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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 19

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 19 – Money grubber! (1)


Meng Chu and Lu Jingan met at a coffee shop the next morning. Meng Chu arrived early and ordered a glass of juice as she wait for Lu Jingan.


About a few minutes later, Lu Jingan got off a taxi.


Seeing Lu Jingan walking towards the coffee shop with the light on his back, Meng Chu sighed. He really is the best in the world. This look and temperament that he gives off is beyond the reach of many people.


When he reached the door of the coffee shop, Lu Jingan touched his wrist, looked at his clothes, and then walked in after making sure that he met Meng Chu’s requirements.


He even asked his assistant to print a fake pay slip based on the salary of his company’s programmer.


Sitting down across Meng Chu, Lu Jingan asked, “Miss Meng, I don’t know how long it will take for you to dissolve your engagement?”


Meng Chu: “It’s been canceled.”


It’s better to understand it as a coincidence. Lu Jingan took the payslip from his pocket and and put it in the table.


Meng Chu said apologeticaaly, “During this period of time, I figured something out. I want to enjoy my single life. I may not date for the time being.”


Lu Jingan paused, and he asked after a while: “How long does Miss Meng plan to enjoy her single life?”


It is possible for him to wait for Meng Chu.


Meng Chu is twenty-three years old this year. Getting married at forty, she mused: “About fifteen years from now.”


Lu Jingan: “???”


Lu Jingan: “Fifteen years?”


Meng Chu stood up and smiled, “It’s okay. Ten years is also good. Mr. Lu, I wish you could date early and find a woman that suites you and get married.”


After leaving the cafe, Meng Chu went back. She is going to look for furniture today. She even has to interview the bodyguards and maids. She is not sure if she can finish it all today.


Assistant Li, who had been hiding outside, saw Meng Chu coming out after a while, rushed into the coffee shop to sit down opposite of Lu Jingan. He ordered a cup of coffee.


He thought that Meng Chu might become her boss in the future, so he couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Lu, what did Miss Meng say?”


Lu Jingan: “She broke off her engagement.”


Assistant Li was surprised, “Then, she and you?”


Looking at his assistant without changing face, he said: “She want to enjoy the single life for ten to fifteen years or so.”


Assistant Li: “Then President Lu, are you going to wait for about ten years?”


Assistant Li smiled dryly: “Hahaha… Um… Mr. Lu, do you need to postpone the meeting this afternoon?”


Lu Jingan drank the coffee in front of him and said, “Go back to the company.”


Assistant Li hurried to keep up. He felt that he must now seize the opportunity to get married. Maybe the girl will also think of living a single life, and he would work hard to make the girl want to marry him. The more that he thought about it, the more assistant Li felt that it was reasonable.


With the help of the real estate agent, Meng Chu moved all the things that she had on her previous apartment. She then found a housekeeping and security company and asked them to send a few people over for an interview in the afternoon.


After finishing all this, Meng Chu went to the furniture shop to select furniture.


Li Meng called Meng Chu: “Everyone cares for face. After you and Chen Jinfeng canceled the engagement, the Chen family will definitely make compensation. Don’t let the Meng family take advantage of it. Besides, who knows what they think for their benefits.”


Li Meng was at home today. She only thought of this after listening to her brother analyzing this matter at home.


She has always thought that Meng Chu wanted to marry Chen Jinfeng so she forgot about these things.


Meng Chu said yes, and did not forget to invite Li Meng to come over when she was free.


Meng Chu chose the furniture and told them to deliver it. She then returned to her villa. As soon as she arrived at the door, she saw the agent talking to Meng Jian.


As she approached them, Meng Chu could hear what they were talking about.


“Meng Chu is my daughter. You don’t need to worry about our family’s affairs.”


“Mr. Meng, before Miss Meng went out, she asked me to look for security, saying that if you come, you will be driven out.”


“You, you, you… I want to see how she will drive me out!”


Meng Chu walked over, and she smiled: “Mr. Meng, if I remember correctly, this villa area is private. How did you get in?” She was about to call the property manager with her mobile phone.


The staff in the middle of the property pushed Meng Chu a bit, and lowered his voice: “There is another villa near you. Mr. Meng came to buy the villa.”


“Did he pay for the deposit?”


“Not yet.”


Meng Chu took out her card: “I’ll buy it.”


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