The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 27

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 27 – Lu Jingan’s Gift (1)


The video of Meng Chu’s response quickly made it to the hot search. This hot search was simply a slap on He Xiu’s face who was whitewashed on the entire network after her press conference. The internet clamored and said that Meng Chu was wronged, and she should have come out to clarify it sooner.


This reversal pushed He Xiu into a deeper abyss than the previous incident.


What followed was a comparison chart between Meng Chu and He Xiu. Meng Chu did not show her full face while wearing sunglasses, but her figure was better that He Xiu, her temperament was better than He Xiu, and even her skin tone was better than He Xiu.


Those who once sympathized with Meng Chu shouted that they were unworthy!


The price of Chen group’s stocks reached the lowest.


The fact that Meng Chu and their circle spread this matter was even more crazy. Who would have thought that the gentle and obedient Meng Chu could do this to Chen Jinfeng. The key is to watch Meng Chu in the video. She looks pretty even if she has not revealed her whole face.


Early the next morning, Meng Chu was awakened by the noise outside of the villa. She got up and stepped on her slippers and went downstairs.


The maid said: “Miss Meng, it is the He Xiu who came over the other day, saying that she is looking for you. The man who came with her is also here.”


Meng Chu took her mobile phone to find the live broadcast software and clicked to open it. After watching the live broadcast, she gave it a title #A crazy day with He Xiu’s agent#, adjusted the camera, and then she went out with her mobile phone.


Approaching the door of the villa, Meng Chu clearly heard what agent Wu was saying.


Agent Wu: “What do you mean she doesn’t deserve it. Meng Chu, get your ass out here! If He Xiu did not go abroad, President Chen will not even look at you!”


Meng Chu took her mobile phone and adjusted her angle, standing in front of the villa. Suddenly, agent Wu became anxious and blocked He Xiu.


Agent Wu: You want to record a video to threaten us? Meng Chu, you are despicable!”


Meng Chu: “It’s not recorded. It’s a live-broadcast.”


Agent Wu: “???”


Agent Wu’s finger were trembling due to anger: “Turn off the live broadcast! Turn it off immediately!”


Meng Chu laughed and said: “You wanted to make a deal with me. Since that is the case, why are you afraid if the live broadcast? Where should we start? Let’s start from the time when you last came to me.”


Meng Chu really did not intend to target He Xiu on this matter. Who made He Xiu try her best at her press conference and stand on the moral height? Besides, whether the one billion was used for her to break off the engagement, everyone knew it in their hearts.


Agent Wu took He Xiu and almost escape without even letting He Xiu show up. When they drove off, Meng Chu checked the live broadcast and turned it off.


Meng Chu said to the maid: “Don’t forget to install the CCTV camera today. Also, as long as they come to find me in the future, just drive them away.”


He Xiu couldn’t hold back her tears and asked agent Wu: “What to do? What are we going to do now?”


Agent Wu: “Meng Chu is certainly crazy and jealous of you. Don’t worry. As long as we ask President Meng, he will definitely find a way.”


“I know. But now that Mrs. Chen has released the news, I am not allowed to enter their family door at all!”


“As long as Mr. Chen is willing to marry you, it is useless if she does not agree!”


He Xiu is really regretful. If she did not go abroad, then the position of Mrs. Chen Jinfeng will be very easy for her. How can she be like this and become someone who is not liked by others?


She was the only one that Chen Jinfeng liked from the beginning.


He Xiu couldn’t sit still, and the Chen family also could not sit still.


Even Chen Jinfeng has no free time to take care of He Xiu’s affairs. The stock price of the company cannot continue to fall. He has not rested since yesterday, and the meetings have followed one after the other.


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