The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 40

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 40 – Hit the Jackpot (2)


Li Feng called his sister.


Li Meng: “Hurry and go back to class.”


Li Meng took Meng Chu to the lottery booth. She said: “Buy now. Buy all the numbers you want to buy!”


Meng Chu: “I…”


Li Meng: “Buy!”


“I want to say that the righteous passerby sent me a message yesterday saying that someone would follow me, and now that I came to the lottery booth, I might get photographed.”




Li Meng deliberately went out the door. When she felt that no one was taking a picture, she came back: “Buy!”


Meng Chu randomly selected a few numbers. Li Meng also bought a lot, and then they paid it together. They then returned to the company.


Li Meng is not like Meng Chu. She usually has a lot of social interactions and attends man parties. The Li family has also heard a lot of news. She told Meng Chu: “It was a good show yesterday. When Mrs. Chen attended the party, she said that her future daughter-in-law will quit the entertainment industry. Then He Xiu mentioned that she likes the industry but if Mrs. Chen doesn’t like it, she will quit after getting the best actress award.”


The two of them were not in good terms. Now, He Xiu will need to mend the relationship with her soon to be mother-in-law.


He Xiu asked someone to take a picture of Meng Chu. They really did take a picture entering the lottery booth with Li Meng. He Xiu looked at the photo and smiled. Meng Chu was really stupid to buy a lottery ticket. Did she really think that she will win?


He Xiu: “This joke will be released tomorrow to make everyone happy for a few more days.”


Agent Wu: “Don’t worry, I will contact the major entertainment newspapers now. Tomorrow, Meng Chu will be on the headline.”


“Right, did you tell Mr. Chen about the termination fee?”


“Let’s just talk about Meng Chu going bankrupt.”


Meng Chu went to Lu Gaofei’s bar in the evening.


Because Meng Chu showed up in front of the media, she basically stays backstage after singing some songs when she comes to the bar, and rarely stays outside.


Lu Gaofei said to Meng Chu: “They keep on saying that you will go bankrupt. Did they forget that you are Jiang Chu? By the way, your apprentice could not contact you. She contacted me saying that He Xiu asked her to write and compose music for her. She asked me what you think about it.”


A few years ago, Meng Chu casually took in that person, but that person said that she was her master. Meng Chu helped her with suggestions and advises.


Meng Chu’s tone was casual: “Let her write and ask for more money.”


He Xiu made up her mind to release a single, even if she did not find that apprentice, she would still look for another person. So why not make more money?


Lu Gaofei: “Okay.”


In the early morning the next day, two pieces of news came out. One of them was the news that Meng Chu followed everyone’s advise and went to buy lottery tickets. There is also another one that says Meng Chu won the more than one billion prize!


The contrast is even more tragic!


In the Li family’s house…


Li Meng, who was upstairs screamed and ran down: “Ah!!!”


The Li family looked at Li Meng.


Li Meng: “She won the prize and hit the jackpot!”


She remembers the numbers that were bought yesterday. She had changed her clothes, but she did not even wore makeup, took her coat and bag, and ran out.


The prize center and lottery booth was surrounded by many reporters early in the morning. The reporters asked the owner of the lottery booth if he recalled the one who bought the winning ticket. Unfortunately, too many people come to buy lottery ticket everyday and the boss could not remember it at all.


There are a lot of onlookers around.


There is also an entertainment reporter who came: “Meng Chu came to buy a lottery ticket yesterday. How many lottery ticket did she buy?”


The boss recalled this. After all, Meng Chu is really beautiful but he did not think much about it. Looking at Meng Chu, he felt like she was standing with a photo filter!


Meng Chu and Li Meng came here at this time. They stood outside the crowd, followed by four bodyguards. The four bodyguards helped pave the way in front.


After noticing Meng Chu, the reporters turned their cameras at her!


A reporter took the microphone and asked: “Meng Chu, are you here to buy a lottery ticket?”


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