The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 98

Edited By Adrian

No one understood what was going on.


Tong Yan approached Xu Xinduo and quietly said, “You already know these people so I don’t need me to introduce them, right?”


“Yeah.” Xu Xinduo nodded and walked over to Lou Xu’s side.


Tong Yan still needed to greet the people who came to his birthday party. He suddenly left the birthday party to pick Xu Xinduo so he naturally had to meet them now. He couldn’t accompany Xu Xinduo.


Xu Xinduo led Lou Xu around the building. Lou Xu’s eyes widened in surprise: “Wow…this is like the houses shown in Korean dramas. Living alone in such a big place? Tong Yan’s friends are so handsome… “


Tong Yan lived separately from his parents. His parents lived in another villa. It was not far away from here. It only took three minutes to get there by car, including the time to get in and out  of the car.


Compared to the Tong family, Lou Xu thought that her family could only be regarded as upstart.


Tong Yan lived here along with a German shepherd named Coco.


Xu Xinduo took Lou Xu to find Cocoo to play with, but was stopped by Tong Yan’s two brothers.


Lu Qichao looked at Xu Xinduo with a smile and asked, “Is this little beauty really our brother Yan’s girlfriend?”


He was actually older than Tong Yan who was a freshman this year. He called Tong Yan ‘Brother Yan’ in a polite manner. While Tong Yan called Lu Qichao as ‘Brother Chao’.


Xu Xinduo shook her head and sighed: “I am not suitable to be his girlfriend.. I am just the adopted daughter of a small family, who can not match his status.”


Lu Qichao shrugged: “If Brother Yan really wants something, he won’t let status stand in his way.”


Lu Qichao was talking about Tong Yan’s character. As long as he wanted to, regardless of whether the family agreed with him or not, Tong Yan would stick to his decision to the end.


Xu Xinduo continued to explain: “We are just good friends.”


“It’s the first time that our Brother Yan is so concerned about a girl. I think you might be my future sister-in-law. You have left a good first impression on me so when Brother Yan and I go out to fool around, I will give you a heads-up.”


Xu Xinduo looked at Lu Qichao and knew that this fellow was troublesome.


If someone said that he was ignorant and incompetent, they would be totally wrong. He was  currently going to a first class Engineering University. He excelled both in morals and studies. Moreover, he had an excellent appearance.


Let’s just say he was overall outstanding, but he was a total troublemaker. When Xu Xinduo was in Tong Yan’s body, he took her to go surfing,


But instead of taking her to one of those indoor surfing pools, he took her to a river just downstream of a dam. When the floodgates of the dam opened, it caused huge strong waves to form in the river, which they used to surf. The waves were so strong that it caused one of the brothers to lose their swimming trunks when he wiped out.


Xu Xinduo didn’t want to spend any more time with him. So she just replied, “You should hurry up and find me a sister-in-law quickly who has passed the university entrance exam.”


Lu Qichao replied in anger: “What! That Tong Yan even said this thing?! I will go look for him!”


After speaking, he rushed off with a friend to hunt down Tong Yan.


After Lu Qichao left, Xu Xinduo took Lou Xu to the second floor and found that Coco was indeed left there.


Coco had been professionally trained. If it was ordered not to leave an area, it would never leave. It just looked down at the party longingly from the balcony on the second floor.

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