The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 34

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 34 – Little Fresh Meat (2)


Chen Jinfeng looked at the hot search ‘Meng Chu’s Little Fresh Meat’ and felt a little irritated. What Meng Chu did during this period of time was beyond his expectation. In his opinion, Meng Chu is a traditionally gentle woman who will carefully please him and call him Jinfeng, and not drink with a fresh meat at night.


Chen Jinfeng’s assistant took a specially customized diamond ring into Chen Jinfeng’s office: “Mr. Chen, the diamond ring is ready, and your name and Miss He are written on the ring band.”


Chen Jinfeng did not think much about it. He looked at the diamond ring with a satisfied smile. He Xiu will definitely like this ring.


The assistant reminded: “Mr. Chen, the ring on your hand…”


“What about the ring on my hand?”


“The ring on your hand was the one you exchanged when you got engaged to Miss Meng.”


Chen Jinfeng only then remembered that the engagement ring between him and Meng Chu has not been taken off yet. He took off the ring and threw it aside, continuing to look at the ring that he was going to give to He Xiu.


A few days later, before the engagement party, the hot search was all about their wedding ceremony, who was sending blessings, and there was a topic called ‘Jiang Chu’s value’.


Many Jiang Chu fans are worried that when jiang Chu stands next to Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu while singing, the comparison will be too tragic, and they started to speak about her strengths. They said that they will continue to support Jiang Chu no matter what she looks like. They are fans due to her talents.


In the dressing room, He Xiu said: “Why is Jiang Chu not here yet? It’s already near the said time. What if she doesn’t come, we will become a joke.”


Agent Wu: “Don’t worry, she agreed to come. How could she back out? I will go and ask.”


Meng Chu’s exclusive makeup artist looked at Meng Chu in his studio. She did not dare to touch the dress, and he did not even touch it up. He pointed at her and asked, “Are these real diamonds?”


Meng Chu gave a faint hum.


Meng Chu’s makeup artist smiled. “I’m going to follow you and become famous. You don’t know, but when you bought this styling studio for me last time, many people came to ask me to do their makeup at a high price! It’s all because of you, hahaha. Miss Meng, don’t worry, I will make you look stunning!”


Lu Gaofei called over and asked: “He Xiu’s agent asked when will you arrive. There’s a traffic jam on the road and you have to hurry.”


Meng Chu: “I’m not afraid of traffic jams when I fly a plane.”


Meng Chu has a pilot license, but because she was a beginner, she hired a dedicated pilot, and she could learn along with him.


Lu Gaofei put the phone down and called Agent Wu: “Jiang Chu said that she will come over on a plane. You don’t have to worry, she will come.”


Agent Wu” “Ah? What did you say? Hello?”


After hanging up the phone, agent Wu hurriedly went to find He Xiu: “The person in charge of Jiang Chu said that Jiang Chu will come by plane???”


He Xiu was stunned for a moment, and then said: “She must have come from another place. I don’t care if she drives a plane or a yacht, as long as she come! Let her hurry!”


Today’s engagement ceremony was really grand. It was held on a large lawn, and many well-known designers were invited. After designing this engagement ceremony, a lot of food and flowers were delivered came from abroad.


Many people have arrived at the engagement ceremony, including media reporters.


The reporters were also looking for Jiang Chu but could not find her. They thought that maybe Jiang Chu will come at a later time, and even some reporters were looking for Meng Chu, wondering if Chen Jinfeng’s former fiancé would come.


Soon, the engagement ceremony officially begun.


He Xiu’s styling was done a long time ago, and she only waited to appear with Chen Jinfeng. She stood next to Chen Jinfeng with a smile on her face. She said to agent Wu, “Go and ask again, why is she still not here? The engagement ceremony is about to begin.”


Chen Jinfeng likes to listen to Jiang Chu’s songs because her voice is really clean, but he is not a Jiang Chu fan. He just likes to listen to her songs. He twisted his brows and said, “If Jiang Chu has not come yet, we will invite another singer.”


He Xiu nodded.


Soon, Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu showed up together at the engagement ceremony while holding hands. Chairman Chen and Madam Chen stood beside them and announced that the two people were officially engaged today.


Regardless of whether the Chen family likes He Xiu or not, the still smiled, especially when facing the reporters.


The singer who was a substitute is ready to play. After all, this engagement ceremony invited the media, and the Chen family will not allow any mistakes.


The singer at the bench listened to the instructions in her ear piece. They said that she could play whatever song she wants.


Just when Chairman Chen said that he wanted Chen Jinfeng to exchange rings with He Xiu, the sound of an aircraft engine rang, and it was preparing to land on the side of the lawn!


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