The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 99

Edited By Adrian
When Xu Xinduo saw Coco, she was not sure if Coco would recognize her, so she decided to give Coco a few commands. After Xu Xinduo gave the commands, Coco followed all of them. After looking at Coco’s well-behaved appearance, she was sure that this little guy still knew her.

Lou Xu was a little afraid of Coco and had been standing in the corner near the stairs where she could easily run away if anything happened.

Xu Xinduo walked over and stroked Coco’s back as she said, “In fact, if Coco really wants to attack you, it’s useless even if you stand there.”

After saying that, she patted Coco on the head and said, “Show older sister your fierce side.”

When Coco heard it, it grinned and barked ferociously. It was so fierce that Lou Xu felt like she lost half of her soul.

Xu Xinduo again ordered: “Smile.”

After her command, Coco actually showed a smile which made Lou Xu’s eyes open her eyes wide: “It’s so obedient!”

Suddenly she felt a lot less afraid.

Xu Xinduo stood up and took out Coco’s snacks from the side of a cabinet. She waved it in front of Coco and ordered: “Call dad.”

Coco really called dad by barking.

This trick was not learnt through professional training, but because of Tong Yan’s boredom.

After the training, he even showed off to Xu Xinduo and asked her to give it a try. Over time, she also started to tease the dog like this.

Xu Xinduo gave the snacks to Coco and showed off to Lou Xu: “Coco is great, right?”

“Xu Xinduo, you didn’t do it intentionally, right? I am its older sister and you are its father. Are you taking advantage of me?”

Xu Xinduo smiled and warned Lou Xu: “You’d better not be aggressive with me now. Coco will protect me, it’s master.”

Lou Xu was really afraid and begged for mercy.

Xu Xinduo stood on the balcony and looked down at the courtyard. She saw Tong Yan laughing and playing with his friends. She then noticed that something was wrong with Coco. Looking back, she saw Liu Yating standing on the side of the stairs, looking at her.

Xu Xinduo smiled at Liu Yating: “Want to join me? It’s a bit warmer here.”

In fact, Liu Yating had been here for a long time. She looked at Xu Xinduo who seemed to be very familiar with everything here, including Coco. She couldn’t help but feel sad.

Liu Yating looked at Xu Xinduo and asked solemnly: “Are you dating Tong Yan?”

“Not at all.”

“Then why are you wearing his jacket?”

“Because I’m afraid of catching a cold.”

“How long have you known each other?”

“Since he returned to China.”

Liu Yating looked at Xu Xinduo and clenched her fist secretly. She then turned around and strode away.

After Liu Yating left, Lou Xu pointed to the direction of Liu Yating’s departure and said: “Don’t mess with her. She is famous for being a grumpy old lady in our school.”

Xu Xinduo did not care: “She is not that bad.”

“You don’t understand. The boy she likes is obviously interested in you. When a girl is jealous, her personality becomes twisted and she may end up doing something which she would normally never do.”

Xu Xinduo looked at the receding figure of Liu Yating going downstairs and said, “Don’t worry, she will never hurt anyone. I believe in her.”

Even if Liu Yating lost her temper one day, she would not blame Liu Yating.

She knew that Liu Yating just hated to part with Tog Yan.

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