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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 45

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 45 – Gold Mine (1)


Meng Chu’s red carpet look, along with her umbrella, became a hot topic. A big video app had her video clips while she was on the red carpet.


At the same time, Meng Chu’s red carpet being compared to He Xiu, many news drafts were everywhere.


At the end of red carpet shows, there are people who use the press photos, but the comparison between Meng Chu and He Xiu this time is too strong, and many bloggers are eyeing them.


Meng Chu was sitting in the first row, and sitting on her left was Vice President Tang.


Vice President Tang: “Should we change seats?”


Meng Chu: “No.”


Soon, He Xiu, who had changed her dress, entered the stage holding Chen Jinfeng’s arm, and the two of them arrived. He Xiu paused when when she saw Meng Chu, and then sat down at the second row.


Chen Jinfeng frowned and looked at Meng Chu: “Everything is my fault, so you better not target her.”


Meng Chu raised her eyes, as if she was confused: “Target?”


She stood up and reached out. She then slapped Chen Jinfeng, shocking everyone around them.


Meng Chu: “This is called targeting. If you don’t remember the slap from the past, you may have misunderstood my targeting.”


Chen Jinfeng, who was slapped by Meng Chu in public, was shocked at first, and then he couldn’t believe it.


Meng Chu blew her palms: “So, don’t tell me that I am targeting He Xiu. If you continue to say that I am targeting her, then I would really do it.”


It has always been He Xiu who wants to step on her, she is just fighting back.


He Xiu walked in a hurry, she stood in front of Chen Jinfeng, stroking his cheeks, and asked in a low voice, “Jinfeng, are you alright?”


After she finished speaking, she raised her hand and was about to hit Meng Chu, but Meng Chu held her wrist.


Meng Chu was about to speak, but her face suddenly changed, and she took a few steps back while holding her nose. Vice President Tang, who was standing next to her, looked around nervously, and started to hold his nose and stepped back like Meng Chu.


He Xiu wanted to spit blood.


Feeling the gaze from all directions, Chen Jinfeng’s face was black, and his voice seemed to be squeezed from between his teeth: “It’s not me.”


Meng Chu: “Don’t come over.”


Vice President Tang was sweating: “It’s me, it’s me, not President Chen.”


Chen Jinfeng looked at Meng Chu, his expression unreadable. Meng Chu took Vice President Tang and walked out.


When Meng Chu was far away, someone heard Meng Chu say: “Why not go to the comfort room.”


After Meng Chu got home, she received a video call from Li Meng.


In the scree, Li Meng’s dress hasn’t been changed yet, and her eyes were full of laughter: “I heard that Chen Jinfeng left from the festival ahead of time. What a shame.”


If the Chen family wants to save face, this matter must be suppressed, but there is always some gossip.


Li Meng: “When I go back, I will buy you a perfume.”


Meng Chu: “…”


Before Meng Chu went to work at the company the next day, the company’s group chat became lively.


[Li Meng: Chen Jinfeng gave He Xiu the money to release the album. He still loves He Xiu. The termination fee is just around the corner. We can’t put He Xiu in his hands!]


[Vice President Tang: Agree!]


[Meng Chu: Agree!]


[Li Meng: The Meng family called me again, saying that they want you to call them back.]


[Meng Chu: Okay.]


The Meng family still lives in the original villa.


Today is the weekend, and Meng Chu doesn’t need to go to the company. After she got up, she ate several dishes that was newly created by the chef, changed her clothes, and set off directly to the Meng family’s house.


At the entrance of the Meng family’s villa, the servant of the Meng family saw Meng Chu, and they greeted her: “Older Miss.”


Meng Chu looked at the car outside the villa: “Madam Chen is here?”


The servant replied: “Yes.”


Before entering, Meng Chu heard the conversation between Madam Chen and Meng Jian.


Madam Chen: “I really don’t know. It turns out that your daughter is so rebellious, doing whatever she wants. She slapped my son at the festival, and slandered him… it is simply shameless. Today, if you don’t let your daughter come out to apologize publicly, then you can only wait and see!”


Meng Jian: “Our Meng family has nothing to do with that antagonist girl. When I attend the reception a few days later, I will announce the news. So, if Mrs. Chen wants her to apologize, go find her by yourself.”


There was a slap, and the sound of cup breaking.


Zhou Mian: “You, you want to break the relationship with her, then what would she do? She is your daughter with your blood in her bones. How can you break the relationship!”


The always weak woman was anxious, and she begged: “Meng Jian, you can’t do this. What would Chuchu do after this.”


Meng Chu walked in with her black short boots, she said: “Publish it in the newspaper.”


Everyone: “???”


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