The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 38

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 38 – Make Money (2)


When they arrived outside the Shine Entertainment building, she saw the festive balloons on the door. A banner was hanged and it said ‘Congratulations to Meng Chu for becoming the Chairman of Shine Entertainment. Congratulations Li Meng for becoming the General Manager.’


He Xiu almost fell.


She signed with the company and was promised by Boss Tang to be promoted and prioritized, ah!


As they walked in, they found that the employees were all beaming. After they asked, they found out that in order to celebrate the new boss taking office, the company employees will be given a bonus this month!


He Xiu smiled: “It doesn’t matter. The contract that we signed at the beginning, the company’s resources, as long as I want it, they will give it to me!”


He Xiu took out her phone and called Meng Chu, “Meng Chu, don’t think that you can do whatever you want with me even if you bought the company. For the contract that I signed with Shine Entertainment, I will choose the resources at will.”


Meng Chu: “You can choose whatever you want.”


She looked at her mobile phone. He Xiu suspected that she had called the wrong number, but she did not make a mistake. He Xiu hurriedly went to the current Vice President. “Vice President Tang, I really don’t know about the current company affairs. The company has been bought but you are still here as the vice president.”


Vice President Tang gave the company’s huge pile of resources to He Xiu. He Xiu and Agent Wu quickly looked at the company’s resources, and their face became more ugly.


Female celebrities need good resources to stay on top. Before, the company had many good resources for female artists, but they have been replaced now!


Vice President Tang: “Chairman Meng said, if you want to play as the female lead or female number two, she will agree with you. She also said that she plans to invest in a romance drama. If you want it, she can give it to you.”


He Xiu: “???”


He Xiu pushed the scripts off the table: “You can’t make me wait!”


Vice President Tang quickly took out the contract: “The termination contract is here, you can sign it. You can terminate your contract, but please pay the penalty fee as soon as possible.”


He Xiu: “Okay, I will see how Meng Chu will use all the compensation that she got from the canceled engagement!”


The money is enough for Meng Chu to live comfortably. But the way she is doing, she will toss out all the money soon.


As for the Meng family, Meng Chu only pointed out that she won the lottery, and don’t need to rely on the Meng family!


With a bang, He Xiu and Agent Wu slammed the door shut.


When the two of them went to get Agent Wu’s things from his office, He Xiu gritted her teeth again.


Agent Wu: “The more that Meng Chu is like this, the more it means that she is jealous of you. As long as Mr. Chen is here, we can change to another entertainment company. But this time, the contract termination fee is expensive.”


He Xiu is embarrassed. If there is no Mrs. Chen, then they can do it. If she asks Chen Jinfeng to help her with the termination fee, she would be shamed by Mrs. Chen.


While Agent Wu was packing his things, He Xiu saw a script that she had rejected several times.


This is a script for a Xianxia drama. This whole drama is extremely bloody. At first glance, the ratings will shot down after it is broadcast, and the investor run away.


He Xiu held the script thoughtfully: “Call them and say that the new owner of Shine Entertainment wants to invest in this drama, and then give Meng Chu’s phone number. Since Meng Chu wants to splurge, then I’ll just help her.”


He Xiu smiled at the thought of Meng Chu, who will be tossing the company in the future.


Agent Wu: “The producer, I’m not really sure, but he needs this investment.”


Soon, Meng Chu, who was in Lu Gaofei’s bar, received a call from the producer who claimed to be from the show ‘Dream of Legend’. When Meng Chu received the call, she was stunned. ‘Dream of Legend’ was a drama that He Xiu played. Everyone thought that this drama would not be popular, and the investment could not be reached. Later, He Xiu still played a part on it. With this Xianxia drama, she became the most popular actress.


Chen Jinfeng also made a lot of money by investing in this drama.


Meng Chu asked: “Are you really the producer of ‘Dream of Legend’?”


“Yes, it’s me. Chairman Meng, our drama is really good.”


“Say how much you need!”


This kind of TV drama, those who think that it cannot make money is a fool!


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