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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 25

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 25 – Face Slap (1)


Meng Chu moved quickly, grabbing Meng Guang’s hand, pressing it with one hand, and the other hand held the phone to make a call.


Meng Guang, who felt that his arm was about to break, yelled in pain. He shouted, “Meng Chu, are you crazy? Don’t you know that I would be the one who would support you in the future? The Meng family is also relying on me. Let me go, let me go!”


These are the ideas that Meng Jian instilled in his mind since he was a child. When Meng Guang was born, he was small and weak. As soon as she teased him, he will smile at Meng Chu. It was a pity that the Meng family was crooked.


Half an hour later, the director of ‘Youth Transformation Project’ came personally.


Director Han looked at Meng Guang, showing an expression of excitement, “Is it him? We can sign the contract now.”


Meng Chu: “The second rich generation is nothing. Only thinking about her sister’s cancelled engagement compensation to buy a yacht. He only knows how to eat, play, and drink. He’s greedy, and only want the gains.” After that, Meng Chu pushed Meng Guang to the director: “Sign the contract.”


Meng Guang felt that his arm was about to dislocate. He gritted his teeth and looked around, and then ran away. As soon as Meng Chu stretched her foot, Meng Guang fell directly to the ground with a clang.


Kneeling down with one knee, Meng Chu pulled Meng Guang’s collar to make Meng Guang look at her: “Should I break your arm or participate in this show?”


Meng Guang: “…”


Suddenly, Meng Guang said hatefully: “Meng Chu, I will sign!”


Isn’t it just a show? He doesn’t believe that he can’t participate!


Director Han hurriedly said: “Our program is very simple, it’s not that scary. You just need to eat and grow, and feel the smoke and fire in the world, hahaha!”
[Experience hardships]


Watching Meng Guang get in the car of the program show, Meng Chu said to Director Han: “Thank you for letting him see what it means for a woman to hold up half of the sky, and not let him underestimate girls.”


Director Han: “Hahaha, Miss Meng, you are really interesting. You just let him see it!”


Meng Chu: “…”


When the show’s crew set off for the airport, Meng Chu was relieved.


Early in the morning, Meng Chu woke up on the large bed. The maid at home knocked on the door and came in to help her open the curtains. She then said to Meng Chu. “Miss Meng, I have ordered the kitchen to start preparing breakfast. It’s just that I don’t know what kind of breakfast do you want today, or do you have any preferences?”


The sound of the mobile phone rang, and one billion was transferred to her account.


Meng Chu lifted the quilt and got up: “Anything’s fine.”


When Meng Chu finished washing and went downstairs for breakfast, Director Han contacted her.


Director Han: “Miss Meng, can you come to our shooting place? We, we can’t control your brother. He just came over yesterday and beat others. He didn’t cooperate with the task today, and he didn’t eat or drink. He didn’t sleep yesterday, saying that the place was too dirty. Although our program came to the countryside to shoot, we chose a small farmyard!”


The Korean director has not finished speaking when Meng Guang grabbed the phone.


Meng Guang: “Meng Chu, you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!”


Meng Chu: “You’re a trash and you don’t have the right to call be b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲. Your status as the son of the Meng family will not allow you to fly back by plane.”


Meng Guang smiled: “Meng Chu, if you are so capable, then fly over here!” After he said that, he threw the phone back to the director and said: “Give me the phone. I want to let Meng Chu come and take me back!”


Director Han: “Stop now. As soon as the show is broadcasted, everyone will know how trash you are.”


Meng Guang sneered: “I will let you see what a man is. I will continue to participate in the program, if I can’t handle it, I will sing for Meng Chu, and yell ‘Sister, I am a trash!’”


“Oh, fight with me!” After thinking, Meng Guang said again: “If you call Meng Chu, ask her whether she will bet or not. If she loses, she will buy me a yacht. If I lose, I will do what I just said!”


“Don’t fight. Your sister sister might think that you are mentally r̲e̲t̲a̲r̲d̲e̲d̲.”




Meng Chu rarely win over Meng Guang, yelling that he is trash.


Director Han continued: “Moreover, what you said just now is that if you cooperate with us, you will sing that you are trash, not bet with her. It’s wrong to bet, especially when money is involved.”


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