The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 44

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 44 – Are you here for the rain? (2)


Li Meng: “Goose, goose, goose.”


Vice President Tang heard this as soon as he opened the door. He was stunned, and then he said, “Song to the sky?”


Li Meng: “Goose, goose, goose!!!”


Vice President Tang: “Hair floats around the water, making the ripples around the clear water?”


Meng Chu could not help but support it.


Vice President Tang: “What are you doing? What ancient poetry realty show is the company investing in?”


Li Meng: “Yes, we are talking about this!”


Vice President Tang is serious. In order to allow himself to retire early, he said: “For this type of show, we have to think about the flow, but we must also choose talented guests. It is best to… Where are you going? Ah, what are you doing, is the discussion done? Wait, don’t forget to participate in the Crescent Moon Festival!”


Meng Chu stopped: “Crescent Moon Festival?”


This, Li Meng knows, but she is going to attend a celebrity party in another place at the time, and she finally got an admission ticket. She can’t go to this Crescent Moon Festival. It’s not impossible for Vice President Tang to go, but she and Meng Chu just joined the company, and neither of them attending will be inappropriate.


It’s just that if Meng Chu goes… Because of He Xiu, Chen Jinfeng has been investing in some entertainment projects over the years, and he will also attend this festival.


Li Meng: “Let me go with President Tang.”


Meng Chu smiled and said: “No, I can go. You can go to the celebrity party.”


Li Meng: “Let me go!”


Meng Chu: “You can go to the party that you want to, I can go to this festival.”


Just because Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu will be there doesn’t mean that she can’t go. What kind of activities that she will participate in the future, will she check if the two of them will go and avoid being in the same frame with them?


The system that has been silent for a long time: “Promise me!”


Meng Chu: “Is it not enough? I have taken the initiative to help them showoff their affection!”


The Crescent Moon Festival kicked off quickly. This entertainment event was broadcasted live. As soon as the event started, everyone noticed the position on the first row. Meng Chu was with Chen Jinfeng in the first row, and He Xiu was on the second row, sitting behind Chen Jinfeng.


— This position is really good, with the former fiance next to him, and the current fiance behind. The key point is that the former fiance is the boss of the current fiance.


— Want to see. Will watch the broadcast today!


— I heard that Chen Jinfeng will accompany He Xiu on the red carpet. It don’t know if it’s true or not.


— Will Meng Chu walk the red carpet?


— I don’t know but she never participates in such activities.


— This is Meng Chu’s first public appearance since becoming the chairman of Shine Entertainment.


— Will she not show up before accepting the award?


— Ah, ah, ah, I am looking forward to it! I don’t know whom will crush whom!


Meng Chu’s exclusive stylist pointed out: “You have to hold an umbrella to look good in this dress.”


Meng Chu: “Why?”


“Because the designer that I admired says so.”




Meng Chu took the umbrella and looked in the mirror, then looked at her stylist.


He tilted the orchid and pointed: “It looks beautiful!”


The umbrella that Meng Chu held is the same color as her dress, aqua blue, and there are crystals under the umbrella, looking beautiful.


Meng Chu and Vice President Tang set off to the Crescent Moon Festival. For a while, Vie President Tang did not accompany Meng Chu to the red carpet. He went directly to the award ceremony venue, and Meng Chu will go to the award ceremony venue after walking the red carpet.


Vice President Tang: “You actually wanted to appear in front of Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu!”


Meng Chu didn’t care, they all showed up at the same stage, and it’s not a big deal to walk the red carpet after one another.


After waiting for more than half an hour, Meng Chu’s nanny car stopped at the entrance of the red carpet. Meng Chu had not gotten off the car, and just glanced out of the car window and saw the reporters outside. Her attitude became serious in an instance.


Vice President Tang: “You and He Xiu are in contrast to each other. This time you will walk the red carpet together, they will definitely post some news about who is more overwhelming.” after he finished speaking, he looked at Meng Chu’s appearance, and confidently said: “You will surely suppress He Xiu.”


Vice President Tang pulled the car door and got off. When Meng Chu got out of the car, he helped her tidy up her skirt.


Meng Chu walked on the red carpet in her high heels, facing a crowd of flashing lights, walking lightly, with an outstanding temperament. Her thin waist was especially amazing. Meng Chu took a pen to sign her name, and made a few gestures for the reporter to take pictures. Before she could go back, He Xiu’s nanny car stopped at the entrance of the red carpet.


The host was holding the microphone to explain, or was not trying to explain. He gritted his teeth: “I don’t know who will be the next star on the red carpet.” After that, he felt embarrassed and smiled at Meng Chu.


At this moment, the door of the nanny car at the entrance was opened. Chen Jinfeng, who got out of the car first, wore a more formal suit than what he usually wears. He then helped He Xiu get down from the car.


When the nanny car drove out and the two of them walked towards the red carpet while holding hands, it suddenly rained!


Meng Chu was at loss for a moment and then opened the umbrella.


Soon, it rained heavily, and it took a while. On the red carpet, Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu were soaked. He Xiu’s dress clung to her body. Chen Jinfeng took his suit jacket and put it on He Xiu. The two looked panicked.


When He Xiu looked ahead, she saw Meng Chu holding an umbrella under the light and reaching out to collect water. The view was so beautiful that even the reporter did not care whether he was standing on the rain or not. He took a video and filmed Meng Chu.


The host looked at Meng Chu’s blue dress and the umbrella on her hand. He could not help but ask: “Miss Meng, are you here for the rain?”


Meng Chu: “…”


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