The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 41

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 41 – Collaboration (1)


Some people laughed. Meng Chu had already been in the news, and she did not want to talk. She came to buy a lottery ticket. She did not want to lose face, or she can win if she insisted on buying lottery tickets.


Meng Chu’s eyes swept across everyone, and her tone was light “I’m here to get the prize money.”


Meng Chu gave the lottery ticket that she bought yesterday to the lottery station’s crew. The crew was unknown, so he looked solemn as he took the lottery ticket. His hands were soft as he returned the ticket to Meng Chu, fearing that he had the wrong lottery ticket.


The crew’s face was blushing with excitement: “It’s her, it’s her! She is the winner of the sky-high prize!”


After that, he hurriedly introduced: “The lottery winning amount reached a certain level and you must go to the lottery center to get it. Yes, you need to go to the lottery center to get the prize!”


Everyone: “?!”


The ski-high prize winner is Meng Chu. How could it be Meng Chu? This really shocked the crowd of onlookers.


Meng Chu, who was not familiar with the process of lottery, took her people and set off to the lottery center. The reporters wanted to chase Meng Chu, but they were stopped by her bodyguards. Not even a piece of her clothing was touched.


In the same morning, everyone did not have the time to joke about Meng Chu, and they were busy digesting the news that Meng Chu won the sky-high prize. All the people in the industry who mocked Meng Chu and said that her company is going to get bankrupt also shut up. With this money, can they still talk about bankruptcy?!


After He Xiu got up, she received today’s entertainment news. She looked at the photo of Meng Chu standing in front of the lottery center. She could not hold back her laughter. When Agent Wu came to look for her, she even brought the newspaper to him and looked at Agent Wu.


He Xiu: “Well, she has become a joke for everyone.”


Agent Wu opened his mouth and his face was unwilling: “No.”


“No? Isn’t she in the newspaper?”


“She is in the newspaper because she won more that one billion.”




He Xiu stood up and the chair made a sharp noise. She was anxious that her ankle slammed against the chair’s leg, and her painful face was distorted.


He Xiu: “How could she win the lottery, how could she… Then how could she go bankrupt!”


Agent Wu was in a bad mood and he persuaded: “You are the future daughter-in-law of the Chen family. From now on, the Chen family will belong to Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen loves you so much, which means that the Chen family belongs to you. How could Meng Chu compare to you? Just ignore her!”


As soon as Agent Wu stopped talking, he saw Meng Chu’s call. He answered the phone with disdain: “Meng Chu, are you calling to say that you won the lottery? What if you won? Mr. Chen will only like He Xiu. Even if you become richer, Mr. Chen will not look at you!”


Meng Chu said: “I want to ask, when will you pay the termination fee? If you don’t plan to cancel the contract for the time being, you can make money for the company as soon as possible.”


Agent Wu: “Meng Chu, we know!”


Meng Chu: “Then, will you pay me the termination fee?”


Agent Wu angrily hang up the phone. He angrily jumped to his feet: “Meng Chu is really deceiving! We will one day let her now the difference of the sky and mud, and what she can’t afford!”


“You single must be sung well this time. I found a talented songwriter. The song she writes are all popular. You can sing this song and the song the Meng Chu has in the music chart will go down!”


“I will definitely sing well. And the songwriter, is she is really good, let her be Meng Chu’s rival and let her suppress Meng Chu!”


Agent Wu: “There is also the drama ‘Legend of Dreams’. Even if this drama can’t make Meng Chu go bankrupt, it can still stain her rubbish character.”


The two of them were talking, and the phone rang again. It was a call from the producer of ‘Legend of Dreams’. He thought that Meng Chu did not invest in the drama so he quickly answered the call.


Agent Wu: “Is Meng Chu not investing?”


The producer of ‘Legend of Dreams’: “No. Thank you so much, because Meng Chu invested in this drama, and then the Lu group found out about this drama and wanted to adapt it into a game, and our drama will be popular before it’s broadcast!”


The Lu Group!


Agent Wu directly choked himself, and the producer of ‘Legend of Dreams’ was still thanking him. Because he used a different name when he contacted the producer, the producer did not know that he was He Xiu’s agent. He was sincere and praising Meng Chu!


Agent Wu dropped the call angrily.


He Xiu: “What’s the matter?”


Agent Wu: “The Lu Group is going to adapt the drama ‘Legend of Dreams’ into a game.”


He Xiu: “???”


Are they crazy! He Xiu wanted to find the script and confirm the bloody plot!


He Xiu: “This kind of drama is suitable for game adaptation. It will still hit the street when it will be filmed into a drama. At most, you can get a little bonus from that. That’s it.”


Not only did He Xiu think this way, but many people in the industry have heard the news. Everyone thought that Meng Chu invested in ‘Legend of Dreams’ because she knew that the Lu Group will invest, but she was still too stupid and this kind of script was not suitable for filming into a TV drama!


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