The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 43

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 43 – Are you here for the rain? (1)
At breakfast the next day, Meng Chu’s cellphone rang several times, and when she opened it, it was news from the company.
[Li Meng: Did He Xiu terminate the contract today?]
[Vice President Tang: No!]
[Li Meng: Is she making money for the company?]
[Vice President Tang: No!]
[Li Meng: Then what is she doing?]
[Vice President Tang: She wants the company to spend money on her album!]
[Li Meng: Chen Jinfeng does not love her?]
[Vice President Tang: She also said see you @Meng Chu.]
[Meng Chu: Okay, I will try my best to get her to terminate the contract after seeing her.]
Meng Chu arrived at the company unhurriedly, and then started a three-person meeting. Their meeting was very simple. They took a thick pile of artists’ resources and chose which one to sign.
Everyone was quiet during the whole process.
After the meeting, Meng Chu went to the reception room to meet Agent Wu, who was waiting for her.
Agent Wu directly said: “Meng… Chairman Meng, when the contract was first signed, the company said that they would favor He Xiu. Even after you bought the company, the contract is still working. Since you became the chairman of the company, you haven’t given He Xiu any resources. Not to mention that the company can’t even help her release an album!”
Meng Chu: “I just don’t want to. Why should I take out my money and give her an album.”
With a snap, Agent Wu slapped his phone on the coffee table in front of him: “I recorded it.”
He was overwhelmed: “Meng Chu, your method is still not suitable for running an entertainment company.”
Meng Chu: “Then continue to record. Let’s continue.”
Agent Wu: “???”
“What do you mean?”
“Why do you always like to ask this question? Isn’t it enough that I hate you?”
Meng Chu: “It’s not that Chen Jinfeng really doesn’t love her anymore. You don’t even want to pay the termination fee. Chen Jinfeng’s love, it’s really cheap. They’ve only been engaged for a few days.”
This sentence seemed to be something that Agent Wu cared most, and he flew into rage: “Meng Chu, you are jealous! A person like you can only live in jealousy your whole life!”
Meng Chu: “No. I just want to make money!” After she finished speaking, she continued: “You yelled and threatened the company chairman, so the company will deal with this.”
The company’s unanimous vote is to let her and Li Meng deal with it.
He Xiu was still in the office humming the latest lyrics and music that she got while waiting for Agent Wu to return, when a deafening sound suddenly rang outside the door.
“He Xiu’s agent yelled and threatened the company’s chairman, Meng Chu. After the discussion, the company will give him a notice of criticism and punishment. Employees of the company should take this as a lesson!”
He Xiu’s face was blushing. She slammed the door open and saw that the company’s cleaning staff was pushing the speaker, she quickly blocked her: “Turn off the speaker!”
The cleaning staff: “The chairman said, if you ask me to turn off the speaker, she will broadcast it with the company’s broadcasting speaker. Take off your hand. I have to work overtime today because of you, and you still block me and delay my lunch.”
He Xiu clenched her fist, and finally ran out directly. When she met Agent Wu, she had a big temper!
In the afternoon, He Xiu was aggrieved by Shine Entertainment, and the news came out as photos and videos of her running out of the company in tears spread. Then a reporter asked if she was wronged at Shine Entertainment. She denied it firmly.
A few days later, Meng Chu saw a video of He Xiu participating in an interview.
“I heard that you are going to release an album?”
“Yes, as long as the funds arrive, the album will be released as soon as possible.”
“The funds? Are there problems with your company’s funds?”
“No, I’m just waiting for it.”
“Since this is your first album, do you have confidence in it?”
“I’m very confident because the songwriter who wrote the songs for me is a very good person, and also really talented.”
Soon, a reporter contacted Meng Chu, and asked about He Xiu and the album.
The reporter asked Meng Chu directly: “She is clearly putting on a show. Why did she need to bring up the company’s funds. She is clearly waiting for Chen Jinfeng’s money.”
The reporter suddenly realized that his behavior was shameful: “I’m sorry, I didn’t man to annoy you on purpose.” He hung up the call after talking.
Then, various topics were published continuously.
#He Xiu is putting on an act#
#Chen Jinfeng, He Xiu makes money for advertisement#
#He Xiu complaining about Meng Chu#
#When will He Xiu release an album#


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