The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 94

Edited By Adrian

She was now hit in the face with a double whammy at the same time.


The first was that she ended up in an embarrassing situation, and the second was that she liked Tong Yan, but he actually liked Xu Xinduo.


Who was Xu Xinduo?!


Her family background was not as good as hers. Her grades were not as good as hers! Xu Xinduo couldn’t do anything except look pretty!


Everyone looked at Lu Renjia. However, when they saw that she was hesitating to say, they guessed the truth and couldn’t help but feel a little shocked.


Lu Renjia was so confident just now. Maybe she didn’t realise that the real watch had a serial number, right?


Now that the matter had come to light, Lu Renjia was a little embarrassed.


Someone reminded Lu Renjia: “Renjia, tell me your serial number. Don’t let anyone think that your watch is fake.”


Lu Renjia couldn’t say it so she replied angrily, “Why should I prove it?”


After saying that, she slipped away quickly.


The girls looked at each other in dismay. Someone leaned over close to see the position of the serial number on Xu Xinduo’s watch and then went after Lu Renjia.


After a while, a man came back and couldn’t help laughing: “Oh my God, there is no serial number on the side of her dial. Her watch is an imitation. How could she show it off all day at school?”


Then everyone laughed hard.


When she looked around at them, it was an eye-opener for Xu Xinduo. They were all just a group of sycophants.


She lowered her head to look at Mu Qingyao and found that he was looking at her with a complicated expression on his face, and when he noticed her staring, he gave her a forced smile.


Xu Xinduo felt that it was time to leave as there was no one familiar here.


Tong Yan seemed to want her to go to his birthday party.


However, when she was about to leave she saw Lou Xu rushing over, walking fast in her high heels almost like she was flying. She held her mobile phone in her hands and quickly turned on the camera: “OMG! Let me take some pictures. You look sooo hot! WTF!”


Lou Xu was regarded as a little bookworm in the rocket class. However when she was checking out Xu Xinduo’s appearance, she was lost for words. So in the end, she just took pictures of Xu Xinduo.


When taking pictures, she also asked Xu Xinduo: “Wasn’t there a lot of people around you just now. What were they doing?”


When she noticed Xu Xinduo in the crowd earlier, she realized that she didn’t bring her mobile phone, so she hurried to the locker to get her mobile phone. However, everything was over by the time she got back.


Xu Xinduo was a little uncomfortable with Lou Xu taking photos of her. She wanted to walk over to the side and roughly made a V-sign with her fingers, but was rejected by Lou Xu. Lou Xu personally came to help Xu Xinduo make a pose.


In fact, there was no need to pose, she just needed to stand casually. Even if Xu Xinduo was eating with a fork, it would be beautiful.


Xu Xinduo vaguely replied: “It’s nothing. We were just saying hello to each other.”

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