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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 17

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 17 – Stunning (1)


Meng Chu was seated at the front seats of the concert hall. She was holding the light stick provided by the concert’s crew. Because of her outstanding appearance, many people turned around frequently to look at her.


The concert has not started yet but the atmosphere is already very good.


The real estate agent sent a WeChat message to Meng Chu. It was a photo from outside the audition. He wanted to show Meng Chu that he had arrived and did not run away.


Standing outside the auction, the real estate agent was very frightened. He did not earn a commission from Meng Chu today. But for this kind of thing, it was not that he was unhappy to come and find Mr. Meng. He was just afraid of being hit.


After waiting for 20 minutes, more people entered the auction hall. Most of the men were dressed up in suits and leather shoes. The ladies paid more attention to their dresses. They were luxury goods that can only be seen on the internet.


The agent saw Meng Jian getting out of the car with a man, and ran over. He used his professional qualities, even his Mandarin was very formal: “Mr. Meng, about the apartment that you were anxious to rent, someone wants to buy it. Would you consider selling it?”


The people who were around stopped and moved towards Meng Jian’s position to take a look.


Meng Chu and Chen Jinfeng just broke off their engagement. The Meng family will not be anxious and use rent to live right? Letting the real estate agent find him here, how can he be so anxious to rent the apartment?


Meng Jian was extremely embarrassed: “I didn’t say that I would not sell it. And the villa that I wanted, let’s sign the contract tomorrow.”


The real estate agent: “Sorry Mr. Meng, because you kept on postponing, I did not pay a deposit, and it was not reserved for you. I asked your tenant to buy it this afternoon. It seems to be Miss Meng Chu who has the same surname as you, hahaha.”


Meng Jian: “I will consider what it means!”


The agent panicked: “No, it’s probably a coincidence. That is why I feel this way. Miss Meng Chu was asked to be driven away in the morning and bought the villa this afternoon without even seeing the place. Just swiped her card and bought it.”


Someone laughed, making Meng Jian’s face hot and the man who got off from the same car as Meng Jian smiled: “Mr. Meng, I’ll go first. The project you mentioned is pretty good, but our company doesn’t plan to participate in new projects for the time being, we will have other opportunities to cooperate in the future.”


Meng Jian hurriedly catch up, but that person unfortunately didn’t want to cooperate with him anymore.


Meng Jian said it was fine, but who knows about the current economic situation of the Meng family?An apartment is rented out, and they hesitated to buy a villa, seemingly unable to afford it. This kind of business partner are risky when working together.


The other point was that they knew who Meng Chu was. A father who drives his daughter away is too cruel. This kind of character, how could they cooperate with him.


After getting things done, the agent sent Meng Chu a photo of Meng Jian’s back. Even if he didn’t send the message, Meng Chu would know that the matter was done because only a few minutes later, Meng Jian began to call Meng Chu.


The concert had officially started at this time. Meng Chu could not hear the ringtone of the mobile phone, but because she was holding it in her hand, she could see the screen of the phone lighting up.


After hanging up the phone, the call came again after a while, and Meng Chu blocked him directly.


On the stage, a few buttons of Yu Bai’s white loose shirt was unbuttoned and he was wearing a pair of black jeans. His eyebrows were cold, and the wind blew away the fine hair in his forehead. The whole face made people who saw it just want to sigh. This teenager is so beautiful.


He was standing on the stage with a microphone and singing the first song of this concert.


Yu Bai’s voice was as cold as her own, but it was full of attraction, and it made people fall upon hearing it.


Meng Chu’s attention was on the phone. When she focused on the stage, she didn’t know if it was an illusion, but she and Yu Bai looked at each other.


This is just the first song. Meng Chu saw the girl next to her and her friend pointing to his throat, going to get water, and even shouting with difficulty.


Except for Meng Jian’s call at the beginning, Meng Chu was very focused. By the end of the concert, Yu Bai said that when he wanted to find an audience to sing together. He held the microphone to Meng Chu.


Yu Bai: “Would you like to sing a song with me on the stage?”


Meng Chu nodded: “Okay.”


Soon, the two stood side by side on the stage, singing Yu Bai’s famous song. He turned over the songs to the audience, but Meng Chu used another voice range in order to prevent other from knowing that she is Jiang Chu. But even so, she still surprised the audience!


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