The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 28

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 28 – Lu Jingan’s Gift (2)


Li Meng told Meng Chu a shocking news today.


Li Meng: “Chen Jinfeng is going to get engaged with He Xiu!”


Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu started marketing their love online, and the two expressed deep apologies to Meng Chu in front of the media.


Although the people are still scolding them, because they describe their love so vividly and sincerely, many people have forgiven them and even blessed them.


Chen Jinfeng even publicly stated in front of the media that he was willing to give out another 300 million to Meng Chu, which was regarded as compensation for Meng Chu.


What else did Chen Jinfeng say? All the mistakes are my fault, but I can’t forget the person that I liked when I was younger.


Li Meng: “It’s said that the Chen family has been furious in the past few days. Mrs. Chen has quarreled with He Xiu several times. Chairman Chen has taken back the rights in Chen Jinfeng’s hands. Anyway, the Chen family does not want to see He Xiu. Yes, Chen Jinfeng seems to be decorating his own villa, which will be used for his and He Xiu’s new house in the future.” Meng Chu didn’t think there was anything that had to do with her. After all, the two of them are the male and female lead, they must be together.


The mobile phone had a notification, and her account received three hundred million.


Soon the phone prompt sounded again, and the account received another 100 million.


Immediately afterwards, the mobile phone prompt sounded again and received another 100 million.


The Chen family expressed their guilt towards Meng Chu for the Chen family’s stock price. Chen Jinfeng paid three hundred million yuan, and Mrs. Chen and Chairman Chen each made gave one hundred million yuan.


Meng Chu suddenly looked forward to how much money He Xiu would give her, and what would she do to regain her reputation.


Soon, Meng Chu received the latest transfer, thirty million, which was transferred by He Xiu.


He Xiu apologized to Meng Chu on Weibo, and even apologized to Meng Chu for her agent’s visit to Meng Chu that day. The picture is a screenshot of the 30 million transfer.


He Xiu didn’t want to. She is a star, but she doesn’t have that much money. She retired and went abroad when she was popular. Life abroad is also luxurious, and she will continue marketing after returning to China. But the Chen family has all transferred money to Meng Chu. She is a person who is going to be engaged to Chen Jinfeng. Can she not transfer money to Meng Chu? She can’t. for the sake of the Chen family’s white-washing, she had to do it.


On that day, Mrs. Chen met with He Xiu after the Chen Group’s stock price stabilized with public opinion on the internet.


Regarding her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Chen has only one request, and that is to be obedient, but in the current situation, even if she disagrees with He Xiu being her own daughter-in-law, she must agree to He Xiu being her own daughter-in-law.


After all, now that she can tell the media that she is not satisfied with the daughter-in-law of He Xiu, or if she she really prevent Chen Jinfeng from getting engaged to He Xiu, then their hard work before would become a joke.


Mrs. Chen said coldly: “You and Jinfeng are engaged to get married. We will give you a total of 1.5 billion in gift money.” He Xiu was dumbfounded, and then smiled: “Auntie.”


Mrs. Chen: “According to the public opinion on the internet, this matter needs to be resolved by you, so this matter should be resolved with the gift money given to you.”


She continued: “Our Chen family gave a total of 1.5 billion yuan to Meng Chu, so we have one point. There is no need to continue taking the money’s gift. Regarding your post-marriage matters, you’d better take the initiative to tell Jinfeng that you want to live with us.”


After all this, Madam Chen went back without giving He Xiu a chance to refute.


He Xiu: “You guys, you compensate Meng Chu. What is it for me! I didn’t let Chen Jinfeng be engaged to Meng Chu!”


Meng Chu didn’t know at all about these things. After all, some things can come out, but some are special. Private matters, if not for the parties to tell, no one would know.


Meng Chu went to Lu Gaofei’s bar to sing after finishing her studies at the pilot license training base.


Still wearing a mask to sing two or three songs in the bar, Meng Chu returned to the backstage.


Lu Gaofei sat next to Meng Chu, “Do you think ‘the best in the world’ lives in a neighborhood nearby?”


Meng Chu was taken aback for a moment, and then asked a little regretfully: “Did you meet him?”


Lu Gaofei continued.: “I met ‘the best in the world’ when I went to a nearby supermarket to buy things today. He bought a shopping cart full of daily necessities, but I saw him at the checkout from a distance and didn’t say hello.”


Meng Chu: “If I met him a previous decade and so, perhaps it would be fine for us.”


Suppressing her real nature for so many years, Meng Chu really wanted to be herself. At first, she thought she needed to get married as soon as possible. Now she doesn’t have to get married as soon as possible. She would definitely not choose to get married. To get married, she has to quickly enter the role of a wife.


As for the contract marriages considered before, it is unnecessary if the system does not require marriage as soon as possible.


After drinking the tea in front of her, Meng Chu got up and said, “I’ll go back first.”


After walking out of the bar, Meng Chu walked forward in the evening breeze, and saw ‘the best in the world’. After watching for a while, she continued to move forward.


When the distance between the two of them was less than half a meter, Lu Jingan stopped Meng Chu.


Lu Jingan handed the book he was holding to Meng Chu: “For you.”


Meng Chu: “For me?”


When Meng Chu took the book from Lu Jingan, Lu Jingan walked on with his long legs and continued to leave. Meng Chu looked down at the name on the book.


‘The Pros and Cons of Early and Late Marriage’


This is a gift from Lu Jingan, what does it mean?


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