The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 23

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 23 – Eat melon (1)


Meng Chu couldn’t help but feel that she had gone through an extraordinary performance, and even gave He Xiu the illusion that she would let Chen Jinfeng abuse her a thousand times, and that she treated Chen Jinfeng like her first love.


Without waiting for Meng Chu’s answer, He Xiu continued to persuade: “If you won’t do it, do you know what Jinfeng will face? He will face everyone’s accusations and the company’s stock price will continue to fall. Even if he feels down, he would need to continue to deal with the aftermath of this incident.”


“He might not be able to cooperate with the Lu group because of you.”


Meng Chu: “Great!”


He Xiu was stunned: “What did you say?”


Meng Chu: “This is really great. Continue to speak, what else will happen to him besides not being able to cooperate with the Lu group? Will he lose any projects and the company’s image will also be affected? Hurry up.”


The brick-splitting bodyguard: “Miss Meng, do you want some sweets or melon seeds? I have ones that are freshly fried.”


Meng Chu: “Go and get them.”


It’s good to eat melons.


He Xiu did not say a word for a long time. The candied seeds were placed on the table but He Xiu still did not speak.


Impossible. Meng Chu likes Chen Jinfeng so much, and she has done so much for him. She heard that she also went to a cooking class for Chen Jinfeng. In order to not disturb Chen Jinfeng, she waited for a few hours in Chen Jinfeng’s office. How could she say this now?


He Xiu: “Do you agree?”


Meng Chu smiled: “I have kept you for a long time. I don’t want to be accused of kidnapping, so you can be thrown out now.”


A few minutes later, He Xiu was thrown out of the villa. Agent Wu, who was watching, stood there and scolded Meng Chu.


Agent Wu did not say a word yet, when the bodyguard came out of the villa to drive them out.


Agent Wu pushed away the bodyguard.


He said: “Tell Meng Chu not to regret this!”


This matter was not the same as what He Xiu expected. She came over to talk because Madam Chen does not like her. If this matter was resolved, it will not only solve her problem, but also solve the problem of the Chen family. But she did not expect Meng Chu to have this attitude.


Meng Chu was in a good mood and even learned a few tricks from the bodyguard.


However, after another afternoon, things on the internet got worse. The whole internet sympathized with Chen Jinfeng’s low-key fiancé, and described her as a woman who swallowed her pride and was hurt. Many people were speaking out for her. Some even asked her to stand up bravely, and that everyone will have her back.


There was a long Weibo post that was sensational and showed the crying Li Meng.


Li Meng forwarded the long Weibo post to Meng Chu, with a bit of grievance in her voice: “That’s right, it’s really right!”


Meng Chu opened the post and was silent.


She tolerated her fiancé who had another person in his heart. For her fiancé, she worked hard and devoted her youth to him. She heard that she was inferior to Chen Jinfeng because of her status. She was in the Chen family and treated like a servant. She waited for Chen Jinfeng for several hours…


It was this woman who touched her fiancé with her warmth. He Xiu came back and was very happy to be with her fiancé. Until now, the woman hadn’t said anything, and she was crying in the corner.


Please resist He Xiu for this pitiful woman!


Who hired this army…


Now, many people want her, Chen Jinfeng’s fiancé, to stand up. The media contacted the Meng family and wanted to interview them, but they did not get a response. In the end, they tossed and turned, Li Meng was invited, but Li Meng refused.


The reason Li Meng refused was because she did not want Meng Chu to appear in front of the media, and show to the public that she was hurt.


In the evening, while Meng Chu was enjoying the food that the newly hired chef prepared, Li Meng called Meng Chu again: “Chuchu, Chen Jinfeng wants to see you.”


Meng Chu: “He asked you to convey the message to me?”


Li Meng: “No. he said that he could not contact you, so he asked me to help him.”


This time, Meng Chu thought about it. After the engagement was cancelled, all his phone numbers were blocked, and it would be strange if Chen Jinfeng was able to contact her.


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