The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 1

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 1 – Stepping back after being kicked (1)

Meng Chu wore a pure blue dress, and her light makeup added to her charming temperament. At this moment, she was sitting in a coffee shop, holding a glass of water, and staring out of the window blankly.


“Meng Chu, don’t worry. Although everyone knows that Chen Jinfeng likes that person, she has been abroad for three years. In these three years, you have taken care of Chen Jinfeng in every possible way. Besides, she’s just Chen Jinfeng’s ex-girlfriend.”


It was Meng Chu’s friend Li Meng who was speaking. If it weren’t for Meng Chu’s affection for Chen Jinfeng, she would not say these words to comfort her.


Meng Chu smiled: “It’s okay. If they want to be together…”


Before she could finish her words, the system’s voice rang: “The mission has not been completed. Host, please do not say that are not true. You can’t be lazy just because the plot is about to end.”


Under Li Meng’s expectant gaze, Meng Chu continued: “If they want to be together, they just have to ask. I am willing to dismiss the engagement.”


After drinking the glass of warm water, Meng Chu stood up: “Thank you for trying to help me out. I’m going to the Chen family’s house to help prepare dinner. You know, auntie likes to eat my glutinous rice and red bean rolls.”


The Chen family has always been pleased with Meng Chu.


Li Meng felt distressed. Everyone knows that Chen Jinfeng doesn’t like Meng Chu. Even if he was engaged to Meng Chu, he did it because that person went abroad and he got engaged in anger. Later, Chen Jinfeng was not good to Meng Chu and he didn’t even have the basic attitude of a fiancee.


Li Meng ran over and said, “Chuchu, if you go the the Chen family’s house and tell your aunt about this matter, Auntie Chen will help you.”


Meng Chu’s voice was very low: “No. If I tell aunt, she will go and persuade Chen Jinfeng. What should I do if Chen Jinfeng gets angry?”


Li Meng wanted to say that Chen Jinfeng will dare not say anything. It was not that she had never tried to persuade Meng Chu but every time she tries, Meng Chu will tell her not to talk about Chen Jinfeng.


This is probably what the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ mean. Although Chen Jinfeng is really good, he doesn’t like Meng Chu, not a tiny bit.


As soon as Meng Chu turned around, the charming appearance disappeared.


Many years ago, when Meng Chu was reading the novel, she suddenly became the female side character in the novel and the male lead’s fiancee. Meng Chu didn’t know it at first, but she was bound to a female side character system, which made her continue to progress according to the plot of the novel.


According to the novel, she has been delicate since young, so she can only act as delicate.


According to the novel, she is a female side character that is boring and will only try to please other people, so she can only continue to act.


The novel says that her character, is deeply affectionate to Chen Jinfeng, and so she must act affectionately towards Chen Jinfeng.


Fortunately, her story is about to end, and the system promised her that she can decide her life when the story ends.


She really doesn’t know why this female side character was set to have a light diet and drink only warm water. This is to show that she and Chen Jinfeng have different eating habits and are not suitable for each other?


The driver was driving towards the Chen family’s house.


Meng Chu looked out at the scenery from the car window.


This is also the female side character’s characteristic. She likes to look out the window.


The driver was hired by her and gives him his salary. Although he doesn’t know where Meng Chu gets the money, he gets along with Meng Chu.


Driver: “Miss Meng, I heard that Mrs. Chen’s driver say that Mrs. Chen’s ring is missing. There is a shopping mall nearby, do you want to buy one for Mrs. Chen?”


Although Meng Chu came from a wealthy family, she is not favored at all. The family favors sons over daughters.


Although Meng Chu is a good daughter, there is a son in the family who is high above others. Her brother’s status in the Meng family is much higher than Meng Chu.


So how much money can she have? When the plot is over, she will have to look for a way to live.


Meng Chu: “This will make aunt feel that I’m paying attention to her every move, so I don’t have to buy.”


Driver: “I didn’t think about it.”


Meng Chu continued to sit in the car, her hands resting on her legs. Even if there is a headrest in the back, she was sitting straight on her own.


Very tiring but she has been used to it all these years.


When Meng Chu arrived at the Chen family’s house, the servants guided her as she entered the villa.


She can stay at the Chen family’s house for three days a week so the servants and Meng Chu are familiar with each other. So the eyes of the servants looking at Meng Chu will be a little sympathetic.


The return of that person is a sure thing. The media is reporting about it. She heard that fans have organized a plane to pick her up.


Under the sympathetic gaze of the servants, Meng Chu greeted Chen Jinfeng’s mother, Mrs. Chen, and went into the kitchen.


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