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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 15

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 15 – Buy a villa (1)


When Meng Chu arrived at Lu Gaofei’s bar, she received a message that her bank accounts have been frozen. It seems like Meng Jian was anxious and moved fast.


Putting the phone away, Meng Chu found a seat by the window.


Lu Gaofei was renovating several places in the shop. He came over and handed Meng Chu a bottle of juice and gave her a concert ticket.


Lu Gaofei: “I’m really busy, I can’t go to this concert. You can go, the spot is hard to find.”


It was Yu Bai’s concert.


Yu Bai is a popular male singer. The ticket for his concerts are not easy to find.


Meng Chu is not a star chaser. Just like Yu Bai, she also like many other singers. After receiving the ticket, Meng Chu smiled.


Lu Gaofei: “Next time you come to perform, give me a discount.”


The concert started at 7:30 in the evening, and Meng Chu chatted with him before going back. As a result, as soon as she returned to her apartment, Meng Chu realized that in order to force her, Meng Jian methods were endless.


The staff of the real estate agency was showing people around her apartment, trying to introduce the advantages of the place.


The apartment where Meng Chu lives belongs to the Meng family.


When Meng Chu and Chen Jinfeng got engaged, Meng Chu wanted to move out, and Meng Jian agreed that she can move to this apartment. In order to fit the personality of the original, she couldn’t buy a house, so Meng Chu moved in.


The pocket money given to her by the Meng family was not enough for her to buy a decent house, and she still needed money for her daily expenses.


Regardless of the amount of the pocket money, she usually need to spend a lot of money.


The real estate agent did not know the relationship between Meng Chu and Meng Jian and said with a smile, “You are the tenant here. Mr. Meng asked me to tell you that he hope that you can move out as soon as possible. If you need to rent a house, you can also contact me. I know other places that have cheaper rental fees.”


Meng Chu opened a random drawer, took out a large number of diamond necklaces and threw it on the table.


Then she opened another drawer and took out an antique painting that the Chen family gave.


Meng Chu: “I have forgotten which dynasty, but the prices reaches a few million.”


The real estate agent was stunned and did not dare to move.


The people who came to see the apartment quickly said a few words and went out quickly.


The real estate agent swallowed. He really doesn’t understand how this person can’t pay the rent.


Meng Chu looked under the coffee table and found a pink gemstone necklace from the seam under the coffee table. It was not very large. It was a gift for her 18th birthday.


Meng Chu: “Wait a minute, I’ll check my things. Don’t forget to call Mr. Meng and say that I haven’t moved out. Or you can ask him to sell it to me.”


When she got up, Meng Chu went back to her room again. This time, Meng Chu directly took out a bag of jewelries and poured it on the table, as well as the certification of these jewelries.


The real estate agent sweated and he hurriedly explained: “I just brought them here and took a look at the layout of this house. We haven’t looked inside your room yet.” He wanted to wipe out his sweat as he watched Meng Chu count her things.


“Hurry up and call him.”


“Okay, I’ll call him now. I really didn’t touch your things. I didn’t even touch your water.”


The real estate agent called Meng Jian.


Meng Jian: “She moved out?”


The staff of the real estate agency said: “Mr. Meng, you said that you communicated with your tenant many times and she couldn’t pay the rent. You asked her to move out quickly. I also told her about the renting out of the house, just let me bring someone over to see the house, you are fooling me!”


Meng Jian, who was choosing a gift for the Chen family, walked to a place where no one was standing with his mobile phone and said: “What do you mean I fooled you?”


The staff of the real estate agency: “Your tenant, there are jewels in a drawer, and antique paintings in a drawer. Why did you catch up with the jewelry wholesale? You asked me to take someone over to see the house. If she loses something, who will be accounted?!”


Meng Jian looked ugly and he miscalculated.


Who would have thought that Meng Chu had so many jewelries and valuables.


Meng Chu said it was a collection. In fact, she threw all the valuables into her box. Her voice was faint: “Ask him if the house is for sale.”


The real estate agent: “Mr. Meng, your tenant asks about your house. Would you sell it or not?”


Meng Jian hung up the call.


The real estate agent shook his head: “He, he hung up the phone.”


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