The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 29

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 29 – Engagement Invitation (1)


It was another leisurely afternoon. Meng Chu was lying on a rocking chair in the garden, basking in the sun. On the small round table beside her were freshly ground coffee and desserts, and a new book on the pros and cons of early and late marriages.


The Meng family contacted Meng Chu at this time, and it was Zhou Mian who contacted her. After all, in the entire Meng family, only Zhou Mian was able to get through Meng Chu.


This time, Meng Chu returned to the Meng family, and the servants showed respect to Meng Chu and even some fear.


Meng Chu walked all the way into the living room, and she felt the tense air.


Meng Jian: “Did your brother went to find you?”


Meng Guang usually plays around like crazy, but the Meng family can still contact him. This time, the Meng family could not contact Meng Guang. They then asked someone to find news about him, and found out that Meng Guang went to find Meng Chu, and no one saw him after that.


Meng Chu: “I sent him to a reform camp.”


Meng Mang, who had just drunk a mouthful of water, spouted the water, her eyes widened, and she felt that what she heard was her hallucination.


Meng Jian clutched his heart angrily and shouted: “You, you, you even bully your own brother! Where is he? Quickly tell me where he is and why did you send him to a reform camp!”


The servants who came to serve Meng Chu tea did not dare to step forward, making Meng Jian tremble with anger, and the tea sets on the tray clinked as they collided.


Meng Chu took a tea cup and sipped on her tea. She then said, “I sent him to a reform camp for a reality show.”


Meng Mang hurriedly stood next to Meng Jian: “This kind of reality show makes the rebellious teenagers sent to the countryside to be reformed. Some programs deliberately not provide any food for the sake of views, and even let the guests cook and look for food by themselves.” The more she talked, the more angry she appeared.


Meng Jian’s blue veins bulged out of his temple: “Do you know that your brother has never suffered grievances since he was a child? He is also a picky eater. Do you know how many cooks were changed at home to make him eat more! You let him go to that kind of show? You are trying to force your brother to death! That program group, I will go and get your brother back now!”


Director Han called.


Meng Chu answered, and then heard Director Han say: “Your brother has eaten three bowls of white rice. No, it’s already the fourth, and he has another bowl.”


Meng Chu couldn’t hold back her smile. She pressed the speaker on her phone.


“How many bowls of rice did my brother have?”


“Four bowls, eaten with pickled mustard greens. The guest apologized for beating him. The mustard was provided by the guest that he beat up.”


Meng Jian who heard what the director said: “???”


Soon, Meng Jian heard Meng Guang’s voice.


Meng Guang: “It’s Meng Chu, right? Tell her that I ate the food, and when I go back, I will let her pay your program group. I will not eat the rice from your program in vain! F̲u̲c̲k̲, don’t grab my rice!”


The call was hanged up. Meng Chu’s smiled faded a little bit, she then said: “It doesn’t matter how much you spoil Meng Guang. But since he ran to me, I’m not that good-tempered.”


Meng Chu’s eyes swept across the Meng family, and finally landed on Zhou Mian, who had not spoken. Zhou Mian nodded. Meng Chu then turned around and went out.


Meng Jian trembled: “Stop, stop for me!”


Meng Chu did not look back and soon closed the door.


There are a lot of reform programs. It took Meng Jian a lot of effort to find which program Meng Guang was sent to. Meng Jian contacted the program team to pick up Meng Guang, but Meng Guang refused.


This time, Meng Jian became even more angry. He didn’t know what Meng Chu did to Meng Guang so that she could let Meng Guang stay in the program willingly!


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