The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 46

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 46 – Gold Mine (2)


Meng Chu’s gaze fell on Madam Chen: “Madam Chen will be the witness.”


Holding her mobile phone, Meng Chu took a few pictures of them. She then said to the servants: “What are you doing, get a pen and paper.” She stepped forward and sat down next to Zhou Mian, and then looked at Meng Jian: “This kind of thing will be better if it is published in the newspaper. If you think that it’s not enough, I can buy a newspaper company and publish it for a month.”


Meng Chu always acted on what she says. She called Vice President Tang: “Buy a newspaper company for me, hurry up.”


Madam Chen did not want her head in the water, she got up and wanted to go back, but Meng Chu held her down: “Madam Chen, the process has not started yet.”


Madam Chen: “…”


Meng Jian: Well, let’s publish it on the newspaper! Publish it now! I will wait for you to go bankrupt and go hungry! You really think that you can buy a company and everything else will be fine? For people like you, unless you have a mine, you can’t make any money!”


In the afternoon, Madam Chen was forced to follow Meng Jian and Meng Chu to the newspaper company, and the news was titled #Madam Chen as a witness, Meng Chu’s separation from the Meng family#.


Li Meng stood outside Meng Chu’s office, holding a bunch of flowers, with a distressed expression on her face, but she hesitated and did not go in.


Vice President Tang’s face was thin, and he was crying while standing next to Li Meng outside of Meng Chu’s office.


“Vice President Tang, I did not expect you to be so good to Chuchu.”




Vice President Tang took the newspaper from Li Meng, there is a line after the news of Meng Chu’s separation from the Meng family. ‘To thank Madam Chen for her testimony, I am here to clarify that it was no Chen Jinfeng who farted at the festival.’


Li Meng: “It was just a gossip, now everyone knows.”


When Li Meng and Vice President Tang entered Meng Chu’s office, they saw Meng Chu looking at the a map with a thoughtful expression. It was the city map that was very detailed.


Meng Chu pointed to a location on the map: “Do you see this place? I will use all my money to buy this place!”


Li Meng looked serious. She looked at the place that Meng Chu pointed: “Here… it’s a patch of unfinished buildings formed after the demolition of a suburban village. What are you going to do when you buy this unfinished building. The son of the owner looks good, or the boss looks good?”


Meng Chu: “Mining. I researched the place, I think there is a gold mine there!”


Li Meng: “Chuchu, you are too smart. If you have a mine, you will have more money!”


Vice President Tang’s legs softened and he sat down on the ground: “Am I going to be unemployed again?!”


“How could a mine be so easy to find!”


“It doesn’t matter, at the beginning, if you run out of money, I will let my brother give you all his money. If you want the family’s money, you can also have it!”


Meng Chu smiled slightly: “There are real mines here!”


This information was given by the system. The system told her where the gold mine was, and she would help Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu get married quickly, because the system said that the two people quarreled yesterday and it was afraid that the plot would collapse!


System: “Don’t forget what you promised.”


Meng Chu: “Don’t worry, I will let them get married quickly.”


Meng Chu took out all her money without counting it, and then went to the bank to get a loan. Her move attracted the attention of the people in the industry. Each of them wanted to know what Meng Chu wanted to do.


Everyone thinks that Meng Chu may have something to do with the Lu Group. After all, Meng Chu’s last investment in ‘Legend of Dreams’ must be because of the Lu Group. But she is not very smart. She does not know that this game is not suitable for a drama adaptation. They want to spy on the movements of the Lu Group through the movements of Meng Chu.


Everyone waited for a while, and then finally the news came out that Meng Chu bought an unfinished building at the foot of the suburban hill and threw all her money into it. Not to mention that, she also took a loan from the bank!


If ‘Legend of Dreams’ was shocking before, then this time people are flabbergasted. They can’t imagine that she put all her money, took out a loan, in order to buy an unfinished building!


She should have gotten more than one billion in cash, and every step of her investment has precisely moved towards the road of bankruptcy.


Lu Gaofei’s bar…


Lu Gaofei is about to faint: “You are the only person that I know who has taken every step towards bankruptcy. I, I will go to an entertainment company tomorrow. You may have to sing in order to eat in the future.”


Lu Gaofei, who was busy buying information, did not forget to advise Meng Chu: “Listen to me and see if you can find someone stupid and rich and sell the unfinished building. You say that there is a gold mine under it, you might be really a fool.”


Meng Chu: “…”


A righteous passerby appeared again.


[Righteous Passerby: Lu Group intends to enter the real estate business. Do you want to consider cooperating with the Lu Group?]


[Meng Chu: Contact me on the phone number that I gave you when you want to receive the reward that I want to give you.]


[Righteous Passerby: Your message has been rejected.]


Righteous Passerby: “???”


Why did she refuse to receive his message?!


Meng Chu patted her heart. This time, no one can take her chance to make money. Especially the Lu Group.


The author has something to say:
Righteous Passerby: What did I do wrong!
Righteous Passerby: Am I not doing well enough?
Righteous Passerby: My dear brother, can’t you send someone to help!
Righteous Passerby: Why did you block me?
Righteous Passerby:  ? ? ?
Righteous Passerby: This passerby will definitely be back!


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