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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 21

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 21 – I said, she is unworthy (1)


Meng Chu went to sleep. When she woke up the next morning, the topic #Sky-High Price# landed in Weibo’s hot search. According to an entertainment blogger, He Xiu wanted to buy Jiang Chu’s song, and the person in charge of handling Jiang Chu asked for a sky-high price of 30 million yuan.


Yesterday’s events were talked about on the phone, and the news was released so fast that Meng Chu could not think of anyone leaking it except He Xiu and her team.


Lu Gaofei blamed himself. Yesterday, Meng Chu clearly refused, but because he was absent-minded, he directly asked for the price of 30 million yuan. Lu Gaofei immediately contacted a certain radio entertainment channel. In the evening, he would use the identity of the person managing Jiang Chu to explain the matter.


The reason is that he, Lu Gaofei, has not thought about it and drank too much, and the words he used were wrong, then he would apologize to He Xiu and her team.


Lu Gaofei did not told Meng Chu about the matter again as to not let her get worried.


Jiang Chu’s reputation on the internet is very good. The only reason that they attacked her was because she did not explain the matter early. After a hot search of this topic, many people were speaking out for Jiang Chu.


The entertainment program of a certain radio station also released the news during the evening program with the person in charge of Jiang Chu on call.


On the radio was the host’s sweet voice: “Everyone should be familiar about the topic of sky-high price of a song composition. According to the reports, the returnee Xiao Hua wanted to buy a song from the mysterious and talented original singer Jiang Chu. But then, Jiang Chu asked for a sky-high price of 30 million yuan. Now, let’s ask the person in charge of Jiang Chu’s matters to see how he responded to this matter.”


Soon, Lu Gaofei cell phone rang. Lu Gaofei answered the phone and soon, the mobile phone was taken away. He turned around and saw Meng Chu sitting on the chair of the dressing table with her legs folded.


Meng Chu: “Hello, this is Jiang Chu.”


The host smiled and said: “Hello, you are Jiang Chu, right? I didn’t expect that it would be you who will clarify. Then, what is your response to this matter?”


Meng Chu raised the corner of her lips, “She is not worthy.”




“I said, she is not worthy.”


“Then, can I ask why she is not worthy?”


Meng Chu’s voice was clear: I think she is not worthy. Do I need a reason?”


Host: “This… there must be a reason. Besides, it was reported that your price was 30 million.”


Meng Chu: “This is the price that rejected her. Do you want me to clearly say that she’s unworthy? I won’t write anything for her.” She took a long pause and hummed while thinking: Next time, if it’s her, I can consider talking directly.”


After speaking, Meng Chu hung up the phone and threw it aside, taking the water in front of Lu Gaofei and opening it.


Yesterday, He Xiu said that she wanted to sing about the greatness of love. Meng Chu understood that He Xiu not only wanted to make a comeback, but to also wanted to use her to pave the way to the public.


If there is news about the internet, she will probably be turned as a female extra that prevents the male and female protagonist from being together. He Xiu is the female protagonist that is chasing love. If she sings a song that praises love, then she can definitely be popular.


This idea is very good, but they contacted the wrong person.


Lu Gaofei also opened a bottle of water for himself: “You, you just said that directly?”


Meng Chu: “They bought a hot search directly too.”


Lu Gaofei: “…”


There was a lot of food on the internet. Meng Chu did not continue to pay attention to this matter. She has always relied on her strength. Not to mention that she did not receive a substantial harm this time, but she actually gained something from it. Her albums are still being sold, and the songs she composes and lyrics that she writes are still being asked by people.
[Food = gossip]


Moreover, Meng Chu said that He Xiu was unworthy and did not wrong her. Which of Meng Chu’s songs was not sold to a professional singer with sufficient strength.


Netizens originally only wanted to eat melons, but as a result, everyone was eating and some people fished in the troubled waters. They uploaded a small video of Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu that made a ruckus on the internet!
[Eat melons means to be an onlooker. Fished in troubled waters to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain.]


Three years ago, Chen Jinfeng’s low-key engagement with his fiancé was on the news. He Xiu went abroad three years ago and repeatedly stated that she was single. She is definitely not Chen Jinfeng’s fiancé. What is the relationship between her and Chen Jinfeng? Many black fans moved after hearing this, and they accused He Xiu of destroying other people’s relationship.
[Black fans, to put in simpler term means ‘hater’]


The shares of the Chen family’s company fell that day!


Li Meng felt that it was very pleasant, and sent a big red envelope to Meng Chu, and also wished Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu a good image in front of the media.


There was no trace of the person who leaked it. After all, He Xiu and Chen Jinfeng rivals. Maybe there are people who want to retaliate to them now.


Meng Chu sat in the garden, basking in the sunlight. The table in front of her was full of dishes, all made by the chefs who came for an interview. Later, Meng Chu would choose a few dishes, and whoever was the chef behind the dish will stay.


She was eating when the helper came over and said that a lady with the name He Xiu wanted to see her.


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