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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 36

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 36 – The audience was shocked! (2)


After she finished speaking, she asked He Xiu: “Miss He, do you still need me to sing?”


Agent Wu ran up to protect He Xiu. Meng Chu’s bodyguards also stood up. Meng Chu smiled faintly: “Miss He did not speak, then I will continue singing.”


He Xiu tried to control her expression: “I did not know that you are Jiang Chu. If I knew, I would definitely not invite you!”


Meng Chu was unmoved: “So what?”


He Xiu’s fingers clenched the skirt tightly, her dace flushed, and the looks around her made her feel uncomfortable. She said with difficulty, “Please don’t continue singing at my engagement ceremony!”


Meng Chu threw the microphone at Chen Jinfeng. Chen Jinfeng did not catch it and it hit his face. His entire face was crumpled because of pain, and his face looked terrible.


Meng Chu sneered and walked towards her plane.


Chen Jinfeng looked at Meng Chu’s graceful back with a complicated expression.


Picking up the microphone, Chen Jinfeng said: “The engagement will continue!”


Mrs. Chen, who did not speak a word during the whole process, looked at her husband: “Is this the Meng Chu who cooks and listens to us???”


Mrs. Chen only knew the Meng Chu from before. When she saw Meng Chu this time, she felt that Meng Chu was completely different from the person she knew.


The engagement ceremony continued, but the most talked about topic is not He Xiu’s high-priced dress. It was Meng Chu’s dress that was decorated with diamonds that were more expensive than He Xiu’s .


After the ceremony, He Xiu took the initiative to say sorry to Chen Jinfeng: “Jinfeng, I didn’t know that Meng Chu is Jiang Chu. You like Jiang Chu’s songs so I invited her.”


Chen Jinfeng did not expect it, and he felt comforted: “It’s okay, it’s not your fault!” After speaking, he hugged He Xiu.


Mrs. Chen passed by: “It’s not your fault, then whose fault is it! What a good engagement ceremony!”


Meng Chu came to make a scene, and they lost their face, but Meng Chu was invited by He Xiu to sing and was the one who took the initiative during the whole process. It was He Xiu who grabbed the microphone and fell by herself. Chen Jinfeng also fell while trying to help her up!


As for Meng Chu who kicked Chen Jinfeng, Meng Chu still had a valid reason.


What a shame!


Mrs. Chen continued, “Since you are the future daughter-in-law of my Chen family starting today, you will not be allowed to continue in the entertainment circle from now on!”




“I said, you are not allowed to continue to be on the entertainment industry in the future! If it was Meng Chu, she will not say anything I say. If it wasn’t for you, she will still be with Jinfeng.”


He Xiu: “Auntie, I’m not Meng Chu, I can’t give up my career!”


She returned to China on a high-profile, now they want her to quit the entertainment industry, she will be a joke! Even if she wants to quit, it will be impossible now.


“Okay, then you will fight on your own. Don’t think about using the Chen family’s resources! How did you become popular at the beginning, don’t act so high, if it was not because of our Jinfeng, you would never have made it!” When she finished speaking, she sneered.


Chen Jinfeng stood up to protect He Xiu, and now Madam Chen was even more angry!


He Xiu: “I won’t use the Chen family’s resources!”


Madam Chen suddenly laughed angrily: “Well, if you don’t use the Chen family’s resources, you can still make some achievements. I won’t intervene in Jinfeng’s affairs!”


Li Meng did not attend the ceremony but she watched a lot of short videos on the circle of friends. She regretted it very much now. If she knew that Meng Chu would go, she would definitely go!


She made an appointment with Meng Chu foe dinner. Li Meng held her chin with both hands and looked at Meng Chu intently. “I really regret it. The day that I received the invitation, I threw it in the trash can!”


Really regretful!


When the two were eating, Meng Chu talked to Li Meng about the entertainment company. After all, preparing to open an entertainment company was very troublesome.


When she was about to finish eating, Meng Chu took a look at her phone, and then saw a very long private message on Weibo.


[A righteous passerby: Hello, Jiang Chu! I am a staff of Shine Entertainment and also your fan. Just now, I got an internal news from the company that He Xiu has signed a long-term contract with the company. The company is ready to discredit you, and the positive news of marketing of He Xiu has started to become hot. So please don’t go out to a public place with people these days.]


[Jiang Chu: I will go to the company. If I get the acquisition, you will be promoted.]


[A righteous passerby: ???]


Meng Chu: Let’s buy an entertainment company directly. I think Shine Entertainment that He Xiu signed with is not bad, and we can also earn profit of He Xiu’s termination fee.”


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