The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 22

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 22 – I said, she is unworthy (2)


Meng Chu: “Let her wait for me. I will just finish my meal.”


The helper: “Okay, Miss Meng.”


He Xiu and agent Wu, who heard the answer from the answer, looked a little bit ugly. But it was them who came to ask for help, so they had to wait.


He Xiu: “Okay, I’ll wait.”


When the helper returned to Meng Chu, agent Wu spoke in a low voice: “Are you sure that Meng Chu will agree?”


He Xiu: “You don’t know how much Meng Chu likes Chen Jinfeng. We just have to persuade Meng Chu and let her agree to stand up and say that she reached an agreement with Jinfeng to cancel the engagement a long time ago. This matter is easy to solve. The face of the Chen family can also be recovered.”


Agent Wu: “But what about her attitude?”


He Xiu: “She is just angry. We just need to wait for her.”


Meng Chu ate her meal for over an hour and finally chose two chefs. She didn’t take He Xiu’s affairs to heart. She just let He Xiu wait for her.


Ten minutes later, Meng Chu sat face to face with He Xiu and Agent Wu in the garden.


Behind Meng Chu, there stood two bodyguards in black suites and black sunglasses, standing with their hands behind them.


He Xiu has just opened her mouth and has not said a word yet when the two bodyguards stood behind Meng Chu together. Looking at Meng Chu, her thick and long soft hair draped on her shoulders, her slender fingers holding the cup, looking a little lazy and casual.


It is not the same as the Meng Chu in the rumors, and the Meng Chu that He Xiu has seen.


He Xiu smiled and asked, “Miss Meng, do you still need to bring bodyguards when you meet me?”


Meng Chu looked at her four bodyguards and then continued to play with the cup in her hands: “What you said makes sense. After all, if you two bully me, I can manage by myself.”


The professional brick-splitting bodyguard said: “Yes. If Miss Meng exercised her strength there is no problem at all! Now, if she wants to kick other people, it will depend on their weight and strength. But as I look at you two, there should be no strength, and the weight looks very light.”


He Xiu’s smile that the media praised froze slightly: “Miss Meng, I didn’t come to talk about this.”


Meng Chu: “Aren’t you the one who mentioned about the bodyguards first? This is my villa. My bodyguards can stand wherever they want to stand. They don’t need your opinion. Besides, are we familiar with each other?”


Agent Wu slammed his fist on the table: “Meng Chu, Mr. Chen doesn’t like you, why should you…”


Meng Chu: “Throw him out.”


He Xiu took Agent Wu’s arm and said: “Stop talking. We are not here to talk about this.”


Meng Chu: “Throw him out first.”


Agent Wu: “Meng Chu!” After he finished talking, he stood up, his voice was a little tight: “Do you know about the news on the internet?”


Meng Chu knew what news he was talking about. It must be about Chen Jinfeng and her. Li Meng told Meng Chu about it, but she did not delay in throwing Agent Wu out.


The bodyguards nodded. They were about to throw the agent out but Agent Wu went out by himself.


He Xiu then spoke: “There were news about your engagement with Jinfeng and the video of me meeting with Jinfeng when I returned to China. Jinfeng’s stock price fell because of this. Meng Chu, I know you like Jinfeng. But he does not love you, you have to pay for Jinfeng!”


Meng Chu: “???”


She knows that he does not love her. But even if she still like Chen Jinfeng, after being treated like this, how can she still like him?


Besides, what right did He Xiu has to spoke to her like this?


He Xiu saw that Meng Chu could not say anything, and continued: “Now, there is a lot of news on the internet, but there is a solution to this matter.”


Meng Chu: “What solution?”


He Xiu leaned close when she mentioned this: “Meng Chu, as long as you publicly state that you and Jinfeng agreed to cancel the engagement a long time ago, then this matter will be resolved. Jinfeng will not be bothered with this matter.”


She paused and looked at Meng Chu: “You like Jinfeng so much, you would agree to help him, right?”


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