The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 39

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 39 – Hit the Jackpot (1)


Meng Chu bought Shine Entertainment at a high price, and then invested in a Xianxia drama. The reporters inquired which drama she invested in and they found the name of the drama. The have nit heard about it, even the producer and director were not well-known, even the male and female leads are new comers?!


They could only think of this, Meng Chu wants her company to go bankrupt.


Other investments that can make money can at least be shown that it was worth it but Meng Chu’s investment, they really have not heard anything about it.


Vice President Tang was speechless: “I’m going to be unemployed.”


Li Meng rushed to the company. There was a hope in Vice President Tang’s eyes, but he then heard Li Meng ask: “Is the producer good-looking or the male lead is good-looking?”


Vice President Tang: “…” Okay, he knows that he needs to go to his office and pack up his things later.


Vice President Tang: “Are you not afraid of investment failure?”


Li Meng: “We have He Xiu’s cancellation fee. We can invest in many big-production dramas.”


The righteous passerby who disappeared earlier reappeared at night.


[Righteous Passerby: That drama is not that promising.]


[Meng Chu: I think it can make money.]


[Righteous Passerby: Pay attention and keep your distance from little fresh meats, especially since your company have a lot of fresh meats. If the news comes out, the reporters will follow you.]


[Meng Chu: I’m not married and I don’t have a boyfriend.]


[Righteous Passerby: ? ? ?]


[Righteous Passerby: Do you like little fresh meats?]


[Meng Chu: I like ordinary men except for handsome ones. They must be especially ordinary.]


Meng Chu did not ask Vice President Tang who this person was. What this righteous passerby did was for the company’s future development and had the company’s image in consideration.


When Meng Chu’s company’s investment in the Xianxia drama fermented the next day, He Xiu put Meng Chu on the hot search. The title was #Meng Chu is going bankrupt#


Early in the morning, Meng Chu, who was eating seafood porridge made by the chef, took a look. It was okay for her to go bankrupt. She was only thinking of making money.


The first Weibo post in the hot search is from a blogger who has a lot of followers and often talks about business affairs. He described that Meng Chu did yesterday, and finally said that Meng Chu has a ‘nouveau rich’ mentality. When she squanders her money and goes bankrupt, she will regret her stupidity. He even said that Li Meng, who works with Meng Chu, should stay away from Meng Chu.


Looking at the comments below, one can see the water army fishing in troubled waters.


— Waiting for Meng Chu to go bankrupt!


— Waiting for Meng Chu to go bankrupt! +2


— Waiting for Meng Chu to go bankrupt! +10086


— Although I am a fan of her, I really do think that she is rushing towards bankruptcy by doing this. If you see these comments, don’t continue to invest in that TV

drama, listen to the opinions of you company’s management.

— Don’t mind others’ opinion. Spend your money the way you like!


— Promise me not to spend your money casually!


— People like Meng Chu will not rush towards bankruptcy unless they win a huge prize from the lottery.


When Meng Chu went to the company after breakfast, she was told that Li Meng’s younger brother, Li Feng, was waiting for her in the reception area next to her office. Because Li Feng is Li Meng’s younger brother, the employee asked him to go to the reception room to wait.


Li Feng heard the muttering from outside and thought that Meng Chu is already coming to work. He pushed open the door of the reception room, and then saw a few young teenagers outside Meng Chu’s office.


If one looks closely, one can see the love letters that they are holding in their hands, and their QR codes of the social applications is attached on the love letters.


Li Feng: “What are you doing?”


Several people saw Li Feng coming out of the reception room and wanted to run.


Li Feng: “Don’t come here anymore.”


One of them looked at Li Feng fiercely: “Who are you, what does it have to do with you!”


Li Feng’s eyes were bright and his tone was serious: “My sister is Li Meng. She said that Sister Chuchu will marry me.”


Hearing that it was Li Meng’s younger brother and hearing the last sentence, everyone ran away.


When Meng Chu arrived at the reception room, Li Feng was sitting in the sofa with a coffee in front of him, resting his hands on his legs. When he saw Meng Chu, he stood up.


Meng Chu asked Li Feng: “Don’t you have class today?”


Li Feng’s ears twitched: “Sister Chuchu, if you need money, you can tell me. I have money and I will not let your company go bankrupt!”


“I won’t go bankrupt. When I make money, I will give you a sports car.”


“Ah… Thank you Sister Chuchu!” After secretly glancing at Meng Chu, Li Feng was thinking about what Meng Chu meant.


When Li Meng came to find Meng Chu, she ignored her brother and angrily pulled Meng Chu to go and buy a lottery ticket. She said, “It’s so annoying. It must have been He Xiu who bought that hot search. She still has money to buy to. After buying that hot search, she will probably buy another one that says that you went to buy a lottery ticket. Let’s buy it now and show then the sky-high prize!”


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