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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 3

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 3 – Your blind date (1)


It was Meng Chu’s conditioned reflex. She looked at Chen Jinfeng, who was frowning. With an anxious look: “Jinfeng, are you okay?”


Her voice was low and gentle, as if she had not just kicked Chen Jinfeng a meter away. She did not mean to help him at all.


Chen Jinfeng stood aside, his thoughts disappeared just now, and he looked at Meng Chu blankly.


Meng Chu’s cheeks were still red. She explained in a low voice: “Jinfeng, I didn’t mean it. It was you, you wanted to hug me. We are not married, so we can’t do that.”


Chen Jinfeng doubted this woman Meng Chu. What was she thinking all day long, how did the Meng family teach her!


When Chen Jinfeng left, Meng Chu calmly took out the compact blush from her bag and checked her face. When she saw that her cheeks were very beautiful, the girl was shyly blushing when she saw her sweetheart. Meng Chu was satisfied.


These years, it all depended on the blush!


Meng Chu went back after eating at the Chen’s house. If it was not necessary to perform all the plays of the original owner according to the requirements of the system, she really did not want to cook and eat at the Chen’s house.


The plot of the original owner has been taken. Because Mrs. Chen likes to eat her meals, she often goes to Chen’s house to cook for Mrs. Chen and eat at the Chen’s house. But when Meng Chu came here, that act lasted for several years.


The system said: “I hope the hostess can work harder.”


Meng Chu used to live in the Meng family’s villa, but when she became an adult, Meng Chu moved out of the Meng family.


There is no particular detail in the original story, so she moved to an apartment outside. The system will not interfere, because it will not affect the plot.


Back at the apartment, Meng Chu changed her dress, put on leather jacket and ripped jeans, stepped on a pair of leather boots, and walked out while wearing sunglasses.


She refused to go shopping with Li Meng because she really had to do something.


Although the system is quite restrictive to Meng Chu, there are no restrictions as long as she does not use the identity of Meng Chu. It can also be said that as long as the key figures in the plot do not recognize Meng Chu.


The main reason is that the system has given her freedom. After all, who can play the female side character in this novel from birth to now. Not to mention anything else, just to say that the diet is so light that she always only drinks warm water, which can drive Meng Chu crazy.


Meng Chu’s long legs were straight and slender. When she stepped on her leather boots to the entrance of the bar, she pushed up her sunglasses.


Lu Gaofei ran out: “Why did you come here?”

Meng Chu: “It’s a bit busy here. What do you want me to do?”


Lu Gaofei: “The resident singer dumped her boyfriend. They have resigned now, both of them. If you are in a mood to sing, you can sing for me. You don’t need to show up. The old rules is that you just sing behind the scenes. You don’t want to sing behind the scenes. I have the mask ready for you.”


Meng Chu nodded.


Seeing Meng Chu entering the bar, Lu Gaofei still sighed inwardly. Not everyone can have a good voice, but who would have thought that Jiang Chu, a person with wonderful voice, turned out to be a beauty too.


He doesn’t know what she thought at the beginning. When connecting with the fans, the fans asked: “Is it because you don’t look good that you don’t show your face?”


The beautiful and stunning girl actually replied: “Yes.”


After that, her album sales plummeted, but soon she returned to the top with her original songs.


This incident, in retrospect, is also sad.


When a fan asked a question, the staff asked in a very low voice: “Are you singing your song for a while?


So Meng Chu said it was right. She didn’t know what the fan asked. After answering the staff, the fans also hanged up.


Meng Chu, as a female side character, who will continue to develop the plot, cannot show up to prove that she is not ugly, so she can only let those fans think according to their imagination.


After entering the bar, Meng Chu took the mask that Lu Gaofei had prepared for her and stood on the stage with a microphone. She deliberately changed her voice and said in Jiang Chu’s unique voice: “Hello everyone, this is Jiang Chu. ”


Everyone was stunned for a moment, and then burst into applause.


Everyone knows that Jiang Chu will occasionally come to this bar to sing, but no one knows when she will come.


As soon as Meng Chu sang, her voice was so clean that people who listened to the song did not even dare to applaud.


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