The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 37

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 37 – Make Money (1)


When Meng Chu arrived at Shine Entertainment with Li Meng and her lawyers, Shine Entertainment had just sent a series of posts about Meng Chu, and even hired a water army in major forums, and the company’s top executives were also having a meeting. When they heard that Meng Chu brought a group of people over, their expressions changes!


If it was in the past, they would be unfamiliar with Meng Chu, but today, they felt that Meng Chu brought a group of people, and the reason is to come and make a scene.


At this speed, Meng Chu came over to make a scene just after they sent a series of posts?


Boss Tang, who was sitting in the center, slapped the table: “Let her come directly to the conference room. She has no evidence. We will not be afraid to reason with her. If she wants to do something, we will immediately notify the reporter to come over!”


Meng Chu and Li Meng, together with the lawyers, are working their way up with the help of the staff, making their way to the meeting room, and observing the company’s decoration. Li Meng said: “We should redecorate it.”


Meng Chu: “No. We will buy another office to decorate later.”


Staff: “???”


What are they talking about? Why do they feel like they understood, but also did not understood the words?


Redecorating, buying office buildings, these are all statements to show off wealth.


When Meng Chu stepped into the conference room, everyone looked at her, and the atmosphere instantly became tense.


Boss Tang took the initiative to speak: “Miss Meng, you came here on purpose because of the online posts, right? We also saw it, but this really had nothing to do with us. I think this is what the people wants, and it’s useless for you to come at us.”


Everyone in the meeting agreed with Boss Tang!


Meng Chu took the cheque book and threw it on the conference table. The cheque book collided with he pure wood table and made a sound. She pulled the empty chair with one hand and sat down: “I’m here to buy the company. If you can’t give it in full, then I will buy the shares if individuals who are willing to sell it to me.”


A member of the lawyer team took the contract and sent a copy to each one the share holders.


Boss Tang: “Meng Chu, don’t think that you can do whatever you want with money… do you think…”


Meng Chu: “I will increase the price by 30%.”


The next moment, everyone took the contract and moved towards Meng Chu.


“Miss Meng, I have 5% shares in my hand. Let’s sign the contract now!”


“Miss Meng, I have 10%!”


“Miss Meng, don’t buy his shares. He wrote some of the online posts!”


“Hahahaha, who was the one who offered to Miss Meng first.”


There was a slap, and Boss Tang slapped the table to quiet down the meeting room.


Boss Tang walked towards Meng Chu, and then pushed everyone away one by one. He looked at Meng Chu angrily: “Miss Meng, I can’t let others fool you so easily. I will take care of the posts, they are too much! By the way, I have 30% of the shares and I will gladly sell them to you.”


Meng Chu quickly signed the contract and cheque, and then finally obtained all the shares. She took 60%, Li Meng took 35%, and the 15% was given to others.


The equity was settled, and within a few minutes, most of the news about Meng Chu was withdrawn, and the water army that was stationed at the forums were also withdrawn.


Meng Chu contacted the ‘Righteous Passerby’, but the passerby did not reply. Meng Chu left a message with her phone number and asked the person to call her if he needs something.


Meng Chu and Li Meng had a meeting to elect the position of chairman and general manager. Everyone voted and Meng Chu was elected as the chairman and Li Meng became the general manager.


The former boss, Mr. Tang, became the vice president. He then showed Meng Chu the contract that was signed by He Xiu. Meng Chu was stunned. The termination fee was a full 300 million yuan. This kind of contract, He Xiu really dared to sign it.


When Meng Chu went back, she did not forget to say to Vice President Tang: “Let’s arrange a few banners outside the company.”


“What would it be?”


“Congratulations to Meng Chu for becoming the Chairman of Shine Entertainment. Congratulations to Li Meng for becoming the General Manager. The banners should be hanged differently.”




System: “Although the female supporting character is complete, you can’t target the female lead.”


Meng Chu: “I am giving the hero, Chen Jinfeng, a chance to save the beauty. He saves the beauty, I get a termination fee. Everyone is happy.”


He Xiu basically ran out of fans when she went abroad three years ago. She returned with a high profile manner and then got together with Chen Jinfeng. She offended a lot of fans before, and when she got engaged with Chen Jinfeng, there were a wave of CP fans, but in general, there were not too many who can support He Xiu.


The posts about Meng Chu were removed, and after the water army were removed, there were very few insults and swears directed at Meng Chu, and fewer ‘sincere’ words to help He Xiu. This made He Xiu, who has been paying attention to the online situation, a little bit irritated. Especially because she did not want Meng Chu to have the last laugh. She didn’t know how the company promised to do something, but ended up in a situation like this.


After contacting her agent, He Xiu and Agent Wu went to Shine Entertainment.


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