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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 18

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 18 – Stunning (2)


On the stage, Meng Chu and Yu Bai were able to sing well together. Many people in the audience took out their phone to record a video. The scream was even louder.


The two changed position and stood back to back. Meng Chu was wearing a white shirt that was the same shade as Yu Bai’s, and also wore a denim short and boots underneath. Her legs were straight and fair. She moved her long hair to face the audience. The moment she smiled, the voice of the male audience actually overshadowed those girls who chase stars.


After the song was over, Meng Chu returned to her spot. A music blogger on Weibo reposted a video of Meng Chu singing at the concert. This Weibo post caused everyone to repost it frantically, and soon, the video where Meng Chu and Yu Bai was singing the chorus became hot.


Everyone sighed. This is because the voice is similar to a professional singer like Yu Bai. The key point is that the person is good-looking, fair, and beautiful and long legs. This girl is a gem!


After the last time that Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu’s video shocked the wealthy society, Meng Chu’s video on the concert once again shocked the circle!


Everyone thought that Meng Chu loved Chen Jinfeng very much that she will do what Chen Jinfeng says. She will stand in the rainstorm without hesitation. Just like when their engagement was broken off, everyone thought that Meng Chu was just acting tough and felt very sad.


The, what did they see?! The dazzling woman in the video is Meng Chu, who had just broken off her engagement with Chen Jinfeng?


The Chen family’s villa…


Mrs. Chen firmly disagrees with Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu. The reason is that Chen Jinfeng still loved He Xiu too much, and she does not want her son to refute her because of a woman.


Mrs. Chen looked at Chen Jinfeng and said: “She cannot enter the door. You and Meng Chu’s cancellation of engagement, announce that it is not what we agreed to do.”


When Meng Chu was mentioned, Chen Jinfeng looked complicated. He said: “She has publicly dismissed our engagement.”


Mrs. Chen is confident: “Openly dismissed you? You don’t know how much Meng Chu likes you. Now, just say that you are willing to continue the engagement, she can slap herself in the face in front of everyone. She is also anxious at this time.”


After taking a sip of coffee, Mrs. Chen continued: “Maybe she is sad now. Where can she relax her sorrows?”


If Meng Chu wants to stay with Chen Jinfeng, she must come over to apologize and beg her. Later, her character will be more docile than before. Otherwise, why would she want Meng Chu to be her daughter-in-law? She just want someone gentle and obedient.


In the TV entertainment news…


Because of He Xiu, Mrs. Chen often watches the entertainment news in her free time these days. The more she watched He Xiu in the news, the less she wants her son to be with her.


After the news of a certain female celebrity getting married was broadcasted, it turned into the video of Meng Chu and Yu Bai singing the chorus on stage, and Mrs. Chen’s hand that was holding the coffee shook.


The host’s words were clear: “Today, Yu Bai held a concert and chose an audience to sing with him. As a result, the appearance of this audience was amazing, and her voice was comparable to Yu Bai’s, which attracted a famous entertainment blogger to repost the video. She is called a gem by everyone.”


While the host was speaking, a video of Meng Chu and Yu Bai singing together was being played on the scree. Just seeing the video, one will know the joy of the two people.


There was no trace of sadness in Meng Chu’s eyes.


Mrs. Chen: “???”


Standing up from his seat, Chen Jinfeng said coldly: “She doesn’t need to continue this engagement nor do I.” He paused and said, “She was deliberately acting in front of us.”


When Meng Chu returned to her villa, she looked at the layout of the upper and lower floors, and finally sat on the rocking chair on the roof. The evening breeze was blowing, she was looking at the bustling scenery, and just singing her songs. She felt comfortable.


This kind of life is good.


Meng Chu asked the system: “When does the female side character marry an ordinary person?”


System: “When she was in her 30s or 40s, this was mentioned in the novel. Everyone was saying that she married a very ordinary person. The heroine He Xiu said that if it wasn’t for you, she would have married Chen Jinfeng. When you found out that Chen Jinfeng doesn’t love you, you still remained engaged to him.”


This is simply horrible. Why didn’t He Xiu say that if she hadn’t gone abroad because of a man, Chen Jinfeng will not be angry and get engaged with her, making her a woman who was crazy for a man.


Meng Chu: “Don’t worry, you can endure your OCD if you want me to finish the plot faster.”


After staying at the rooftop for a while, Meng Chu went to sleep. Although the villa is well-decorated, she will need to find someone to clean the place and buy some furniture.


Also need to hire maids and bodyguards!


Back in her bedroom, Meng Chu received a call from an unfamiliar number. She thought that it was Meng Jian who changed his number. She hesitated and swiped to answer it.


There was a low male voice over the phone: “Miss Meng, this is Lu Jingan. Are you free tomorrow? Let’s meet?”


The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan: I am getting married!
Meng Chu: I’m going to start a life as a single rich woman!
Regretful and bewildered Lu Jingan: ???

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