The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 47

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 47 – Stable (1)


It took Meng Chu a period of time to complete the various procedures for purchasing the building and settling some disputes.


Because her movement is really big, and she did not even bother to hide it, not only the people of the entertainment industry are paying attention, but also some real estate developers. They want to see how Meng Chu will deal with this property after buying it.


When the news about the building demolition came out from Meng Chu, everyone was shocked!


Is she crazy?!


Not long after this real estate was unfinished, the developers wanted to sell it because of the lack of funds to continue its development, but they never sold until Meng Chu came.


This property is intended to create a resort for the wealthy people. The facilities are very good. If Meng Chu meets someone as foolish as her, she would still be able to sell the property and survive bankruptcy. But the building was demolished, and no one will want it anymore.


Shine Entertainment building was surrounded by many reporters. In addition to the entertainment reporters, there were also many financial magazine reporters. They were waiting for Meng Chu to come downstairs.


As soon as Meng Chu arrived, she was surrounded.


“Meng Chu, everyone is asking if you are really going to demolish the real estate that you bought. Why would you do that? Do you have any cooperation with other companies?”


“What do you think about people betting on when you will go bankrupt?”


“Meng Chu, can you answer our questions?”


“Meng Chu, Shine Entertainment has no liquid funds. Is it true or false? If the company really goes bankrupt, which company artist are you going to trade?”


Meng Chu stopped, looked at the reporters, and smiled: “I have already applied for gold mine exploration license and are conducting a survey. After it, I will apply for mining rights.”


Reporters: “???”


The scene was silent, and the breeze blew over and rolled a few fallen leaves.


Did Meng Chu mean what she said?!


Meng Chu also went to the area with the staff. She came to the company to deal with some things. Without speaking to the reporters, she walked in with a pair of slender fair legs towards the building.


The flash of the camera was frantic, and the reporters asked too many questions. Meng Chu could only give vague answers to them. She only left everyone the view of her slender back. The reporters all let the company security stop them.


Before Meng Chu entered the company, He Xiu and Agent Wu walked towards Meng Chu. Because the two people were from Shine Entertainment, the company’s security did not stop them.


He Xiu’s voice was a little too cold. She walked to Meng Chu and took off her sun glasses: “If the company is going bankrupt, I can take over the company.”


Meng Chu laughed softly. Before she could speak, Vice President Tang ran over, soaking in sweat.


Vice President Tang was so excited that he could not speak with his mouth open. The last word jumped out: “Mine, I…” He swallowed, and finally said a clear sentence: “The real estate we bought has been surveyed for a gold mine!”


He Xiu lost her footing, and finally realized what stupidity she has done. She smiled and explained: “I have been signed by the company, and can’t bear to let it go bankrupt.”


Meng Chu raised her eyebrow: “You think too much. Even if it goes bankrupt, I won’t give it to you.”


What Meng Chu said was serious. If the company went bankrupt and let He Xiu take over, she’ll definitely use it to sent news around the world that she has stepped on her. If she is developing the company well, then it was simply stepping on Meng Chu to the pinnacle of life.


Meng Chu approached and deliberately said: “If you have the ability, marry Chen Jinfeng.”


He Xiu: “You…”


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