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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 4

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 4 – Your blind date (2)


Meng Chu sang in the bar for more than an hour and was about to go back. As a result, Lu Gaofei wanted to treat her to a barbecue and also made an appointment with a few people Meng Chu knew. Meng Chu hesitated and agreed.


Before Meng Chu and Lu Gaofei went out together, in order to prevent people from recognizing them, they even went to the backstage to change the clothes and tied their hair.


Lu Gaofei joked: “You are so popular if you don’t show up. If you show up, you don’t want to become a popular female singer.” When he finished speaking, he thought of something, and he looked hesitant:w “The person you asked me to find, I didn’t find the right one. ”


A few days ago, Meng Chu approached Lu Gaofei and asked Lu Gaofei to introduce her to a blind date. The requirement is stable work and good-looking appearance. It doesn’t matter whether he has money or not. The key is to be clean and honest. At that time, Lu Gaofei was shocked. He never thought that Meng Chu would want to go on a blind date. Even there is a blind date, the request was so ordinary. He thought that women like Meng Chu could have suitors that lines up from the east of the city to the west of the city.


Later, when Lu Gaofei really started to find a suitable blind date for Meng Chu, he realized that Meng Chu’s requirements looked ordinary, but not ordinary at all. These conditions are easy to find, but when these conditions are combines, then it will not be easy to find. It must also because of his work that the men he knew were different from the man Meng Chu wants.


Meng Chu put on her lipstick: “Don’t worry, I’ll be on a blind date for some time. You can help me find it slowly.”


Lu Gaofei: “Why do you have to go on a blind date?”


Meng Chu: “To get married. ”


In order to complete the story of the female side character in the original novel that married a man whom everyone thought was ordinary. Meng Chu can only ask Lu Gaofei to help her find a blind date. She thought it over, and she feels that they need to talk seriously and get married by contract, enough to complete the last plot for the female side character and so that the male lead can cancel their engagement.


She is the cannon fodder for the male protagonist’s fiancee. How can she be a wealthy daughter, why marry a very ordinary person who everyone thinks only has a good face.


Unfortunately, she needs to act in the drama, and after the male protagonist dissolves the engagement, she does not need to continue acting.


Lu Gaofei: “I’ll go out and wait for you.”


At the door of the bar, Lu Gaofei lit a cigarette. He just took a puff and saw a man with not far away.


The man was about 185 cm in height. He was wearing a loose white shirt with a few buttons on the front unbuttoned casually. His eyes were cold and his features were comparable to popular male stars, and he even won by a few points.


A girl blushed and struck up a conversation before he refused.


This is quite in line with Meng Chu’s requirements, with a good appearance,, but I don’t know if he is honest and has a stable work.


Lu Gaofei put out the smoke and strode towards the man.


When he walked in front of the man, Lu Gaofei was even more surprised by his demeanor, and he suddenly regretted it, but this handsome man is really hard to find. If it were him, except for his ordinary appearance, then he and Meng Chu were together, it would be considered Meng Chu’s luck.


Lu Gaofei looked at the tool kit he was holding and smiled, “Well, buddy, do you have a girlfriend?” The clothes are ordinary, not from a famous brand, and he should not be rich.


Lu Jingan frowned, his expression even colder.


Looking at Meng Chu coming out of the bar, Lu Gaofei said: “Do you see the girl at the door of the bar? What do you think of her?You can try to date her, but the premise is that you have to be honest and has a stable work”


Outside the bar, Meng Chu wore a yellow floral dress with shiny skin and thick black hair tied into a high ponytail. At this moment, she was looking for Lu Gaofei everywhere. When she saw Lu Gaofei, she smiled beautifully, her dazzling eyes were clean and pure.


When the wind blows in the summer evening, her skirt is shook slightly.


Lu Jingan retracted his gaze: “No.”


Lu Gaofei asked quickly: “What do you do? Is your work stable or unstable?”


Lu Jingan: “Stable.” He tightened his fingers holding the toolkit and looked towards them again. When Meng Chu came over, he replied: “I work in the Lu Group.”


Lu Gaofei immediately said: “Good, good, the Lu Group is okay. You two will meet and have a blind date. That girl, I think she wants to find someone of your type who can live with her steadily. If you two become a couple, it will be cheaper for you. Show me your ID card, job and contacts later .” Lu Gaofei thought for a while and asked: “What exactly is your job?”


Lu Jingan: “Programmer.”


When Meng Chu walked to Lu Gaofei, Lu Gaofei quickly said, “He will eat skewers with us.”


Meng Chu and Lu Jingan’s gazes were slightly taken aback. Then she asked: “Your friend?”


Lu Gaofei: “No, your blind date.”


Meng Chu: “???”


Lu Jingan introduced himself: “Hello, my name is Lu Jingan.” He paused: “The Lu Group’s programmer, has a stable work, and I want to find someone who can live with me steadily.”


Not far away, Assistant Li, who came out after shopping, looked dazed. What are they talking about?


Why didn’t he know that their president Lu’s view of choosing a spouse was so simple, looking for someone who could live a steady life.


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