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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 14

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 14 – Attitude (2)


Zhou Mian, Meng Chu’s mother in this world, is as soft as her name.


Zhou Mian came from an ordinary background. She became the wife of a wealthy man because she married Meng Jian. During this journey, she became more and more humble, and even her thoughts are those of Meng Jian’s. The more humble and humble, even his own thoughts are those of Meng Jian.


Meng Chu rememebered that when she was a child, Zhou Mian took care of her but she always sighed, saying that it would have been better is she was a boy. The Meng family prefer sons. At that time, Zhou Mian had those thoughts of her own, unlike now.


Later, when Meng Chu grew up, she wanted to correct some of Zhou Mian’s thoughts, but she had to play the supporting role in the novel, and she couldn’t be with Zhou Mian. Now that she is done acting, she is going to try if she can change Zhou Mian.


Meng Chu was going to the Meng’s house. Li Meng thought for a while and said, “Can you just call and say that you can’t continue the relationship with Chen Jinfeng?”


Li Meng was a little worried that if Meng Chu returned, she will be trapped. After all, she thinks that the Meng family is a wolf den. The patriarchal Meng Jian, the soft Zhou Mian, the mad sister Meng Mang who is jealous of Meng Chu, and there is also a small overlord who is narcissistic, Meng Guang.


At that time, Li Meng and Meng Chu were playing together. The Li family were anxious about their daughter often asking Meng Chu out. Only when they knew that Meng Chu’s three views were not like the Meng family’s three views, that they agreed.


Meng Chu: “If I don’t go back, do you think it will be Meng Guang who will come to find me in a while?”


Li Meng solemnly said, “Promise me, that you will act like this in the future no matter what happens!”


Meng Chu: “Okay!”


The Meng family’s villa.


Meng Mang didn’t change clothes at all after returning home, and even took a bottle of mineral water and splashed herself when she got off the car because she was almost dry. When she entered the Meng’s house, she was all dripping, she went to find Father Meng aggrievedly while the servant followed her to wipe the floor.


“Miss, what happened with you?”


“What happened? Meng Chu splashed me three pots of water!”


Zhou Mian is a great beauty, Meng Jian would not have liked her in the first place. With the special treatment on her face, she looked like she was in her thirties. She subconsciously didn’t believe what Meng Mang said. But she felt that Meng Mang would not tell such a bad lie. For a while, she looked at Meng Jian in a panic.


Zhou Mian: “Husband, maybe it’s because she was too sad because of the video.”


Meng Jian sneered: “The Meng family raised her so much and asked her to be engaged to Chen Jinfeng. She was wronged because of the family? Now she even bullies her sister.”


Meng Mang added fuel and jealousy: “It must be Li Meng’s instigation. Now my sister has not recognized her relatives .”


Meng Jian got up and planned to go to Meng Chu personally to see if Meng Chu was going crazy because of the video. When Zhou Mian only held the coat for him, the servant outside called ‘eldest miss’. Zhou Mian’s movements stopped.


Only when Meng Chu came in that she took off her sunglasses. She looked around and finally set her eyes on Meng Mang. She said, “It’s not done yet. You poured yourself a few more bottles of mineral water. There is water on the ground outside the house.”


Meng Mang: “Sister, don’t speak nonsense!”


Meng Chu didn’t care about Meng Mang at all. Meng Chu said to Meng Jian directly: “Father wants me to apologize to the Chen family and beg Chen Jinfeng not to be with He Xiu and continue our engagement, or even get married, right?”


Meng Jian: “Isn’t this what you should do?”


Meng Chu pushed Meng Mang in front of her, smiled and said: “I came here to tell you that it will be impossible for me to do what you want. But I can give you a suggestion. Why not let Meng Mang go? Anyway, it’s just marriage.”


“What did you say!” Meng Mang cried out.


Is it so easy to enter the Chen family’s door? Yes, the Chen family is rich and capable, but Mrs. Chen is not easy too get along with. Chen Jinfeng likes He Xiu. Meng Chu clutched into Chen Jinfeng’s heart for years and had not even get a space? Can she do it? It’s impossible.


Meng Chu smiled and said, “Look, you also know that it’s not easy to enter the Chen family’s door. Then don’t ask me to marry me again, or you can make contributions to your younger brother.” Meng Guang is not at home today. No one knows where he went to go crazy again.


She has a little brother who is proficient in eating, drinking, and playing. He doesn’t know how to do business, and he doesn’t even have the skill. No wonder Meng Jian wants to associate with the Chen family. It may be that Meng Jian wants someone responsible to inherit the family business.


All of the Meng family was stunned. Meng Jian even forgot to refute the argument. He just stared at Meng Chu in a daze. Is this still his eldest daughter?


Meng Jian: “Meng Chu, you must go to Chen’s house to apologize, and you must go to Chen Jinfeng to continue to fulfill the engagement!”


Meng Chu smiled, put her sunglasses on and turned around. She came to express attitude to Meng Jian. When she walked out of the villa, Meng Chu heard the sound of something smashing inside.


The servants of the Meng family looked at Meng Chu one by one, they were really shocked.


After leaving the Meng’s house, Meng Chu planned to go to Lu Gaofei.


Zhou Mian chased her outside. She looked at her eldest daughter’s complex expression. She didn’t say much, and gave the money to Meng Chu directly: “Take it, your bank card will probably be frozen. This money is not too much. It is at least enough for you to eat.”


Meng Chu wanted to talk to Zhou Mian. Zhou Mian didn’t dare to look at Meng Chu’s eyes at all, and turned around and ran back quickly.


The author has something to say:
Meng Jian: Freeze Meng Chu’s bank card and let her compromise!

The rich Meng Chu: ? ? ?


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