The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 24

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 24 – Eat melon (2)


At this time, Chen Jinfeng wanted to see her. It must be for the media. He had the same idea as He Xiu, but he shouldn’t be like the stupid He Xiu. He would definitely negotiate terms with her.


The Meng family probably won’t be able to deal with this. After all, the key to the matter is for Meng Chu to clarify it on person. The Meng family can also clarify it, but the effect would not be the same as that of Meng Chu’s.


Li Meng: “I’ll go with you.”


Meng Chu: “No, I can go by myself.”


“Don’t be soft-hearted.”


“I won’t be soft-hearted, really.”


When Li Meng told Meng Chu the address, Meng Chu hung up the phone, finished her meal, and went back to change her clothes.


The system, who had not spoken for a long time, had a serious tone: “This matter is a loophole in the original version. Please don’t stand up and accuse them. The system will give you more generous rewards.”


The original novel did not mention the follow-up development after Meng Chu and Chen Jinfeng cancelled their engagement. It also did not describe how the male lead and the heroine resolved this matter.


The role of Meng Chu as the female side character ended with her marrying an ordinary person. If Meng Chu stands up now and criticize the male lead and heroine, how could the plot continue?


Meng Chu hummed after a while.


In order to meet Meng Chu, Chen Jinfeng rented the whole floor of the restaurant.


After Chen Jinfeng arrived ahead of the agreed time, he sat down and thought about what He Xiu told him today when she went to see Meng Chu. Chen Jinfeng did not expect that because of the cancellation of the engagement, Meng Chu’s personality would drastically change and become like this.


Although he knows that Meng Chu likes him, he really doesn’t like Meng Chu. Even if He Xiu did not come back, he can consider living with Meng Chu. But He Xiu did come back. She had always been the woman he liked.


Half an hour passed since the agreed time, and Meng Chu still did not arrive.


Meng Chu wore a tulle and champagne-colored long skirt, with a graceful figure and long black hair. When she arrived at the restaurant, she sat directly to the chair opposite of Chen Jinfeng.


Under Chen Jinfeng’s gaze, Meng Chu opened the menu.


Chen Jinfeng: “I’m sorry about He Xiu.”


Meng Chu was surprised: “For He Xiu’s stupidity?”


Chen Jinfeng: “…”


Meng Chu was always delicate and weak before. She had a charming appearance, and her temperament is also soft. No that she looks the same as before, but her temperament has become bright and cheerful. Her facial features are probably suited for this style, and she looked better than before.


Chen Jinfeng: “I know that you hate her, but why say that. He Xiu is a really good girl.”


Meng Chu directly called the waiter to order.


When Meng Chu ordered the food, Chen Jinfeng was quiet throughout the process. When the waiter came down with the menu, Chen Jinfeng frowned.


Chen Jinfeng wanted to say something, but after thinking about it, he finally said: “I will give you a compensation of 50 million yuan. I hope that you will clarify it in front of the media that we cancelled the engagement before He Xiu came back.”


Meng Chu smiled: “One billion.”


Chen Jinfeng, who was sitting across from Meng Chu, felt that he was misheard it: “What did you say?”


Meng Chu: “one billion. From now on, you will add another billion for every rebuttal.”


Seeing that Meng Chu was not joking, Chen Jinfeng was stunned and could not say a word. He suddenly thought about the past when Meng Chu said that she did not want his money.


One billion. As the male lead, Chen Jinfeng is able to get it, but who has seen someone taking out a billion as a compensation for breaking an engagement?


Che Jinfeng said with a cold face: “Sent me the account number. I will ask someone to send you the money tomorrow. After you receive it, please clarify the matter in front of the media as soon as possible.”


Meng Chu: “Chen Jinfeng, you are not the one who calls the shots.”


Chen Jinfeng: “Okay. Miss Meng, please send me the account number. I will ask someone to send you the money tomorrow. Please help us clarify the matter in front of the media as soon as possible.”


Meng Chu: “I see.”


Meng Chu did not worry about going back. She ate in the restaurant, and occasionally glanced at Meng Guang who was feeding the mosquitos downstairs at the restaurant. Meng Jian was probably anxious, and let Meng Guang come over to find her. It seems that they are greedy for the Chen family’s compensation.


After eating some desserts, Meng Chu went downstairs in a pair of high heels.


As soon as Meng Chu arrived downstairs, Meng Guang ran over.


Meng Guang is three or four years younger than Meng Chu. Because he was spoiled by the Meng family, he was simply domineering. When he saw Meng Chu, he said: “I want a yacht. Buy me a yacht.”


He wanted a yacht for a long time. Meng Chu also knew this. The last time that she had dinner with Li Meng, Li Meng told Meng Chu about it. Meng Chu was surprised that Meng Jian did not give Meng Guang what he wanted.


Meng Guang was impatient: “I said, buy me a yacht. Did you hear me?”


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