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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 30

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 30 – Engagement Invitation (2)


In the evening, Meng Chu went to Lu Gaofei’s bar to sing.


Since breaking off her engagement, Meng Chu has come to Lu Gaofei’s bar to sing more often. Sometimes if she doesn’t sing, she will just watch, sitting in the bar, listening to other singers, and drinking a new drink that was prepared by Lu Gaofei.


Lu Gaofei has always been in charge of Meng Chu’s work. If someone want to cooperate with Meng Chu, they will contact Lu Gaofei first.


This time, Yu Bai’s team contacted Lu Gaofei and said that they wanted to collaborate with Jiang Chu. Their team knew that Jiang Chu will not see them in person so they asked to cooperate online.


After Lu Gaofei asked Meng Chu, she refused.


Lu Gaofei: “Yu Bai is good at singing. You won’t lose out if you cooperate with him. And you won’t even need to show up in person.”


Meng Chu was sleepy: “I’m not interested.”


“What about talking to fans online and randomly selecting a few lucky fans to have a phone call with you? This will satisfy your fans’ wish, and they can even receive a signed album.”


“That’s fine.”


Lu Gaofei arranged this new job for Meng Chu. After the name of the program to held the activity was sent to Meng Chu, he also reminded her to not forget to answer the phone that day and have online activities with them.


Lu Gaofei also felt pitiful: “Your face, if you show it, it will definitely take you to a higher level.”


He smiled but Meng Chu did not speak.


She was not interested.


This time, Meng Chu did not stay longer at Lu Gaofei’s bar, and went back after talking to him.


Many people knew the news that Meng Chu moved out. Some invitations and letters were sent to the villa where Meng Chu loved.


After Meng Chu returned, the helper aunt that she hired gave her a thick stack of invitations, which was more than what she received when she was Chen Jinfeng’s fiancé.


Few of these sincerely invited Meng Chu. They probably wanted her to appear at the reception to see how she was after the engagement was cancelled.


Meng Chu threw it aside while looking at each one of the invitations. The entertainment news on the TV mentioned the news that Chen Jinfeng was engaged to He Xiu.


The aunt wanted to change the TV channel quickly, but Meng Chu said, “No need.”


“Chen Jinfeng, the president of Chen Group, and He Xiu are about to hold a high-profile engagement party in this city. Journalists and the media will be invited to participate on the day of the engagement. Now, many media have received invitations. It is said that this time, Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu’s engagement party will invite people from all over the business and entertainment circle…”


Meng Chu read the invitation letter while listening to the news, when she saw the engagement letter of Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu, Meng Chu was stunned,


Suddenly, she couldn’t understand what they meant by mailing this invitation to her.


She didn’t know if they wanted her to know that they are going to get engaged, or they wanted her to send her blessings.


Throwing the invitation letter aside, Meng Chu read all the remaining invitations again. Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu’s invitation were put aside. She did not have any plans on attending it,


No matter what they meant, Meng Chu did not want to associate herself with them.


On the day of the online event, Meng Chu deliberately spared time to wait for the connection with the program group.


Lu Gaofei also sent a message to Meng Chu a few minutes before the start of the show to remind her.


Soon, Meng Chu’s cell phone rang. It was a call from the program group. Meng Chu was lying on the rocking chair on the rooftop and answered the call.


“Hello, Jiang Chu! We are vey pleased to be able to connect with you. But before you send your benefit with the fans, can I ask when will your next album come out?”


Meng Chu’s voice sounded nice and clean: “There is still a song that has not been finished, and I will finish preparing the album as soon as I finish it.”


Host: “Okay, let’s see who will be the lucky fans today. The first that has been drawn, they can mention a wish with Jiang Chu. If Jiang Chu can do it, then she will agree. If not, she can directly send a signed album.”


The program group began to draw lucky viewers. When the lucky viewer was drawn, the viewer can already talk to Meng Chu.


It’s just that the selected audience has not spoken. The host thought that it was a problem, and wanted to draw another one again.


He Xiu: “Hello Jiang Chu, I am He Xiu, a fan of yours. I called because I knew about this event, but I did not expect that I would be the lucky audience to talk with you.”


Meng Chu: “…”


The host did not expect that the two would talk, and He Xiu even said that she was a fan of Jiang Chu!


The previous matter between Jiang Chu and He Xiu was also raging on the internet.


He Xiu: “I’m about to get engaged. I don’t know if you can sing a song at my engagement party. I like your songs very much, and my fiancé also likes them.”


Now, He Xiu has been whitewashed. But the lyrics and music composition between her and Meng Chu has not been cleared yet.


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