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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 10

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 10 – Let’s cancel the engagement (2)


Chen Jinfeng received a call from Manager Wu, and rushed to the styling studio with a black face. When he arrived, Meng Chu had just finished getting ready.


The stylist performed exceptionally today. Meng Chu wore a creamy white dress with light and shiny materials, with long jet-black hair like thick seaweed draped behind her. The deliberate makeup set off her pitiful look. It was Chen Jinfeng’s first time seeing Meng Chu like this and he was stunned for a while.


Chen Jinfeng calmly said: “Meng Chu, I told you that I will marry you. Why would you bully He Xiu now?”


Meng Chu stepped forward, wondering when did the people left the room and only left her and Chen Jinfeng inside. Personally, the stylist ran fast. Meng Chu looked like a broken-hearted woman. She was sobbing and still wanted to talk. She stretched out her hand and slapped Chen Jinfeng in the face.


Even after the accusation, Meng Chu whispered softly: “I don’t want other people to have your heart!”


When Chen Jinfeng did not react, Meng Chu slapped him again. Chen Jinfeng’s face became red and swollen due to Meng Chu’s slaps.


Chen Jinfeng: “Are you crazy?!”


Meng Chu’s tears finally fell, and she turned and ran.


Meng Chu said to the system: “I hit him just to prove that I love him and I was jealous.”


System: “…”


Its host is really beating people more and more blatantly…


When she ran downstairs in the studio, Meng Chu didn’t forget to say: “Put a sign that bans He Xiu.”


The staff: “Okay, boss!”


The people in the same circle, they came over to do the styling, and the result was that they heard Meng Chu say those words. The hurriedly went up to ask what was going on, and there were even a few people who were pretending to comfort Meng Chu.


Meng Chu’s eyes were a bit sad and stubborn: “I didn’t do well enough, it’s all my fault.” After she finished speaking, she said to the staff again: “They are free of charge.”


Using Chen Jinfeng’s money to slap He Xiu’s face, she is really a genius.


Chen Jinfeng did not dare to come out because his face was red and swollen. He reduced the swelling and looked a little normal. Then he came out of the room, the cocktail party was about to begin. He really didn’t know where Meng Chu got her strength!


When he came out, he saw the sign that He Xiu was forbidden to enter, and he smiled directly: “Tell your boss, that Chen Jinfeng asked to remove the sign!”


The reception started at 8pm.


Meng Chu was waiting for Chen Jinfeng at the Chen’s house. While Mrs. Chen and Meng Chu were talking, Meng Chu received a call from the staff in the styling studio.


Staff: “Boss, your fiance asked to remove the sign.”


Meng Chu looked at Mrs. Chen and replied, “No.”


Mrs. Chen knew what happened today. After all, it was spread in the whole circle now. Everyone in this line is a human being, and they are liked to gossip. Mrs. Chen is in a bad mood now, she doesn’t know that Meng Chu has this ability.


Mrs. Chen: “Meng Chu, it’s enough to make a good place as  Jinfeng’s fiance. Did he say that he will dissolve the engagement with you? I don’t want something like this to happen in the future. I hope you act like usual in today’s event.”


Not talking to Meng Chu any more, Madam Chen went upstairs.


With them, Meng Chu is really a soft persimmon. She loves Chen Jinfeng and cannot extricate herself. The Meng family only cares about interests. For the Chen family, saying that she is not a soft persimmon is a nonsense.


Meng Chu continued to wait for Chen Jinfeng, but Chen Jinfeng did not come back. But because the news that Meng Chu was going to accompany Chen Jinfeng to the cocktail party has spread, it would be inappropriate for her not to attend the cocktail party. So Chen Jinfeng asked the servant to tell Meng Chu to wait for him at the reception.


When Meng Chu arrived at the reception, she became the focus of attention.


In recent years, Meng Chu had no social interaction at all. It was Li Meng who played well with her, but everyone knew each other. After everyone said hello, Meng Chu found a sofa in the corner and sat down.


She didn’t know how long it took, more and more people looked at Meng Chu, and some even whispered.


Meng Chu felt a little strange. When she picked up the phone, she saw the video on the phone that broke the circle of friends!


The hero and heroine in the video are He Xiu and Chen Jinfeng. He Xiu is holding Chen Jinfeng, one of them looks distressed and the other keeps saying sorry. Their location, as can be seen from the video, should be outside the hotel.


Everyone saw Meng Chu’s expression and was full of sympathy.


About ten minutes later, Chen Jinfeng called Meng Chu and asked her to come to the room on the hotel.


Meng Chu stood up and went out from the reception.


When Meng Chu went out from the reception, the voices of many people were not deliberately suppressed as before.


“Guess what Meng Chu will do this time?”


“I guess she must beg Chen Jinfeng not to cancel the engagement.”


“No, this Meng Chu doesn’t want face?”


“Meng Chu likes Chen Jinfeng so much. Let alone this video, even if Chen Jinfeng kisses He Xiu, she will swallow this bitterly, and continue to beg Chen Jinfeng not to cancel their engagement.”


“There is also the Meng family. How much benefit the Meng family has gained from the Chen family over the years, maybe they will support Meng Chu’s decision.”


“Meng Chu is really pitiful.”


Meng Chu arrived at the hotel room. At the door, she adjusted her mood and knocked on the door, and the door of the room opened soon.


When meeting Meng Chu, Chen Jinfeng hesitated, especially when he thought of the joy in her eyes when Meng Chu looked at him before, and the slightly sad and forceful smile now.


Meng Chu: “Jinfeng, it’s all my fault. Let’s go to the reception.”


Chen Jinfeng closed his eyes, and then said very apologetically: “Let’s cancel the engagement.”


The beautiful voice of the system rang: “Congratulations to the host for successfully completing the female side character’s plot.”

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