The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 95

Edited By Adrian

Lou Xu asked Xu Xinduo to turn around. When she saw her back, she couldn’t help but say with a sigh of admiration: “Oh my God, your back looks absolutely amazing in this dress! You are so thin and tall, but at the same time you don’t look tall and strong at all when you’re on camera.”


Xu Xinduo really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Just as she looked back at Lou Xu, her smiling expression was captured by Lou Xu.


Lou Xu immediately ran over to show her: “Don’t these photos look amazing?”


Xu Xinduo took a look at the mobile phone. The photos taken by Lou Xu were really good. Lou Xu’s photography skills were really great. Obviously, she had worked hard to take pictures of good-looking boys and girls.


Lou Xu had said before that the  optional class she was taking was photography. But now, she really believed it.


“I’ll send the pictures to you after I finish editing them tonight.”  Lou Xu was finally satisfied after taking several photos and went to show Xu Xinduo some of the photos of Mu Qingyi and Shao Qinghe that she had taken. “Look, I took this photo when I entered the venue. What do you think?”


Xu Xinduo looked at them and nodded: “All of the photos are really good.”


“Well, it would be even better if I could take a picture of Tong Yan.”


As soon as Lou Xu finished saying that , Tong Yan walked into the banquet hall. Everyone at the birthday party was surprised and Lou Xu was completely dumbfounded.


Because of his timely appearance, it seemed as if he had been summoned by her words.


Xu Xinduo realized that she left her mobile phone in her coat pocket when she gave the coat to a waiter. She forgot to bring it with her. She didn’t know if Tong Yan had tried to contact her.


Tong Yan wore a diamond-encrusted three-piece suit, with a pair of black leather shoes. The suit looked like it was tailor-made at first glance, otherwise it wouldn’t have fit Tong Yan’s body so well and highlighted his figure.


This suit was somewhat flashy as it would shine under a light, but it matched her dress perfectly.


He walked into the hall with Wei Lan, Su Wei and several others.


It was reasonable to guess that Tong Yan and the others did not have invitation cards, but Tong Yan still came in. It seemed like he ran into some acquaintances on the way here.


Tong Yan’s arrival naturally attracted a lot of people, as they walked over to greet him.


Mu Qingyi calmly walked over to Tong Yan and asked, “What are you doing here?”


“Naturally, to participate in the birthday party!” Tong Yan replied frankly and further added with a smile, “Happy birthday.”


Mu Qingyi lowered his voice and warned, “Don’t fool around.”


Mu Qingyi knew about Tong Yan’s relationship with Xu Xinduo. However, currently, he only knew that their relationship was good, but he did not know why.


Tong Yan actually came to attend this birthday party. Given Tong Yan’s personality, he would not normally pay any attention to these kinds of events.


“I’m not fooling around.” After answering, Tong Yan glanced at Xu Xinduo and said frankly, “Our birthdays fall on the same date and we are studying at the same school. I naturally want to come over and say hello.”


Tong Yan then picked up a glass of red wine, lightly swirled the glass, before raising it and toasted Mu Qingyi, “Cheers.”


Mu Qingyi didn’t show slightest negligence either. He picked up a glass of wine, copied Tong Yan’s action, and then drank the wine. The two of them emptied their glasses at the same time.


This was not the normal way of drinking red wine. The two of them seemed to be competing with each other.


Tong Yan said: “Don’t worry, I’ll leave right away. I wanted to dance with the protagonist of today’s birthday party. Otherwise, won’t my visit be in vain?”


After Tong Yan finished speaking, a lot of people in the crowd looked at Mu Qingyao.

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