The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 97

Edited By Adrian

As they were walking away out of the banquet hall, Tong Yan took a closer look at Xu Xinduo’s dress and frowned slightly. He muttered to himself in a low voice: “Why is it so transparent? I thought it was translucent.”


After speaking, he took off his suit jacket and put it overXu Xinduo’s shoulders. He stretched out his hand to indicate that Xu Xinduo could support herself with his arm. After all, she was wearing high heels. 


Xu Xinduo turned to look at Lou Xu and asked, “Are you coming?”


“I am coming!” Lou Xu immediately agreed without hesitation. How could she not go with the most handsome boy and the most beautiful girl?


First, they went to fetch their things that had been stored and then went out together. Tong Yan didn’t take back his jacket as it suited Xu Xinduo  much better than her previous jacket.


When they exited the building, Xu Xinduo asked in a quiet voice: “You didn’t come here on your motorcycle, right?”


Tong Yan was a little helpless: “Do you really think I am so brainless?”


“Hmm… good.”


At Tong Yan’s birthday party, Xu Xinduo felt more at ease.


Tong Yan’s birthday party was not as grand and there were not many people invited. She was familiar with a lot of people there. The party was held at Tong Yan’s private villa.


This was the place where Tong Yan lived. There was a courtyard in the centre of the building with an open-air swimming pool nearby.


Anyone could tell that the villa had been carefully decorated. The lights were as bright as daylight.


Xu Xinduo often came here and lived here. After all, when she was in Tong Yan’s body, this was her home.


She was familiar with everything here, but it was the first time that she saw a birthday party being held here. After all, every birthday party was personally attended by Tong Yan in person as they didn’t swap bodies on such occasions. In the past, she would only wish Tong Yan happy birthday by her mobile phone.


They hadn’t met personally before. Although they swapped bodies and chatted with each other on the phone, she always felt that she was not really familiar with Tong Yan.


But now, she finally came to Tong Yan’s birthday party in person.


After Tong Yan brought in Xu Xinduo and Lou Xu, a lot of people looked at the two girls and focused their eyes on Xu Xinduo.


Tong Yan’s buddies noticed his care for Xu Xinduo and his coat covering Xu Xinduo’s shoulders. When they saw Xu Xinduo’s beautiful appearance, they immediately understood and came over to greet her enthusiastically: “Is this our sister-in-law?”


“Sister-in-law’s temperament is really great. When she came, it was like a fairy descending to the earth. For an ordinary mortal like me, seeing her is a blessing of three lifetimes!”


Not all of Tong Yan’s friends were in Jiahua international school. Some of them were of different ages, but their family background made them acquainted.


They only got together at birthday parties and some of them were seeing Xu Xinduo for the first time.


Just before Tong Yan’s birthday party was about to begin, Tong Yan suddenly took Wei Lan and the others with him to go somewhere. When someone asked Tong Yan what he was going to do, Tong Yan replied, “Going to pick a girl.”


After answering, there was a clamor.


There were not many girls that Tong Yan invited to attend his birthday party and there were even fewer girls that Tong Yan would pick up in person. Their relationship was self-evident.


So as soon as Xu Xinduo entered the building, she was surrounded by a group of people that called her sister-in-law.


Xu Xinduo said after a pause: “No, I am not.”


Everyone wondered for a while.


Knowing what Xu Xinduo meant, Tong Yan pointed to Xu Xinduo and introduced her: “She is my brother. My brother is your brother so everyone is brother.”


Everyone: “…”

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