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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 35

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 35 – The audience was shocked! (1)


The place was a bit noisy. They all watched the plane land, wondering which guest was inside.


Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu did not continue to exchange rings, and the two of them also looked at the distance.


Thinking of what her agent said that Jiang Chu will come over by plane, He Xiu thought that it was impossible. After all, she felt that Jiang Chu agreed to come because she was getting engaged to Chen Jinfeng. Jiang Chu did not want to offend Chen Jinfeng, so she came.


Soon, the plane landed.


The staff opened the door of the plane. After a few seconds, everyone saw a woman in a light gray dress stepping off the plane. Following her were four people wearing black suits. The bodyguards were wearing sunglasses, and they kept a distance of about one meter away from the woman in front.


Soon, someone shouted: “It’s Meng Chu!”


There was a commotion and everyone looked at each other, then looked at Meng Chu intently.


What did Meng Chu want to do by coming here? Did she come to give her blessing to Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu or did she come to make a scene?


As Meng Chu came near, everyone saw clearly what Meng Chu looked like.


The hem of Meng Chu’s skirt and hair were messy due to the air, but she was amazingly beautiful. When she walked forward with her chin slightly raised, the diamonds on her dress shined, looking extremely gorgeous.


When Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu approached, Meng Chu smiled and there were countless stars in her eyes.


Chen Jinfeng was stunned for a moment, and then calmly said: “What do you want to do?”


Chen Jinfeng took He Xiu’s hand, took a step forward, looked at Meng Chu, and said: “We have already cancelled our engagement. I have also apologized to you and even compensated you. Do you still want to make a scene, or are you here to beg me not to be engaged with He Xiu and stay with you?”


Meng Chu is familiar with this kind of attitude from Chen Jinfeng. After Chen Jinfeng finished speaking, he thought of Meng Chu pulling his sleeves and asking him not to be engaged to He Xiu. He pursed his lips at the thought.


He Xiu looked helpless: “At the start, you knew why Jinfeng got engaged to you in the first place, and you also knew how much Jinfeng likes me. Don’t be obsessed to Jinfeng. You will also find someone who will like you in the future.”


They stood together, and the flashes of cameras fired faster.


Meng Chu looked around, and then took a few steps forward with her skirt, taking the microphone from the staff.


Chen Jinfeng: “Meng Chu, I won’t like you!”


Meng Chu’s voice is clean and sharp: “Hello everyone, I am Meng Chu, and I am also Jiang Chu. I am here today to sing the first song of the engagement ceremony.”


The audience was shocked!


Who, who did Meng Chu said she was? And what did she come for?


He Xiu was shocked. How could Meng Chu be Jiang Chu? Meng Chu is always busy pleasing Chen Jinfeng, a woman who likes Chen Jinfeng. Jiang Chu is a popular singer all over the country, even if she did not show her face to the media, she was able to keep her place. So how could they be the same person!


Meng Chu: “Should I start singing now?”


He Xiu subconsciously retorted: “You’re lying. You are not Jiang Chu. Everyone knows that Jiang Chu looks ugly. This is what she said to her fans. With that said, Meng Chu, don’t be ridiculous!”


Ignoring He Xiu, Meng Chu sang the first verse, and her voice was beautiful and intoxicating. This is the same voice as Jiang Chu, proving that Meng Chu is really Jiang Chu.


He Xiu could not resist going forward to get the microphone. Meng Chu took the microphone and turned around, avoiding He Xiu. He Xiu fell directly on the ground, looking embarrassed!


When the skirt fell on the ground, Meng Chu stepped on it with her high heels. She smiled and asked: “What is Miss He doing?”


Chen Jinfeng strode towards He Xiu. As a result, he stepped on He Xiu’s skirt and staggered. He tried to stand still, jumping towards Meng Chu’s position.


Meng Chu raised her leg and kicked, and Chen Jinfeng fell several meters away.


The scene was messy, and the bodyguards at the engagement ceremony came to surround the stage.


Meng Chu was still standing where she was. One of Meng Chu’s bodyguard squatted down, holding a tissue, and was polishing her shoes!


Meng Chu smiled: “Be sure to clean the dirt.”


Bodyguard: “Miss Meng, don’t worry, I will clean it up.”


Chen Jinfeng finally stood up, he gritted his teeth: “Meng Chu!”


Meng Chu: “What? You don’t want me to sing at your engagement, right?” She continued to smile: “However, Miss He wants me to sing as you exchange rings.”


Chen Jinfeng: “Don’t be too aggressive!”


Meng Chu: “Aggressive? Isn’t it Miss He who is aggressive? All kinds of news scattered around telling that I wanted to stay with you.”


She looked at the reporters in the audience: “I, Meng Chu, would clarify to everyone that I don’t have a liking to Chen Jinfeng. In the future, any kind of news about this will be fake, because he is not worthy!”


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