The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 20

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 20 – Money grubber! (2)


Meng Jian could not believe that the person in front of him was the same Meng Chu before!


Meng Jian: “I am your father!”


Meng Chu: “But you think of me as a tool. Only with your son, Meng Guang, do you show your fatherly love.”


“That’s your brother. Shouldn’t you and I treat your brother well? In the future, you will look for him when you are bullied and he will help you!” Meng Jian said his reasons.


A group of burly people walked towards Meng Chu’s villa, headed by a man in black suit holding a brick. When he walked to the opposite side of Meng Chu, he said, “Miss Meng, I’m here for an interview!”


When he finished speaking, he took the brick in one hand and hacked it horizontally with the other. One brick broke into two pieces and fell on the ground, hitting Meng Jian’s feet.


Meng Jian’s face turned red with pain, and he took a few steps back. Because his feet were sore, he bent over and pressed on his toes.


Those who came for the interview later spoke.


“Miss Meng, I learned Chinese martial arts!”


“Miss Meng, I am a black belt in Taekwondo, and I can also split bricks!”


“Miss Meng, I learned Sanda and once won a third place in this city’s competition!”


Meng Chu looked at Meng Jian. She gathered her scattered hair: “I don’t need him to help me. I can hire a bodyguard. Mr. Meng, please comeback when you don’t think of me as a tool to help Meng Guang. There are bricks on the road ahead, look out for them.”


She can’t go back to the Meng’s house, because as long as she returns, she will only end up as a tool.


She and Chen Jinfeng have broke off their engagement, but the Meng family can still marry her to someone else for profit, as long as she paves the way for Meng Guang.


Meng Jian: “Well, I want to see what kind of person you’ll become without relying on the Meng family!”


Meng Chu looked at this man, feeling sad for a moment.


He was once an expectant father, but in his heart, there is always Meng Guang. Because Meng Guang is a son that can succeed the Meng family. It even seems that except for Meng Chu, everyone in the Meng family believes this idea.


Meng Chu pointed to the bricks and chose the Chinese martial arts master, “You two will be my bodyguard.”


After choosing the bodyguards, she needed to choose a maid. Meng Chu contacted a very good housekeeping company in the city for an interview. Only those who are trained and qualified can work. Meng Chu directly selected three who looked particularly clean, and the interview was over.


Meng Chu planned to choose another professional chef. She said to the agent on the side, “I will look for a chef for an interview.”


Meng Jian, who witnessed the whole process, said several more words.


Meng Chu gave red enveloped to the remaining people who was not chosen, and then took the group of people she hired inside the villa.


Meng Jian: “I will see how you will live in the future!”


Meng Chu stopped in her steps, “Wait, the one who learned Sanda and Taekwondo can stay.”


The one who learned Sanda immediately said: “Miss Meng, don’t worry. I can take out people in a few meters away with one punch. As long as someone does something to you, I will do it.”


Meng Jian: “You!” After he finished speaking, he kicked the brick under his feet, and then jumped up in pain.


The people to be hired, except for the chef, were selected, and the villa can be left to them. Meng Chu was relieved.


When she was making songs as Jiang Chu, the songs she sang were all her original songs, and she started to seriously write song during this time.


The villa was very lively at night, and almost all the furniture she ordered has arrived. Everyone was busy fixing furnitures and tidying up the place. After Meng Chu told the maid to clean up her room, she took the guitar to the rooftop.


After a while, the maid came over and said to Meng Chu, “Miss Meng, there is a gentleman named Lu Gaofei that is looking for you outside.”


Meng Chu: “Let him come in.”


Lu Gaofei went to the rooftop while eyeing Meng Chu’s villa. Lu Gaofei is not surprised that Meng Chu could afford a villa. Not to mention the money that Meng Chu makes from her albums, how much can she still earn from writing and selling songs, as well as the performance fee from him.


Lu Gaofei: “Do you know He Xiu? Her agent contacted me and said that he wanted to buy a song you wrote. They wanted you to write a song that praises love and the greatness of fighting for love.”


“30 million.”


“Money grubber!”




Meng Chu strummed the guitar casually, and the gentle wind blew her long hair. She said casually: “If they want, I will write. If they don’t, then I won’t write.”


Everyone in China knows that Jiang Chu’s songs are first-rate, and even if she was not popular in writing songs, her singing is commendable. But she rarely sells her own lyrics and music, because she basically sings it by herself after she finished writing one.


Lu Gaofei: “If you want to refuse, then just say it. It’s scary to charge this price.”


In the hotel room…


He Xiu curled her brows: “Jinfeng said that he wants to compensate Meng Chu. Isn’t she getting enough compensation? If I were Jinfeng, I would not spend any more money on Meng Chu!”


Agent Wu persuaded: “Okay, calm down. It’s good that you and Mr. Chen got back together. Besides, Mr. Chen doesn’t necessarily care about money.”


He Xiu looked beautiful while looking at a script. She flung it aside and said, “Contact Jiang Chu. After returning home, I want to make a hit. I don’t want people to see me as a joke.”


Agent Wu: “Don’t worry, I am going to make a call to ask.”


After that, agent Wu took out his phone to call Lu Gaofei. Lu gaofei handles some of Meng Chu’s matters in these past years, and Meng Chu will give some of her earning to Lu Gaofei.


When Lu Gaofei received the call, he was with Meng Chu in the rooftop. He didn’t even think about it and said, “It’s okay. But the price us 30 million.”


Agent Wu: “What?! money grubber!”


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Lu Jingan: About ten years… QAQ


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