The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 12

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 12 – Public clarification (2)


The Chen family’s villa…


When the video came out, Meng Chu’s father, Meng Jian, went to the Chen family’s villa, because the company of Meng family needed the help of Chen’s family, Meng Jian’s attitude in was still very low.


Meng Jian said: “Mrs. Chen, I believe in Jinfeng’s personality, but I can’t hold back someone rushing towards Jinfeng, especially if that person is He Xiu. You must have watched the video. Other people are looking at this matter as a joke. We should find a way to stabilize the relationship between Meng Chu and Jinfeng.”


Mrs. Chen smiled while thinking about this in her heart. Meng Jian’s meaning is so clear. How to stabilize the relationship between her son and Meng Chu? They are already engaged, and the best way to stabilize this relationship is to get married.


Mrs. Chen did not object to the marriage of those two. After all, Meng Chu was easy to to control. This kind of daughter-in-law can make her comfortable, but the matter of the pre-marital property must be clarified.


Mrs. Chen said to the servant, “Call Chuchu and let her come over.”


Meng Jian: “That kid doesn’t understand anything.”


Mrs. Chen: “I know, but these things are always my son and Chuchu’s matters. No matter what the matter is, I would like to comfort Chu Chu and let her not think too much.”


Meng Chu just returned to the apartment when she received a call from the Meng family’s servant.


The servant on the phone said: “Miss Meng, our madam wants you to come over.”


Since Meng Chu got engaged with Chen Jinfeng, she has received too many calls from the servants of the Meng family, and the opening remarks are the same every time. She was looking for her own style of pajamas, and while looking for them, she replied: “No time.”


The servant: “Huh?”


Meng Chu: “Tell your madam that I have no time to go.”


The servant thought she had made the wrong call, and looked at it, the voice on the other side of the phone was Meng Chu’s voice. Yes, when she was thinking of saying something, Meng Chu hung up the call.


In recent years, in order to fit the personality, the pajamas that Meng Chu wore were all in line with the charming style, but also pure. Meng Chu searched for a long time, and finally found a solid-color fruit-green nightdress that was more suitable for her. After changing into her pajamas, Meng Chu gave herself a bottle of coke and drank it refreshingly.


Now Meng Chu only need to marry an ordinary person.


The Chen family servant called again, “Miss Meng…”


Meng Chu: “Don’t call me anymore.”


When the servant who called Meng Chu arrived in the living room and looked at Madam Chen, she stuttered: “Madam, Meng, Miss Meng said there is no time to come.”


Madam Chen: “What?!”


“You call Miss Meng again. Tell her that Jinfeng asked her to come over.”


“I called Ms. Meng again, and Ms. Meng told me not to call her again.”




Patting the armrest of the sofa, Madam Chen stood up and said coldly: “It seems that Miss Meng is angry, and her thoughts are not inline with you Mr. Meng. You should ask Miss Meng to come over and talk to me about solidifying her relationship with my son. There are still some things that I need to do. Mr. Meng, you can do it by yourself.”


She used to call her Chuchu and now Madam Chen called her Miss Meng. Madam Chen was really angry.


Meng Jian hurriedly said: “Ms. Chen, is it a misunderstanding? Even if it is not a misunderstanding, it may be because of her anger when watching her fiance hug other women.”


Madam Chen didn’t even say anything to Meng Jian anymore.


Thinking of his daughter, Meng Jian couldn’t think of why she said this, and told the Chen family not to call her again. Who does she think she is. Now the Meng family must save the Chen family’s face.


After leaving the Chen’s villa, Meng Jian wanted to teach his eldest daughter a lesson.


This time, although it was seen that Chen Jinfeng made Meng Chu wore green, it needs to be resolved as to not make people think of them as a joke. Maybe Chen Jinfeng and Meng Chu could get married. Meng Chu is Chen Jinfeng’s fiance, but the identity of the wife is different.


The identity of the fiance can be lifted through negotiation, but the identity of the wife is protected by law.


Mrs. Chen still dislikes He Xiu. She made her son obsessed with her. When Chen Jinfeng marries He Xiu, there would be no place for her opinion on Chen Jinfeng’s heart. If He Xiu disagreed with her, who would Chen Jinfeng support?


This is what Meng Jian was betting on, so he thought that if he did it well, he might make Meng Chu the wife of Chen Jinfeng.


Holding the cell phone, Meng Jian dialed Meng Chu’s number.


Soon, a voice came from the phone: “Sorry, the phone you dialed has been turned off…”


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