The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 32

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 32 – Start with a relationship (2)


The group of people entered the mall, and Meng Chu walked forward, stepping on her black short boots. She had just been blown with the air conditioner for a while, and Li Feng next to her passed his coat over.


Li Feng: “It’s air conditioned.”


The shirt that Li Meng wore did not need a coat. He volunteered and put his coat on Meng Chu’s body, and also helped her tidy it up.


Although Li Feng is three or four years younger that Meng Chu, he is taller than her, with a height of 1.8 meters. His coat draped over Meng Chu’s body and covered most of her skirt.


Meng Chu lowered her voice and asked, “What are you doing?”


Li Meng: “I still have cousins, but I think my brother is the best. He is basically available any time of the day.”


If her brother has a fiancé, she wants it to be Meng Chu.


Meng Chu was not given any chance to refute. Li Meng took Meng Chu’s arm and continued shopping.


When they were shopping, Li Feng waited for them. He stood outside the shops that were not suitable for them to enter.


After shopping for a few hours, Li Meng brought Meng Chu and Li Feng to dinner. After the meal, she threw Li Feng to Meng Chu and ran away.


When Li Feng smiled, his eyes seemed to be shining like stars: “Sister Chuchu, if it troubles you, I can go back by myself.”


Meng Chu: “No trouble. You are Le Meng’s younger brother.”


At Lu Gaofei’s bar…


When Meng Chu took Li Feng to the bar, Lu Gaofei was surprised. This was the first time that Meng Chu brought a man over, especially the fact that Meng Chu was wearing li Feng’s coat.


Li Feng introduced himself: “Hello, my name is Li Feng.”


Lu Gaofei: “Hello, I’m Lu Gaofei.”


When Meng Chu comes, Lu Gaofei usually mixes drinks for her, but Meng Chu never drinks it. Lu Gaofei looked at the boy that Meng Chu brought, and he also mixed some drinks for him. Then sat opposite them to talk.


When Li Feng went to the bathroom, Lu Gaofei quickly approached Meng Chu and asked, “What’s does that mean?”


Meng Chu: “Good friend’s brother.”


Lu Gaofei: “Isn’t he a school grass at a university? He is too young.”


Meng Chu: “What are you thinking. He usually goes home at nine o’clock, and I will take him back later. Besides, he is not ordinary.”


He is a man from a wealthy family. Not an ordinary person at all. She even heard that he has a special talent in painting, and wants to pursue it in the future.


After eight o’clock, Meng Chu wanted to send Li Feng home.


Lu Gaofei hurriedly said to Li Feng: “Come over and play if you are free in the future. You are the first friend that Meng Chu brought over.”


Lu Gaofei took the two people outside of the bar. Meng Chu just walked a few steps when the coat was draped at her shoulders, and she turned her head to meet Li Feng’s eyes.


The two did not speak. Meng Chu turned and continued to move forward.


In a low-key black luxury car not far away from them, Lu Jingan watched the scene blankly. It was not until Meng Chu got into the car with the man did Lu Jingan reacted.


Assistant Li did not dare to speak. He looked at the boss who changed into cheap shirts and trousers, trying to reduce his aura.


Assistant Li wondered if Meng Chu changed her criteria. After all, that man and his boss were not the same type. But if you think about it carefully, it seems to meet Meng Chu’s criteria. Good looks, but he did no know if the person was ordinary.


Meng Chu sent Li Feng home. She checked her watch. It was almost 9 o’clock.


Meng Chu said frankly: “Go back and rest early. Don’t pay attention to what your sister said. Just treat me as your sister.”


Then, Meng Chu returned to Lu Gaofei’s bar, and she wanted to sing. Just now, Meng Chu was about to sing but Lu Gaofei said that it was inconvenient, so she did not sing.


When she walked to the door, Meng Chu heard Lu Jingan shouting ‘Miss Meng’.


Because Lu Jingan’s voice was cold and unique, Meng Chu remembered it and she turned around to watch Lu Jingan walk towards her with his long legs.


Soon, the two stood facing each other.


The bustling street is brightly lit, and behind them is the bar. Because Meng Chu was standing at the stairs, she seemed to be taller than Lu Jingan.


The two looked at each other for a while, and Lu Jingan spoke with a serious tone: “Miss Meng, I thought about it. I’m not too anxious to get married. So, let’s start with dating.”


The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan: Must not let the wife fly away!!!


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