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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 16

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 16 – Buy a villa (2)


Meng Chu went to pack up some valuable things again. She felt that she would have to pack up for a while before she could finish everything, so she looked at the staff of the real estate agency.


Meng Chu asked: “Can you wait for a while and let me pack my things?”


The staff of the real estate agency thought to himself, what does it have to do with him, but he said quickly, “If you are busy, I will go back first.”


Meng Chu stopped him: “Wait.”


“It has nothing to do with me. It was Mr. Meng who asked me to bring the client who wanted to rent this house over. After we came over, we only looked at the type of the house. We didn’t do anything, and we didn’t turn over a drawer.”


“I just want to ask if there are any new houses nearby, it is better to live in a finely decorated house.”


Finally relieved, the real estate agent wiped his sweat.


He replied: “There is no well-decorated real estate nearby, but it is a little farther away. There is a villa in the wealthy area. Several of them are well-decorated. With a swimming pool and garden, there is a roof on the highest floor. You can see the prosperous city on the roof top. Mr. Meng also wants to buy a villa in there.”


After finishing talking, he regretted it. He was idle, what else did Mr. Meng mention?


Meng Chu thought about the money she earned from singing over the years, and the pocket money she saved: “Hurry up and take me to sign the contract. I will go to the concert later.”


Life is not easy. It’s right to save money and live a good life. If you blindly use money to please Mrs. Chen and give this to that, where would there be money to buy a villa.


Meng Chu didn’t even look at the villa. After all, although Meng Jian said that he was patriarchal, it didn’t affect his aesthetics at all. The villa he could see was certainly good.


Meng Chu signed the contract to pay by swiping her card and did so in one go, without even asking more questions.


After finishing all these tasks, Meng Chu asked the real estate agency staff to accompany her and move all the valuables to the villa.


As for the clothes and some daily necessities, Meng Chu plans to move them tomorrow.


Standing outside the villa, Meng Chu looked at the simple and elegant villa, and felt that Meng Jian had done a good thing, because it saved her a lot of time to find a house. She also wanted to move out and have a house of her own.


Lu Gaofei called Meng Chu to remind Meng Chu not to forget to go to the concert.


Lu Gaofei: “The tickets for the first row of Yu Bai’s concert are really hard to buy. Don’t forget to go and watch it.”


Meng Chu: “Okay, I’ll go and listen after I move.”


Lu Gaofei knows that Meng Chu lives in an apartment. That apartment has a good environment and location. Why did she think about moving? So he asked: “Where did you move to?”


Meng Chu replied, “The villa area nearby, wait for me to invite you over.”


Lu Gaofei: “Remember to give me a discount on the performance fee next time!”


When Meng Chu threw all her belongings into the bedroom, and planned to clean up tomorrow, the real estate agent’s staff wanted to run. Meng Chu grabbed him with a smile.


Meng Chu said, “Do me a favor. I really like that apartment. Go find Mr. Meng and ask him if he can sell it.”




” Whether it is successful or not, I will give you a commission.”


“It’s not about the money.”


“What about the jewelries.”


“Okay, serving customers is our duty!”


Meng Jian is busy every day, and his schedule is easy to inquire. Meng Chu asked Li Meng to inquire for Knowing that Meng Jian was going to participate in an auction today, she directly told the real estate agency staff the time and location of the auction.


Meng Chu: “As long as you see him, go up and say, ‘Mr. Meng, the house you are anxious to rent out, someone wants to buy it. Would you consider selling it?’”


She will need to show Meng Jian that she is not easy to bully.


Meng Jian is the person in charge of the Meng family. If people knew that he was anxious to rent out a house, they would think that there is a financial problem.” P


Meng Chu: “Then I will trouble you. I’m going to a concert. Remember to help me move out tomorrow.”


The staff of the real estate agency: “Okay, okay…”


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