with a double whammy.

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