The Rich Woman is No Longer Acting Chapter 13

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 13 – Attitude (1)


Meng Chu fell until morning when she heard the doorbell rang. She opened the door half-dreaming and half-awake. Before opening the door, she heard the quarrel outside. After listening carefully, she could recognize who was outside. One was Li Meng and the other one should be Meng Mang.


“It’s not your business. My dad told me to take Meng Chu back now.”


“Take Meng Chu back, what are you going to do? Take her back to bully her and ask her to beg Chen Jinfeng to get back together? Dream on! As long as I, Li Meng is here, don’t even think of taking Meng Chu back and let her enter the wolf den of the Chen family again!”


“It’s our family’s matter, it has nothing to do with you!”


Meng Chu went to the kitchen before opening the door.


Meng Mang saw Meng Chu and accused her: “Sister, you are too naive. How can you say that at the reception? You and Chen Jinfeng canceling the engagement, did our family agree to it? Yesterday, you were rude with Mrs. Chen. Do you know that Dad was treated coldly at the Chen’s house and he was angry when he got back.”


Meng Chu splashed the water in her hand towards Meng Mang.




The water made Meng Mang’s hair soggy. Her eyes were full of water and could not be opened. She wiped the surrounding of her eyes dry. As a result, her mascara smudged because of too much force.


The air seems to be quiet.


Meng Chu pulled Li Meng back into the apartment, and slammed the door shut, leaving Meng Mang standing outside.


Li Meng hasn’t reacted yet. She felt like she was dreaming.


Yesterday, Li Meng drank too much at a gala and someone from the company sent her home. When she got up in the morning, she received a call from Meng Chu’s mother, Zhou Mian. The woman in the phone begged her to persuade Meng Chu to go home and not cancel the engagement with Chen Jinfeng.


At that time, Li Meng was full of emotions. Meng Chu and Chen Jinfeng had broken off their engagement. For Li Meng who knew how affectionate Meng Chu was, she was shocked and went directly to Meng Chu’s apartment.


When she came to find Meng Chu, she made a few phone calls and tried to ask other people who came to the reception yesterday. The daughter of another rich family eloquently described the situation yesterday, and finally told Li Meng that it was Meng Chu who announced that she has nothing to do with Chen Jinfeng anymore.


Li Meng replied: “Yes, she won’t have anything to do with Chen Jinfeng.”


When Li Meng arrived at Meng Chu’s apartment, she was shocked with what Meng Chu did to Meng Mang.


Li Meng: “You…”


Meng Chu smiled and said, “He’s not worth it.”


How could she believe this when she was so affectionate to Chen Jinfeng yesterday. Li Meng wanted to comfort Meng Chu, but in the end, she decided to let Meng Chu solve her problem first.


Li Meng: “Your mother called me and asked me to tell you to go back home. She also asked me to tell you no to cancel the engagement and the video was nothing.”


Outside, Meng Mang not only rang the doorbell, she also knocked on the door and shouted: “Meng Chu, open the door!”


Meng Chu:”Mengmeng, wait for a minute.”


Meng Chu went to the kitchen again to get a basin of water and under Li Meng’s gaze, she opened the door and splashed the water again, before closing it. The action was done in one go.


Knowing Meng Mang’s character, Meng Chu ignored Meng Mang’s screams outside and went to the kitchen to pick up a basin of water, and continued to open the door to splash water.


Meng Mang: “Ah, Meng Chu, are you crazy!”


After shouting this time, Meng Mang ran to press the elevator. She thought Meng Chu must be crazy. If it weren’t crazy, how could she break the engagement with Chen Jinfeng? She was not here to continue to bully Meng Chu, she was going back to file a complaint. She felt that if she continued to shout here, Meng Chu could still splash her with water.


When the outside calmed down, Meng Chu said under Li Meng’s stunned look: “I won’t continue my engagement with Chen Jinfeng. He likes He Xiu, I will not bear it.”


Li Meng said, “Oh…”


The two looked at each other for a moment, and Li Meng burst into tears. With Meng Chu’s words, she was relieved!


Seeing Li Meng’s appearance, Meng Chu couldn’t help but smile, revealing her white teeth. Her smile was dazzling, and Li Meng was stunned. Li Meng also wondered why there was something missing in Meng Chu,  now she knew it.


Previously, Meng Chu always took a stern look at things, her smile was just right, and her body was delicate. But now she has more sincerity. This puzzled Li Meng. How could she break her marriage contract with Chen Jinfeng and could still smile sincerely?


Meng Chu plans to go back to the Meng’s house, because things need to be resolved.


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