The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 11

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 11 – Public clarification (1)

Meng Chu thought that Chen Jinfeng came to her to explain about the video. Unexpectedly, he was about to break his marriage contract with her. In the original text, after the heroine returned to China for some time, Chen Jinfeng came to find the original owner to cancel their engagement.


This is really so exciting!


After the female character’s script was finished, she was not the humble woman who loved Chen Jinfeng, but was able to be her own person.


Chen Jinfeng didn’t hear Meng Chu’s answer. He thought that Meng Chu was sad and didn’t know what to say. After comparing them before, Chen Jinfeng had a sense of incomprehension. He quickly thought of what He Xiu told him. He was a little sorry, but his tone was firm: “I will compensate you.”


Meng Chu took out the rubber band from her bag, and she gathered her long hair back, her voice indifferent as she gathered it. She said: “Isn’t it just canceling the engagement, I agree.”


Chen Jinfeng couldn’t believe it: “You, did you agree?”


Still dressed up just now, but the temperament of Meng Chu’s body has changed. Her self-confidence is strong, and it seems to be like a flower in full bloom.


Meng Chu continued: “You know, what did I want to do most during the days when I was just engaged to you?” When she finished her words, she folded her skirt layer by layer, and finally held it in her hand and said: “I want to beat you to the ground the most.”


After that, Meng Chu kicked him as soon as she lifted her foot.


Chen Jinfeng staggered back a few steps, and looked at Meng Chu in disbelief. Even his ear seemed to be hear Meng Chu’s gentle voice calling himself Jinfeng.


As soon as Meng Chu reached out and grabbed Chen Jinfeng’s tie, she looked at him with beautiful eyes, and said every word: “I always persuade people with reason, but for you, if you can do it, then I won’t be unreasonable.”


She raised her leg again towards Chen Jinfeng’s fragile spot and kicked where it hurts most.


Chen Jinfeng: “Ahhhhh!”


Stepping on high her heels, Meng Chu walked towards the reception downstairs.


The matter between He Xiu and Chen Jinfeng is now even more heated. Just now, He Xiu accepted a live broadcast. Someone ate melons at the reception and watched with their mobile phones. As a result, many people knew what He Xiu said on the live broadcast.


He Xiu said: “I came back to be with the person I missed at the beginning.”


The host asked: “Have you gotten back together?”


He Xiu: “If we get back together and want to make it public, I will invite you.”


This was not a blatant sign. Chen Jinfeng was so crazy for He Xiu, and Meng Chu’s dragging skills might not work. Because of this video, Meng Chu once again stood at the mouth of the storm.


“Meng Chu is really pitiful, as long as she doesn’t love Chen Jinfeng, it’s okay.”


“Do you know that when Meng Chu was just engaged to Chen Jinfeng, she let Chen Jinfeng hang out in the office. The company was out of power and Chen Jinfeng went the next day. Only when he was at work did he think of Meng Chu.”


“I also heard that once he was drunk and called He Xiu while holding Meng Chu.”


“Although, I still think that Meng Chu will not agree to dissolve the marriage contract.”


” I also think it depends on what Meng Chu will do.”


While everyone was talking, Meng Chu went outside the reception, and she stepped in her high heels.


Those who were talking about Meng Chu and Chen Jinfeng suddenly shut their mouths, and some even talked about other topics nonchalantly, but they always looked at Meng Chu.


The cocktail party hasn’t officially started. No one danced the opening dance. The front and middle position of the cocktail party was empty. When Meng Chu got to this position, she tucked her hair behind her ears, revealing her small round ears, and turned to face her everyone.


Meng Chu smiled and said, “Hello everyone. I am Meng Chu. I shouldn’t have stood here. It’s just that the video in the circle of friends is too shocking, so I will clarify it with you.”


This is to explain that the video is fake. Yes, it is the misunderstanding between Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu. Some people even think that if Meng Chu can continue this method, continue to be so tolerant, maybe she can really become the wife of Chen Jinfeng in name.


Meng Chu: “From now on, Chen Jinfeng and I have terminated our engagement. I wish you all a happy evening.”


Everyone was shocked!


One day, Meng Chu would laugh at the wine party and clarify publicly that she and Chen Jinfeng had broken off their marriage, and it was less than an hour after the video of Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu was released.


When Meng Chu was about to go out from the reception, many people were watching her. Not only did they fail to see the slightest sadness in her eyes, they even saw a faint pleasure? They must be wrong, how could it be possible. Meng Chu must be keeping a strong face.


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