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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 26

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 26 – Face Slap (2)


Meng Chu felt that it would be convenient to buy a private plane. After thinking about it, Meng Chu went to buy a plane.


She had taken a pilot license before, because there were many acting and plays for Chen Jinfeng, she has not finished the test yet, so she had to continue to take the pilot test.


After buying a plane, Meng Chu went to continue her pilot test.


In the afternoon, He Xiu held a special press conference, which was aimed at the uproar of news about her on the internet.


In this press conference, He Xiu stood on the stage, neither humble nor overbearing. “Hello everyone, I am He Xiu. I am here to respond to the recent online news. Jinfeng’s fiancé cancelled the engagement with Jinfeng before I returned to Chine. Jinfeng also gave her a billion of compensation. So there is no such thing as a third party, or that Jinfeng broke off the engagement for me.”


After the conference, everyone shouted for Chen Jinfeng’s fiancé to respond, and all those who could find a way to contact Meng Chu also contacted her.


Agent Wu: “It was not the same as the clarification that Mr. Chen said before. Is this okay?”


He Xiu: “Let’s not talk about it. She took the billion yuan in compensation for the engagement. What she did was daylight robbery. If I did not go abroad, she wouldn’t even have the chance to be Jinfeng’s fiancé. Besides, she said acted like she likes Jinfeng so much but she did not even bother to think about Jinfeng’s situation.”


After thinking about it, Agent Wu felt that it was reasonable and agreed: “You’re right. Now, we only have to wait for Meng Chu to clarify.”


Meng Chu learned about the news after she left the pilot licensure class training base. There are even some fans of He Xiu who are blaming her, saying that since she had broken off her engagement with Chen Jinfeng a long time ago, why didn’t she come out earlier to clarify, letting those black fans throw hate at He Xiu.


Meng Chu walked forward wearing sunglasses when she contacted the media reporters.


Meng Chu: “Hello, this is Chen Jinfeng’s fiancé.”


Outside a restaurant, many reporters squatted outside, waiting for Meng Chu. They all received a call from Meng Chu. Meng Chu said that if they want to know her response, then they should come over and wait for her.


“Why isn’t she here yet?”


“Yes, why is she still not here?”


“Do you think that what He Xiu said is true?”


“Who knows. Let’s wait for Chen Jinfeng’s fiancé to come over. Be sure to take more photos later. No matter whether Chen Jinfeng’s former fiancé is pretty or not, this is still a good scoop.”


The reporters were talking when Meng Chu arrived outside the restaurant. She stepped out with her short boots as she got off the car.


Meng Chu: “Hello, everyone. I’m Chen Jinfeng’s ex-fiancé.”


She was still wearing sunglasses, and the reporters did not know what she looked like, but because of this, the people could not look away. The camera flashes flashed quickly. The reporters, holding a microphone, asked Meng Chu questions one after another.


“May I ask if what He Xiu said at her press conference true?”


“If you broke off your engagement with Chen Jinfeng long before He Xiu returned to China, then what is the reason for the cancellation of engagement?”


“Is it true that you still like Chen Jinfeng until now?”


“You took the initiative to contact us because what He Xiu said is not true, right?”


Meng Chu’s red lips raised slightly: “I will only say what I want to say, and I won’t answer your questions.”


She continued: “Chen Jinfeng gave me one billion. I thought that the billion as used to let me tell you that we broke off the engagement long before He Xiu returned to China. I didn’t expect that He Xiu said that it was because of me. In this case, I must have misunderstood him. Then, I will answer according to the facts. He Xiu’s press conference was not true except for the one billion.”


Meng Chu’s answer was simply a slap to He Xiu’s press conference.


After speaking, Meng Chu smiled and continued to walk into the restaurant. She made an appointment to have dinner with Li Meng.


The reporters continued to ask questions but Meng Chu still did not answer.


Meng Chu said to the system: “I did it according to He Xiu’s idea.”


System: “…”


“He Xiu definitely did not mean that.”


“But I only got one billion. He Xiu said that the one billion was given by Chen Jinfeng to compensate me.”


When she saw Li Meng at the usual place, Meng Chu sat down and put her sunglasses aside casually, her expression softened.


Li Meng was worried about Meng Chu, but she, who had witnessed the whole incident from above the restaurant, was finally relieved.


After ordering the dishes, Li Meng asked, “What were you up to earlier? I sent you the news of He Xiu’s press conference but you did not reply. You only called me back after a long time. I thought that you were going to follow Chen Jinfeng’s idea.”


Meng Chu: “I went to get a pilot license.”


Li Meng: “???”


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