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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 96

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At this moment, Mu Qingyao was standing beside Shen Zhuhang and the two of them were holding hands. Everyone knew that Mu Qingyao’s dance partner must be Shen Zhuhang.


Shen Zhuhang had distanced himself from Tong Yan and the others recently because of previous matters. When he heard Tong Yan’s voice, he seemed to be struggling whether he should let them dance together.


Unexpectedly, Tong Yan decided to stride over to Xu Xinduo. He was a young man filled with imposing proper manners. He walked neither fast nor slow. Then he extended his left hand to invite Xu Xinduo.


Xu Xinduo didn’t seem to be surprised by the invitation. She reached out to place her hand on top of Tong Yan’s hand, and then slowly walked toward the dance floor.


Mu Qingyao’s body shook when she saw this scene. She would have fallen on the ground if she was not supported by Shen Zhuhang.


The dance had not yet started. The opening dance was planned to be a dance between  Mu Qingyao and Shen Zhuhang. After all, Mu Qingyi rarely danced with others.


However, it was Tong Yan who led Xu Xinduo onto the dance floor and danced calmly in front of everyone first. The two of them had practiced once before early in the morning so they cooperated very well together.


Their movements when dancing were smooth and flowing. They looked calm and elegant.


The picture of the two of them dancing together was stunning and beautiful. It seemed like it was a natural thing for them to be together. More importantly, their formal attire which seemed to be matching perfectly like a pair of lovers, which made everyone take a deep breath in awe.


Tong Yan’s sudden arrival and him inviting Xu Xinduo to perform the opening dance left everyone flabbergasted at the scene of a minor player upstaging the main attraction.


However, some people were extremely excited such as Lou Xu.


Lou Xu’s character was very strange. She was never jealous or envious when she saw beautiful men and women together, but rather excited.


She held her phone to capture the whole show, trying to cover her mouth, in hopes of stopping herself from screaming in excitement.


It’s so beautiful!


The picture of these two together was perfect! They were a perfect match! With the right appearance, the right height, and the right aura, it was a match made in heaven!


Wei Lan stood at the side of the hall and watched the two of them dancing with complex feelings. Just as he turned his head and saw Lou Xu smiling like a happy little old mother, his mood became even more complicated.


He looked around and saw that Mu Qingyi’s face was livid. He seemed to want the staff to turn off the music, but finally gave up.


It seemed like he did not want to cause unnecessary trouble.


The expressions on Mu Qingyao and Shen Zhuhang’s faces were ashen. When Wei Lan looked over, Shen Zhuhang looked back at him with cold eyes. But Wei Lan was not afraid of Shen Zhuhang. He always felt that Shen Zhuhang was brain-dead and it didn’t bother him to be hated by such a person.


The one who was most agitated was probably Lu Renjia. She had already lost her dignity and left the hall angirly, unable to withstand the stimulation.


When the dance was over, Tong Yan took Xu Xinduo’s hand and walked over to Mu Qingyi and said, “Okay, we’re going.”


He meant that he was leaving with Xu Xinduo.


In Tong Yan’s eyes, Mu Qingyi was regarded as the host of this party while Mu Qingyao was not even considered a person, but rubbish.


Mu Qingyi did not answer Tong Yan, but called Xu Xinduo’s name: “Xu Xinduo.”


Xu Xinduo turned around as she said, “I will return home before 10:30.”


She then followed Tong Yan and left the banquet hall.

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