The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 42

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 42 – Collaboration (2)


Li Meng: “You really have great vision!”


She continued: “I heard that this game was personally selected by the mysterious heir of the Lu Group. Your vision is as good as him. Let me tell you, although this heir has just returned to China, he already holds most of the shares in the Lu Group and has made money in the investment projects!”



With her mobile phone, Meng Chu wanted to contact the producer of ‘Legend of Dreams’ to talk about the game adaptation. She smiled, “Oh.”


Li Meng said: “This heir originally planned to show up a few days ago, but people did not know why he did not show up. Chuchu, are you listening to me?”


Meng Chu: “I will definitely go to the event where he will officially show up!”


Meng Chu thought about the Lu Group carefully. The story of the Lu Group in the original novel is that Chen Jinfeng wanted to attract their investment, but in the end it seems to have been successful. Other than the investment, they had no other role.


Li Meng: “If wanting to marry Chen Jinfeng is ideal, then marrying the heir of the Lu Group can only be said to be a dream, and ordinary people are not worthy of the Lu Group.” After she finished speaking, she quickly stood up. Why did she mention Chen Jinfeng in front of Meng Chu? She quickly gave some food to Meng Chu: “Eat more.”


The righteous passerby appeared again.


[Righteous Passerby: Congratulations!]


[Meng Chu: Congratulations?]


[Righteous Passerby: The Lu Group invested in the game adaptation of the drama ‘Legend of Dreams’. This drama can be popular once it will be broadcast. Some players of the game will also watch the drama because of the game, which can be regarded as the basis of the drama’s audience.]


[Meng Chu: Oh.]


[Righteous Passerby: Oh?]


In the evening, Meng Chu went to Lu Gaofei’s bar again, and she went directly to the backstage.


Lu Gaofei: “Aren’t you gonna sing today?”


Meng Chu: “I will. I can do it for free today.”


“Chuchu! I’m so touched. I used to give you discounts and you did not accept them. Why did you suddenly want to do it for free?”


“I don’t have any singing equipment in my villa so I came to your place.”




Meng Chu has not started singing yet when a staff came to them to say that a man named Lu Jingan was looking for Meng Chu and asking if Meng Chu was here.


Lu Gaofei: “Lu Jingan! Does he know who you are? You have been in the news lately.”


It was not suitable for Meng Chu to meet Lu Jingan in the bar, so she asked the staff to let Lu Jingan come to the backstage.


The moment Lu Jingan came in, he saw Meng Chu’s smile. He took the plan and handed it to Meng Chu. He did not even mention Meng Chu’s identity. He said, “Miss Meng, this is the joint promotion of the ‘Legend of Dreams’ drama and the game.”


Meng Chu just remembered that Lu Jingan is a programmer in the Lu Group!


Meng Chu: “Are you responsible for this?”


Lu Jingan: Yes, I am responsible for this project.”


Lu Gaofei: “You got promoted?”


After all, there is still a big difference between a programmer and a project manager.


Lu Jingan twisted his eyebrows slightly, thinking about being ordinary. He paused: “I am in charge of this project for the time being.”


Meng Chu said to the bar staff, “What did you just ask me?”


The staff: “Ah, I, I said that there is a gentleman named Lu Jingan that was looking for you, and he said that he knows you.”


Meng Chu: “I don’t know him.”


Lu Gaofei: “Hahahaha, how did he offend you!”


Under Meng Chu’s gaze, Lu Gaofei shut his mouth, then turned around happily, leaving with the staff. For a while, only Meng Chu and Lu Jingan were left in the backstage.


Once can hear the sound of guitar playing in the background. Neither of them speaks, but it was not embarrassing.


Lu Jingan said in a very magnetic voice: “Miss Meng, let me introduce myself. My name is Lu Jingan. Jingan as the peace of mind after passing through thousands of scenery.”


The two people looked at each other.


Lu Jingan was not being chummy, he was serious. Because the two of them were so close that they could hear each other breathing, Meng Chu suddenly stretched her hand, and her finger inadvertently touched Lu Jingan’s shoulder, which made Lu Jingan froze.


Lu Jingan: “Meng, Miss Meng?”


Meng Chu pulled the tag on the back of his clothes: “You didn’t remove the tag.”


Lu Jingan: “…”


Lu Jingan approached and stretched his hand to  the dressing table behind Meng Chu. He leaned over, as if he was holding Meng Chu in his arms: “I won’t forget it next time.”


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