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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 2

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 2 – Stepping back after being kicked (2)


Meng Chu was unwilling to cook. Fortunately, the servants of the Chen family would help Meng Chu prepare the ingredients. Even when Meng Chu was cooking, there would be servants to help, which made cooking a lot easier.


After making glutinous rice and red bean rolls, Meng Chu made another stir-fried lotus pond before going out.


Usually, Meng Chu cooks a few more dishes. But now that the person her fiance likes is going to return to China, she can express her feelings a little bit by cooking fewer dishes.


After a while, the servants went to Mrs. Chen and said: “Madam, Miss Meng probably saw the news on the internet. Today, she was cooking in the kitchen and only cooked two dishes. She looked like she was reluctant to smile.”


Mrs. Chen: “Did you call Jinfeng to ask him to come back for dinner?”


The servant replied: “Yes. Master said that he knows.”


When Chen Jinfeng was about to get engaged to Meng Chu, Madam Chen was happy. She felt that this child, Meng Chu, was easy to manipulate and had a soft personality. The key was to be respectful to her. She said that she liked eating the dishes that Meng Chu cooked and Meng Chu ran over to cook for her.


Although she didn’t look down on Meng Chu, even on her character, she also enjoyed Meng Chu’s character very much, it made her feel comfortable. This feeling is very contradictory.


Chen Jinfeng came back when the sky turned dark.


Meng Chu and Mrs. Chen were watching TV in the living room. They heard the servants greeting the ‘young master’, and quickly stood up with joy in their faces.


Even if she doesn’t want to be a star, she still has some talent.


Not to mention the other TV dramas, she can definitely act in idol dramas. At least when she is acting for Chen Jinfeng, everyone believes it, and even Chen Jinfeng is convinced.


Chen Jinfeng wore a suit and looked attractive. His deep eyes made people feel addicted at first glance. Some girls will even have hearts in their eyes.


After all, he is the male lead in the novel, and his appearance must be good.


Meng Chu stepped forward and helped take Chen Jinfeng’s coat.


With bright eyes: “You have worked hard. Wash your hands and eat.”


Chen Jinfeng has always been indifferent to Meng Chu. He hummed and walked in.


Chairman Chen is on a business trip and is not at home. Chen Jinfeng’s younger brother almost no longer eat at the family home and the Chen family does not care about him. He is just responsible for eating, playing, drinking, and having fun everyday. Sometimes, he even goes away and Mrs. Chen can’t find him. If he had enough, he will just come home.


The meal is the same as usual.


Meng Chu didn’t mention the return of that person, and Mrs. Chen and Chen Jinfeng would certainly not mention it either. After all, it was for Meng Chu’s sake.


Besides, the case was that the media reported it and the fans reportedly hired a plane to pick her up but that person has not come back yet and Chen Jinfeng didn’t say anything.


If Chen Jinfeng proposed to cancel the engagement, maybe they can discuss this matter now.


After Meng Chu finished eating, Li Meng called and she went out to answer the phone.


Mrs. Chen said: “If you don’t plan to cancel the engagement, please coax her so that she will not worry about this matter and let her become a joke to everyone.”


Chen Jinfeng: “I know.”


Meng Chu who was holding her phone outside: “What’s the matter?”


Li Meng: “Go shopping with me after you finish eating dinner.”


She was worried that Meng Chu would be sad because of Chen Jinfeng’s affairs. After much thought, the activity that was suitable for Meng Chu is all about shopping. After all, Meng Chu is nothing like the woman in this era.


Meng Chu: “Maybe next time. I still have some things to do.”


Li Meng: “When you’re free, call me.”


After saying goodbye, Meng Chu planned to go back inside. As soon as she turned around, she saw Chen Jinfeng.


This is really a test to her acting skills.


Meng Chu smiled: “Jinfeng, why did you come out?”


Chen Jinfeng watched Meng Chu without any emotion in his eyes: “Meng Chu, I don’t plan to cancel the engagement. If I plan to cancel it, I will tell you.”


Meng Chu endured, watching Chen Jinfeng cautiously: “It’s okay if you don’t want to cancel the engagement.”


Ah, ah, dog man. When the plot is over, she must beat him up. What does he mean by telling her that he doesn’t plan to cancel the engagement but when he does, he will tell her. He doesn’t even consider her opinion and wants her to do as he says?


Chen Jinfeng looked at the delicate woman in front of him, thought about it, and stretched out his hand to hug her as a way to comfort her.


Meng Chu’s bright eyes quickly dimmed: “No. We can’t be close unless, unless we get married.”


She said embarrassed and even looked at Chen Jinfeng expectantly.


Hug. He continued to hold her!


Thinking of the news about that woman, Chen Jinfeng closed his eyes slightly, and continued to hug Meng Chu.


Meng Chu kicked Chen Jinfeng unconsciously!


In the next moment, Chen Jinfeng stepped back a meter away.


System: “Host, please continue according to the plot!!!”


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