The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 33

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 33 – Little Fresh Meat (1)


Meng Chu directly refused and said: “It’s too troublesome to fall in love.”


Looking at the man in front of her who was as tall as a pine and cypress, Meng Chu thought that is was really a pity. It is a pity that she was the one who put the shackles but is now busy letting herself go. Whether is it falling in love or getting married, it was too much trouble for her.


She waved to Lu Jingan, and turned to enter the bar.


When Lu Jingan went back to his car, assistant Li couldn’t not see his expression. But according to his own understanding, it should be failed. After thinking for a long time, he said, “Boss, a woman’s heart is like a needle in a haystack. Maybe some time later, Miss Meng will not like small fresh meat anymore.”


Lu Jingan raised his eyes, his expression unchanged. “There is a shortage of manpower at the mine, you can go and report tomorrow.”


Assistant Li was shocked: “Boss, believe me. What Miss Meng really like is a man of your type. She is not interested in small fresh meats at all, and those fresh meats cannot be compared to you!” He finished speaking, and asked quickly: “Boss, what did Miss Meng say?”


The slender finger picked up the watch and put it on. Lu Jingan replied, “She said that falling in love is too troublesome.”


He paused, “It was too troublesome to fall in love, not that she doesn’t like me.”


Assistant Li was silent for a while. Nodding in agreement, “Yes, that’s it! If you round up the situation, Miss Meng will definitely marry you!”


Meng Chu stayed in the bar until early in the morning before going back. She was then photographed and said that she got drunk because of the matter of Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu’s engagement.


All of He Xiu’s fans that criticized her are now apologizing and hoping that she will find someone she likes, and to stop being obsessed with Chen Jinfeng.


All of a sudden, He Xiu’s favorability decreased.


It can be said that someone was at the bar and took pictures of her. After all, there was a lot of news behind the photo.


Meng Chu usually doesn’t pay attention to news about her, but this news was too hot, and Weibo kept on recommending this news at her newsfeed.


When Meng Chu wanted to call a media reporter, #Meng Chu’s Little Fresh Meat# became a hot search topic. When Meng Chu opened it, she saw the news forum.


#F̲u̲c̲k̲, my heart is broken#


— There’s a gossip in my class today. Chen Jinfeng’s former fiancé went out and got drunk, but you already know that! Then, our school grass Li Feng stood next to me and checked my mobile phone, and then answered that Meng Chu did not get drunk that night. The former fiancé of Chen Jinfeng went to the bar with him yesterday!


— I was also in the classroom! He explained seriously and asked us how to contact the media.


— Ahhhh, I’m so jealous!


— Do you think that He Xiu’s fans are all white lotus? Just a picture, and they started to control and comment on the whole platform to make Chen Jinfeng’s former fiancé stop liking Chen Jinfeng. It’s not appropriate, and they also painted He Xiu as a victim.


— I agree!


This hot search only went on for a while, and someone immediately broke the news about the details of He Xiu’s engagement party, and the hot search was withdrawn. As a result, all the hot searches have been removed, and Li Feng’s own name made it to the hot search.


Li Feng made a post on Weibo and explained the matter, and that he was also the one who took down the hot search.


[Li Feng V: She was not sad. She was with me yesterday. Please don’t assume anything just by seeing the photos.]


He Xiu was annoyed with Li Feng. She spent a lot of money on marketing and she took steps to quickly clean herself up, but she failed again!


Meng Chu transferred money to Li Feng, but Li Feng refused.


[Li Feng: Sister Chuchu, I have money!]


Soon, Li Meng contacted Meng Chu. “Well, my brother does not agree! If he doesn’t agree, it means that he wants to open an entertainment company for you. He will help you. And then you would be more famous that He Xiu and will show your affection every day!”


Meng Chu: “Does he have a lot of money?”


Li Meng: “What about it?”


Meng Chu: “I will invest money to the entertainment company.”


At this time, Li Meng is already in charge of a branch from the Li family. Her company has nothing to do with the entertainment company. If Li Meng wants to open an entertainment company, the Li family may not agree. Besides, not to mention the starting funds, if Li Meng finally wants to do something, she will always help her.


Li Meng: “Chuchu, just wait for the bonus!”


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